HP dispensing with Linux on netbooks

HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam
6 Feb, 2009

UK customers want Windows rather than Linux on their netbooks, according to HP.

HP will not be offering a Linux version of its new Mini 1000 netbook in the UK the company has revealed.

While there will be three versions of the Mini 1000 available in the US, including one that runs the Linux powered, ‘Mobile Internet Experience’, here in the UK there is currently only one model available – the high-end ‘Vivienne Tam’ model. This runs Windows XP and at £390 plus VAT, it’s not in keeping with budget ethos that launched the netbook.

Alternatively, business users can purchase the Linux powered HP 2133 Mini-Note, but as we pointed out in our review, its Via C7 processor leaves it rather underpowered.

HP told IT PRO in a statement that it is committed to bringing new netbooks to the UK market and will be launching the Compaq 700. “The company has assessed the current EMEA market and believes that the Compaq 700 and HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition better address the market and consumer needs. As a result the HP Mini 1000 with Mobile Internet Experience will not be introduced in EMEA.”