Hotmail users vent fury over problems

News 3 Aug, 2012

Microsoft forum users express dismay, with some claiming their accounts have been switched without permission.

Hotmail users have been left fuming at Microsoft after being automatically upgraded to an email address without asking.

There have been over 55 pages worth of complaints in the Microsoft Answers forum and IT Pro readers have also been in touch to confirm they are having problems.

There are four major issues being reported:

1) Some users have been upgraded without their permission. The “Go Back to Hotmail” option does not seem to work for everyone.

Microsoft has confirmed once an email is switched to Outlook, it cannot be changed back.

“Unfortunately there is no way to rename to an existing account. This is something we're investigating for future improvements,” Microsoft said in the forum.

2) Not everyone has been able to upgrade to – with some users being greeted with a blank screen and others with error messages.

3) Most worryingly, some users have been unable to see their old emails from their Hotmail account after upgrading.

4) Problems are also being reported with the Hotmail Human Interactive Proof (HIP) validation process. Errors are appearing saying the characters don't match with the ones in the 'picture'. Microsoft has recognised this problem in the forum and is working to fix this issue.

IT Pro readers have been complaining that there is no way to return to their old email.

“I tried backing out, but have found my old Hotmail account - which I have had for over twenty years - has been de-activated so that I can’t send or receive email from it in Windows Live," noted Obray.

“Even after I clicked on Go Back to Hotmail, it has still left my Hotmail account email in a subfolder to the inbox. This is really disappointing. I think MS needed to think this out a bit more before sending people down this path."

Members of the IT Pro team have had similar experiences. Our Editor and Technical Editor had their Hotmail and Live accounts upgraded automatically. However, old emails have been transferred over to the new inbox and any messages sent to the old addresses do appear, which isn't the case for everyone.

Meanwhile, the News Editor’s attempts to revert back to Hotmail resulted in her machine crashing. The Editor on our sister title Cloud Pro managed to log into Hotmail and was given the choice of whether or not to upgrade.

It appears that if you are logged into any of your Microsoft email accounts and go to the website, your ID will automatically be converted.

The safest way to keep your existing account appears to be to log out of all accounts, then proceed to to sign up as a new user.

Although, readers concerned about any of the issues raised above, might want to consider holding off on upgrading for now.

Microsoft has been informed of these issues, but is yet to respond.

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this is a nightmare, I will be using my yahoo account and after informing all my friends, never to com e back to outlook,didnt ask forit, it sucks bad.

Outlook is trying to be too clever. If you use it for work or formal society purposes, you need a clear simple practical methodology. When you are emailing several similar messages to many people it is essential that you can keep track. It is no longer easy to do so as the emails stick to each other automatically instead of being manually filed. And it is now unclear as to what you are forwarding to who, all those stuck together or just the one. While aspects one can get used to, it is now no longer the useful system it once was - all because of some IT nutters egos. If you intend using it for business, i suggest you don't and look somewhere else. You can't change once your network of contacts has your address or correspondence is printed with it.


What is dis outlook......out of life.....making my life hell. I cant go back to my hotmail set up which have been using since a decade.

I hate Hate HATE this new outlook. Thinking of changing to a competitor.

I hate it that my hotmail account has changed to outlook,,,,hate it

I have had my hotmail account for over a ten years and I am so unhappy with this move by microsoft. It is one thing to be asked if you would like to trial or switch to a new service and quite another for it to be done without consent and then not be able to revert to your old account.

I will NEVER use micro-minds mail system ever again..Any company knows it has to get bugs out but look out Micro minds think they can walk over every one ! Not happening here. There system does not even allow mail from outlook {Nolook}accounts to be exported to another account. This is costing many with repair bills WHO IS covering that.....

Their should be allowances for a class action.This screwed up outlook has cost many for repairs or in the least the cost of taking computer into shops to find ,it's microsoft banging this onto the end user with out testing .
I'll never go back.Thinking of Mac now. No one likes BULLIES ! Thought there were Laws about this......

I hate it too man this blows! why switch us... give people the option to opt in.

I hate Outlook too. I try to get their e-mail address to write a complaint and I find it. Outlook SUCKS. I think I want to move to Yahoo.

