Has the recession accelerated cloud computing?

Cloud computing
24 Mar, 2010

The recession may have damaged many companies but it has helped when it comes to cloud computing, according to a Dell executive.

On the eve of Dell's major products and strategy announcements of 2010, a Dell executive has claimed the recession has done plenty for cloud computing.

During a conversation with IT PRO Steve Schuckenbrock, president of Dell's large enterprise arm, said the global economic downturn had helped the take-up of the new technology.

“The recession has accelerated the adoption of cloud, not held it back,” he said.

“The speed and the pricing model are to thank for [it] and speed and cost will always win.”

However, Schuckenbrock admitted that not every element of enterprise computing was leaping headfirst into the cloud.

“Applications moving to the cloud will be slower due to things like security and regulations,” he said.

“For example I have been talking to two banks, one says it is heading to the cloud, the other says it is never going to.”

Yet he told us that the announcements tomorrow would definitely include cloud as a major technology influence.

He concluded: “Dell are designing with cloud solutions in mind.”

For full details of the announcements check back at IT PRO tomorrow as we cover the launch live from San Francisco.