First European data centre goes completely renewable

Renewable energy
7 Jun, 2010

A data centre in the south of Wales has become the first in Europe to use entirely renewable energy to power its hardware.

The first data centre to be solely powered by renewable energy has begun operations in south Wales.

Run by Next Generation Data (NGD), the site has become the UK’s largest purchaser of independently generated electricity and the green energy will be responsible for powering the 750,000 sq ft site.

"Our pioneering renewable energy agreement… demonstrates we are actually doing what other data centres are only just starting to think about,” said Nick Razey, chief executive (CEO) of NGD, in a statement.

“In an industry which consumes over two per cent of the UK's total power supply, it is a significant step to ensuring our operations are as competitive, efficient and environmentally friendly as possible."

One of the site’s tenants is BT. The telecoms giant released a statement saying it was “delighted” with the move towards renewables and both the company and its managed IT customers could be expecting cost savings in the future as a result.

But it is more than just green credentials and cost savings that made NGD think it was the right step to take.

"The mounting pressure and legislation for reducing carbon footprint and emissions will increasingly affect large IT users and their data centre operations which is why we always planned to be totally supplied by renewable energy from the outset of the project," concluded Razey.