I see no "Forward" button on t6he dashboard or anywhere. How do I forward one email to another?

unable to print off emails now - no good to me

How can Microsoft "upgrade" to outlook without permission????? I don't have access to hotmail now and I really do need to...

I want my Hotmail account back!!!! How do i regain access to my hotmail account which i've had for 18 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they lost me as a 15+ year user..i use gmail now..idiotic to change something that worked great into more visual trash without usable functions.

Everyone should continually send feedback messages, emails, and make forum threads for the thing until they listen. In other words, flood them with complaints and tell them there IS the option to change back to hotmail and get rid of this thing they call outlook. Or else move to a different email provider, like Yahoo! instead. - But make sure you threaten them with it if they don't act quickly to change things back how WE THE CUSTOMERS want them to be because WE THE CUSTOMERS are right, no?!

Everyone should continually send feedback messages, emails, and make forum threads for the thing until they listen. In other words, flood them with complaints and tell them there IS the option to change back to hotmail and get rid of this thing they call outlook. Or else move to a different email provider, like Yahoo! instead. - But make sure you threaten them with it if they don't act quickly to change things back how WE THE CUSTOMERS want them to be because WE THE CUSTOMERS are right, no?!

how do they change it to outlook without our permissions this is stupid and if they don't redo the action they gona lose alot of users......

I logged in a couple of days ago to find my email had changed over without permission, and just to top it off all my contacts have disappeared. I went into 'people' and nothing there at all. I don't use twitter or facebook, and when I tried to add google contacts found all my work contacts coming up instead of my personal contacts. To say I'm annoyed by this is an understatement.

And there is nobody you can complain about this too as there is no email contact on the Microsoft website - you just get sent to the forum where the people behind the scenes at Microsoft can conveniently ignore you.

lets go to gmail!!

i get the lovely blank screen. i also cant sign in to ask a question with the outlook forum because i get a blank screen and my xbox account you ask? blank screen.

I'm going to sign up to Gmail. Outlook is terrible!!!

[@Kendra farns]

Hello- I am watching the dot thread (How to Switch back to Hotmail) and deleting a lot as I am filtering past my stage of what the ---- is happening!!! it (has) and because 15yrs have past with no worries w/msn and now they are upon us------ I am a newbie to saving or backing up- One new address has my favorites list GREAT! one down and all my folders at the left and 300 plus emails in my in box- to go TO ANOTHER provider (?)------- How does it work?
I don't want to email anyone except save my own info where I can get to it -thru another provider- How can I fwd all my (inbox) emails at once to my backup provider--- Thanks for help- what bad timing to have such another problem to deal with-----

Id guess that money over (what matters) can make you lose other higher attributes (msn once had)

I HATE HATE HATE OUTLOOK. WIthin the first hour, I leaned I can no longer print the contents of an email and after talking with a support person in India, I leaned the ESC must be hit twice to use Bcc. WHAT A GARAGE PRODUCT these out of touch techies turned on to the HOTMAIL users. I will find another mail service. THIS SUCKS!!!!! AM I ANGRY, YOU BETCHA!!! as stated by another idiot!!!

I cant check my mail. Sucks big time. Switch to yahoo> fuck u microsoft

please visit this site to share your hate, or love (doubtful) for outlook. com!! microsoft should look at it too. Hotmail for the win! <3

Express your opinion and don't stand down! facebook railroaded you because you let them, don't let microsoft get comfortable enough to not care about their user's opinion either!!

I hate this new stupid "", it has crashed my internet explorer and now it is costing ME to fix it. Microsoft SHOULD cover the cost of my repair bill.

Fifteen happy years with hotmail its now unusable I'm oout of here time for a new email I think.

I hate hate hate hate Outlook! Microsoft=everyonr is not 19, a computer whiz, living in NYC! there are millions of old users that once they learn something, especially as wonderful as Hotmail WAS, we loved it! I WILL PAY YOU 20 DOLLARS PER MONTH, OR MORE, TO PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY HOTMAIL AND LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE!!!!

I have been forced to change over and outlok is crap, can't open any attachments that I am receiving.

