HP readying Windows 8 tablets for SMBs and the enterprise

10 May, 2012

Firm is set to focus on partnership with Microsoft for the time being.

HP is set to focus its efforts on making Windows 8 tablets specifically for the enterprise and SMBs markets, but the firm may branch out and use other platforms in the future.

Speaking at the Global Influencer Summit, Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP's Personal Systems group, stated the firm will work with partners to gain a foothold in the tablet market, after the unsuccessful launch of the HP TouchPad.

Tablets are about consuming, not creating data, which is why we have separated them from the launch of the Spectre XT Ultrabook.

“Our strategy is around partnering with Microsoft and bringing Windows 8 tablets to the market place. It’s not to say that this [partnership] is forever – markets evolve,” he told attendees during a Q&A session.

“Our products will probably have a more enterprise and small business focus than a consumer focus.”

Defending HP’s move not to share any plans about tablets this week, Bradley said this event was not the place to reveal such information.

“This week is about thin and light products that allow you to create and consume content," he said. "Tablets are about consuming data, not about creating data, which is why we have separated them from the launch of the Spectre XT Ultrabook.”

Bradley also declined to reveal whether HP has any plans to enter the smartphone market, and it looks unlikely at this stage.

Meanwhile Meg Whitman, CEO of HP also took the stage and reaffirmed HP’s commitment to its PC and printer businesses.

Whitman also said that money will be poured into research and development so HP can “bridge the gap between the consumer and enterprise market”.

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