SMB storage device due in September

USB drive
13 May, 2009

Gemalto is launching two new consumer products this week, but has plans for a business version later this year.

The business version of Gemalto’s new storage solution will be released in the UK in September, according to its marketing director.

Tomorrow the company is releasing the YuuWaa Go and the YuuWaa Plus, either 4GB or 8GB of USB flash drive storage with an accompanying 8GB or 16GB of online storage. However, the business world will have to wait a few more months to get the YuuWaa Pro version, aimed at SMBs and combining 50GB storage across stick and net.

Each time you plug in the USB it is automatically backed up in case of loss. The Pro version will also be able to copy and store data from mobile phones from January 2010.

Juana Catalina Rodriguez, sales and marketing director from Gemalto, said: “We are producing more digital data today than ever and we need to share it. If you lose a power point presentation on the way to work or need that document for your next meeting, you can plug in and access it online.”

Unlike the consumer version, the YuuWaa Pro will feature higher security for documents, as the USB stick is encrypted. Although all three products feature plug and play software, the software on the Pro version USB is hidden on the private part of the disk, ensuring data on stolen sticks could not be accessed.

This “digital data universe,” as the company called it, is available without the USB, again in case of loss or forgetfulness, as online data is accessible from any computer with a username and password.

Rodriguez said: “You can back up document, pictures, even music via this device with one click. For the Pro, we will offer a secure sharing box that you can use for all colleagues where all you need is a YuuWaa account.”

The initial account is free for six months but will cost afterwards. The Pro is yet to have a price confirmed but Rodriguez said it will be “proportional” to the Go and Plus. These come in at £19.99 to start and £1.79 per month after, and £29.99 with £3.60 a month after.

There is also the option to increase your online storage as you go along from 1GB up to 500GB.