As I've progessed in minimalist living am wondering what I really need a damn computer for. Once you've killed a deer and jerked the meat in the woods and stayed out there a month it is easy to reject modernity. Never liked hotmail much, really hate outlook.

can't even sign the freaking hell out!!! i think i'm going to yahoo or something else other than THIS crap. i've been with hotmail since for (at least) 12-something years. i can't sign out, WTH??!!!!! they just lost me now; i don't need this, i'm going somewhere else for my e-mails. thanks, thanks alot :/

ok, i just commented a couple of minutes ago about not being able to figure out how to sign out; i finally figured it out AFTER around 30 minutes.... geezzz.....stupid outlook, omg. i really miss the old hotmail :(

I don't want outlook, I HATE outlook,they didn't have my permission to switch me over, and I want to say to them: goddammit: give me back my Hotmail account, you dictator of a corporation!!!!!!!

Who took over my hotmail account? I never asked for it!!! Now I can't even delete the crap I get on there all day!!! I was comfortable with hotmail - I think I had an account there for 5 or 6 years. Fuck Hot mail. I'll just open a new email account somewhere else. FUCK YOU HOTMAIL!!!!

I can't scroll my mail to the right because of this block in which has all these new links on how to use I don't know how to close that right hand side block, very annoying.

This is the most pathetic "improvement" I have ever seen. I can't even add multiple attachments to an e-mail without going through 17 bloody steps. I have a business which I use e-mail for scheduling employees. Everything about this change is a huge waste of my time, every step takes twice a long. I would love to thank the team of useless people who came up with this idea. CLUELESS

just been force "upgraded" and i detest the new look and lack of functionality , Who is the idiot who thought this would work ? Sir you are a greedy simpleton of the first order !

The BCC facility is crap. If I don't wish to select any from the very small list shown then I can't select anyone!

I'm out

i dont' like the new outlook ..difficult to read emails and moving around .

This new Outlook thing sucks real hard!! Very un-user friendly! Full of bugs! Give me back my Hotmail account back!!! Microsoft SUCKS!

I wasn't asked and don't want this new Outlook is a steaming pile of sh!t...confusing, slow, hard to read...everything. Does Microsoft even TEST these pieces of rubbish they foist onto us? I avoid Microsoft products wherever i can (anyone who has tried using Word or Excel will probably understand why) but in this case, I dont have a choice to avoid the masters of crapware and yet another of their abominations...please Microsoft, FOR ONCE, listen to your customers (or should that be victims) and go back to the old hotmail...surely u can see its what people want, regardless of the clearly ill-informed and conceived reasons you had to change.

OUTLOOK. What kind of people are you to mess people up the way your diabolical OUTLOOK does. I cannot access vital documents. It may be nice to know there are several relevant messages, but why can't I reread message 3?

What I do now is NOT OPEN messages in OUTLOOK, I forward them to my yahoo where they are handled normally.

I cant even read my emails on this stinking piece of crap outlook.

Cant even see my contact list! this new thing makes no sense and it is not friendly looking!

can You PLEASE stop putting the outlook "sign in" above the MSN page as it keeps moving up and down---VERY IRRITATING. I can sign in whenever I want to again......

I hate Outlook. It's terrible, I have been trying to log on all day, and there have been several issues, sometimes I can't open my emails, sometimes I can't view content in the emails, and sometimes I can't even log in without some sort of error. I've done hours of research and found I must make countless downloads and restarts to fix a few simple problems. I'm completely disgusted and very, very annoyed, and I am unhesitantly moving to another provider; possibly gmail or yahoo, because this is just pathetic. Nice job Microsoft.

Who the Hell asked for ANY change? I am pissed off to the max! If I wanted another look I would have switched over to one of the other e-mail accounts I have! I used hotmail as my main e-mail address and now am being forced to learn how to access my e-mails, reply, and even READ all over again!!!???? What is the PANE on the right side for? Why can't I get rid of it? Why when I am reading a newsletter do I now have to scroll when there is a big blank pane on the right!!!???? As soon as all my contacts (who I can't e-mail because when I write an e-mail it wont let me choose them from my know what I don't give a shit, I don't want this and if I am not allowed to revert back to hotmail then I will be an EX member in 2 WEEKS) know I have moved to gmail I am gone!!! Who the fuck asked for this?

