Free computer scheme re-launched by Government

News 11 Jan, 2010

The Prime Minister is set to announce a scheme - the same scheme he announced back in 2008 -to give free computers and broadband access to low income families.

The Government is set to re-launch an initiative today, giving free computers and broadband access to low income families.

The Prime Minister initially announced the scheme back in September 2008 saying it would apply to those on less than £16,040 per year, although this fgure could be revised.

However it will see £300 million invested into giving households funding for a laptop and a 12 month broadband subscription as before.

Gordon Brown decided today to reiterate this pledge during a speech with Schools Secretary Ed Balls, providing the Home Access scheme for 270,000 low income families.

It is described on the Number 10 website as “part of a Government drive to close the digital and educational divide between rich and poor and help keep parents in touch with their child’s progress.”

A full roll out of the scheme is set for 2011 following successful trials back in February 2009.

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hi i was hoping you could help us out we are disabled every low income we just dont have the money to go buy one people try to help by giving us there old one but most of the time cant get it to work lock up all the time is there any way you could help us out with a computer if not we thank you for your time or mybe you could tell us if you know of any one that can thanks agan ED AND JANET