Toshiba takes over Fujitsu's HDD business

Deal gets the go-ahead
2 Oct, 2009

The deal that will see Toshiba take control of Fujitsu’s HDD business has been in the pipeline since the beginning of the year. This week it finally went through.

Toshiba has taken over the hard disk drive (HDD) business of Fujitsu, it was announced this week.

The agreement will see Fujitsu’s HDD business become the Toshiba Storage Device Corporation (TSDC) with Fujitsu initially holding a stake of just under 20 per cent. Once everything is running smoothly, the company will transfer its stake to Toshiba and the business will become a wholly-owned subsidiary.

The deal between the two firms was first touted back in February of this year but the transfer of the business was not completed until yesterday.

A statement from Toshiba on the future of the business, said: “Toshiba will reinforce its already strong market position as a leading vendor of small form factor HDDs, expand its enterprise HDD business and technology, and develop SSD products for servers and enterprise storage systems by integrating its NAND flash memory technology with Fujitsu's enterprise HDD technology.”

It added: “Toshiba's ultimate objective is to be an industry leader offering total storage solutions and services that meet a broad range of customer needs.”

Last month, Toshiba made a real push in the HDD market with announcements of several new products, such as a 2.5in for high end laptops and a 1.8in 160GB single platter.

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