Visa tests cards with built in PIN machine

11 Nov, 2008

Visa is looking to boost security for online payments by giving customers their own PIN pad built into the card.

Visa Europe has unveiled a pilot at four banks – including the Bank of America in the UK – to test a payment card with a built in security code function for online purchases.

An alpha-numeric display and keypad is built directly into the card. When making a transaction online, customers type their PIN into the card, which creates a one-time security code. That code is entered into the website for added security to battle card-not-present fraud.

Developed with EMUE Technologies, the card features a battery which lasts three years and is also being trialled at Corner Bank in Switzerland, Cal in Israel and IW Bank in Italy over the next few months.

Sandra Alzetta, head of innovation and new products at Visa Europe, said: “The interest in this solution in the industry has been overwhelming and we look forward to working with the banks involved in the pilots to gain greater insights into how effective this solution can be in the longer term.”

Visa Europe and EMUE have two videos showing how the device works, available here and here.

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