Mozilla Firefox mobile browser only days from release

Mobile browser
22 Dec, 2009

Mozilla has confirmed that the release of its mobile browser is only a matter of days away.

The first mobile version of the Mozilla Firefox browser is just days away from being released.

A spokesperson from Mozilla confirmed to IT PRO that it would not be long until the release candidate was available for download.

“It is a matter of days rather than weeks or months until the release candidate is ready [and] Mozilla will be ready to ship it when it is," the spokesperson said.

With the codename “Fennec,” the browser will initially only be available for Nokia’s latest device the N900 – read our review here – but will spread to other devices throughout 2010.

The main feature of the mobile version will be the ability to sync with a user’s PC, opening any browser pages from the desktop directly onto the handset.

Yesterday, the PC version of Firefox 3.5 overtook Internet Explorer 7 as the most popular browser with 21.9 per cent market share, according to StatCounter.