UK government putting free Wi-Fi in 1,000 buildings


The UK government is planning to turn more than 1,000 buildings into designated Wi-Fi hotspots

Microsoft underlines commitment to Internet of Things


No passing fad, according to Redmond

Apple Watch vs Microsoft Band: Which will be best?


We take a look at how the iOS-based device compares to the cross-platform wearable from Microsoft

Samsung Gear S: Release date, specs and pricing


Smartwatch to include 3G & Wi-Fi as standard

Internet search

Hungary rethinks internet tax plans following protests


Plans for the proposed internet tax in Hungary have been shelved following public outcry

Google loses Android co-founder Andy Rubin


Android co-founder Andy Rubin has left Google to launch Startup Incubator

Smartphone sales increase by a quarter in Q3 2014


Samsung and Apple are becoming more competitive IDC research has revealed

HP enters 3D printing market to reinvigorate business


The new printer will be cheaper and faster than any other 3D printer on the market, the company says

Best iPad apps for 2014

Analysis & Insight

Our collection of the best and most popular iPad apps to download in 2014


The rich list: Who are the wealthiest people in IT?

Analysis & Insight

It's all about the money as we run down the top ten richest people in tech

Windows Phone 8

Best Windows Phone apps for 2014

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We round up the best and most popular Windows Phone apps to help you decide what’s hot and what’s not for 2014


iMac with Retina 5K Display review (late-2014)


A stunning 14 million pixel display is backed up by top performance


Google completes deal to sell Motorola to Lenovo for £1.82bn


Web giant thinks Motorola will thrive under Lenovo

EE launches 4G+ service in London


Mobile operator offers customers download speeds of 150Mbps

Cheap iPhone will never be made, says Apple


Contrary to past rumours, Apple has reiterated that it has no plans to make and release a budget iPhone

Microsoft joins fitness app offerings with Health


Microsoft is the latest to join the fitness app trend with Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band


Google develops cancer-detecting wristband


The wearable could also recognise pre-heart attack or stroke body changes

Microsoft Office 16 release date revealed as H2 2015


Both the client and server versions will be available at the end of next year

Royal Mail Logo

Royal Mail teams up with BT to boost IT investment


Postal staff to get handheld devices to bolster delivery efforts

The White House

Hackers access White House computers


Russia suspected as behind attacks

Windows 10: Microsoft's plan to win over the enterprise

Analysis & Insight

Familiarity and listening to user feedback is key


Malware infiltrates US industrial control systems


US-CERT warns that BlackEnergy toolkit has penetrated infrastructure for last three years

Google Fit app launches as rival to Apple’s HealthKit


Google has released its Fit app, a health and fitness tracker that’s set to go up against Apple’s HealthKit

iOS 8 now on over half of Apple devices


iOS 8 has now been installed on more than half of Apple devices, up four per cent in two weeks


Facebook surpasses Q3 expectations, but predicts more spending in Q4


Facebook has beaten expectations in Q3, but predict future spending will likely hit revenue in Q4

Met Office forecasts to be improved with supercomputer


The computer will cost £97m and should provide us with more precise climate modelling too

Apple Pay vs CurrentC: What's the problem in the US?


The rival mobile payment systems have caused uproar as major shops shun Apple's NFC payments


Best Android apps for 2014

Analysis & Insight

We round up the top 10 best Android apps to help you decide what's hot and what's not

Careless employees with mobiles biggest security threat


Nearly all firms battle with security challenges surrounding BYOD

Users warned on Tor security


Rogue exit node found to inject downloads with malware

Windows 10 Continuum 'months away'


VP demos features which will appear in the next Windows 10 Preview

Office 365 to get MDM capabilities baked in


Native MDM controls coming to Office 365 in 2015


Twitter Q3 results show rise in sales but $175m losses


Twitter’s third quarter results have shown sales rising 114 per cent, but losses of $175m

Nexus 9 to target UK business users


HTC is reportedly targeting business customers with its Nexus 9 tablet, despite hitting delays in the UK

UK lagging behind world in wearable tech use


Only 27 per cent of the nation are using wearables in their personal life, although the news is better for business

Elon Musk describes AI as 'summoning the devil'


The Tesla and Space X founder thinks super-intelligent computers could be more of a threat than nuclear war

Best iPhone apps to download in 2014

Analysis & Insight

We round up the top 10 best iPhone apps to help you decide what's hot and what's not

Windows 10: Release date, specs & pricing


Windows 10 release (as a technical preview) has now arrived.

Energy-saving windowless plane being developed


UK developers are working on an energy-saving plane with smartscreen panels instead of windows

Cloud security

Alert Logic opens doors of European Security Operations Centre in Wales


Wales selected as location of choice for new set-up