Google Chrome eats more IE and Firefox share

Google Chrome
5 Jul, 2011

IE and Firefox will be looking over their shoulders at the ever-advancing Chrome.

Google Chrome has yet again increased its market share in the browser market, as its two main rivals faltered.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox saw declines in market share in June 2011, according to NetMarketShare figures.

Chrome saw its share rise from 12.52 per cent in May to 13.11 per cent in June.

Firefox had 21.67 per cent share in June, still not even half of IE’s 53.68 per cent.

Safari saw its market share rise from 7.28 per cent to 7.48 per cent.

Opera will be disappointed by its performance, with a decline from 2.03 per cent to 1.73 per cent.

Last week it emerged Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner was to leave the company. A letter sent to fellow employees revealed there were some disagreements in the upper echelons of the firm.

“The Board, Management and I do not share the same values and we do not have the same opinions on how to keep evolving Opera,” Tetzchner said.

“I feel the Board and Management is more quarterly focused than me. I have always worked to build the company for the future.”

Microsoft, meanwhile, will be hoping to regain some market share and assert its dominance with IE10. The tech giant unveiled the second platform preview for the browser last week.