Samsung SyncMaster C24A650X monitor review

The SyncMaster C24A650X is packed full of interesting features, including wireless connectivity and the ability to rotate 90 degrees. It's targeted at business users, but Samsung hopes to win over the retail market too.

16 Apr, 2012
A high-quality 24in monitor that pivots through 90 degrees. It’s expensive, but in return you buy the capability to wirelessly connect laptops in your workplace, which could make hotdesking a reality.


One area where the display has an edge over rivals is its flexibility. The height-adjustable stand moves smoothly and locks into position.

The C24A650X can be rotated 90 degrees, which makes it easier to view content such as newsletters

The most visually impressive feature is the ability to rotate the device 90 degrees so that it portrait mode. This is useful for users regularly typing long reports, newsletters or using desktop publishing software. This is also an ideal way to view information from analytics software where information is refreshing constantly.

Disappointingly, the screen did not automatically re-orientate when repositioned. We had to manually adjust this with by going into advanced options and changing the orientation to 90 degrees. Portrait mode was also not supported when the monitor was connected to a PC wirelessly and only worked when cables were connected.

The rotation capability is still useful and does extend the deployment options to beyond the traditional office. Businesses such as hotels, restaurants and opticians could use this to display information in portrait mode, for example.

However, the lack of touch screen does mean potential customers won't be able to interact with it.


The display is well designed product. Samsung has struck a balance between manoeuvrability and sturdiness, which is noticeable when repositioning and swivelling the display. There was minimal wobbling when adjusting the viewing angles, but the movable parts are not too stiff.

The narrow bezel makes the screen look bigger than its 24in size. The only downside from is that we found the back to be rather delicate, and scratches appeared quickly as we were attaching and removing analog and HDMI cables.


Screen Size: 24in(16:9)

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Brightness: 250cd/?

Contrast Ratio: 3000:1

Response time: 8ms

Viewing Angle(Horizontal/Vertical): R/L: 178, U/D: 178

Video Signal: HDMI, D-sub, Wireless, Wired

Sync Signal: Separate, Composite

Connector: HDMI, D-sub

Weight: 5.4kg

Power Consumption: 58W

Product Dimension(with stand): 568 x 418 x 224.5mm