I didn't ask to be sprayed with Aluminium and Barium etc either MR GATES!!!! Maybe you need to listen first before thinking you know what is good for everyone.

F**k the new outlook! I'll be making sure that I tell everybody not to use anything to do with Hotmail. It's a f**king cheap arse looking format that doesn't even work properly....who came up with this GREAT idea?

What the heck happened to my hotmail messages, and who said I wanted older messages automatically deleted. Yahoo is looking better and better.

Screaming ab dabs....I'm getting SO p'd off with this.... there seems to be no way to manage a group other than delete it... I cant seem to check how many or who is in a group. I cant transfer contacts to another email address. First world problem I know but I never thought I'd be so happy to feel so connected to so many angry people.... Let's do some Flash mobs - dancing to wild loud music everywhere to get the rage out of the body.... !

PISSED! I decided...because I have several accounts I would use as my central hub. Spent the day setting it up. Now when I log in...EVERYTHING is GONE and it is back in default mode! AAARRRGGGHH!

EOutlook is causing some frustrating problems which are infuriating after having Hotmail for years without a hitch. emails are disappearing, also going into the wrong area eg new emails appearing in the deleted are, important emails with flight details not being found without a lot of info as the search function does not search properly.

What the hell is happening, these are faults which should not be happening with a provider of this level. Give us back Hotmail, I did not ask to be transferred.

I hate OUTLOOK. I have been left with such an inferior email system. I was happy with HOTMAIL. It was so much better. OUTLOOK is like dumbing down the whole system. What a joke. I want my HOTMAIL back and quit messing with our emails.

Hate this bloody outlook,why cant they leave things alone.Even friends in Spain are complaining about it..Bring Hotmail back please!!!!!!!

Outlook is abysmally slow! How do I get back to Hotmail?


Dear HOTMAIL Team ,
You have done so bad with us that dropped us into the hell ( OUTLOOK ). Even my pc is mostly hanged while working. This Outlook can not manage the users. Kindly either immediately conver the users back to the hotmail or almost all of the users will start working on Yahoomail.


Yep, Outlooks Blows Goats..

Isn't it time that we all organized globally and send Microsoft and the industry a message that they will never ever forget- one that will make them never do this again? If we illiminate this company from the market landscape, or critically market damage it by collectively boycotting all Microsoft products and services, Microsoft, and all others will get the message.

The new outlook is a bag of shite and has made reading my work emails very frustrating, it spends most of time loading up and never actually shows anything and even something easy like printing sheets off is having trouble, time to change my email account me thinks

Microsoft, it is crap and, like others, I will be dumping it soon. I want my old Hotmail back.

Even when I tried to change my password the other day, you had the absolute fucking gall to tell me I couldn't use the one I wanted. I mean, who the fuck are you to tell me that? Mind your own fucking business.

Good point indeed. The wankers at Microsoft make sure complaining is damn near impossible to do. An absolute bunch of tossers.

You guys at Mircrosoft are a total pile of jerks. Your own site makes readers' responses very difficult to make, and thus easily sidelined, and you're taking little or no notice of forums like this one, though I bet you are monitoring them.

When I think of the absolute gall of you tossers to change my Hotmail without my permission like this, and a refusal recently to allow my new password, when a person's password is absolutely none of your godamn business, I see red.

Go and fucking play with yourselves.

I tried to do this and received from them a 'reply' which was a piece of utter tripe, and when emailed a response to it, predictably, it came back as undeliverable. They really are a bunch of fxxxxxx wanxxxx.

I can't see any mail sent after Feb. 2012 since I switched to outlook and when I called to get help, they wanted $249 to fix it so that I can see and receive my current mail. They tried to say it was my computer, so I tried 2 other computers (1 was new) and had the same problem. I felt like I was being scammed.

Outlook is total rubbish It cant connect half the time Its causing me major annoyance. I will be moving to gmail as Microsoft do not respond to feedback

Does anybody know if somebody has filed a class action lawsuit?

Because of this hotmail to outlook issue I keep getting told I should get a newer browser, but I run OSX.4 and already have the highest browser available for that OS. Furthermore, I'm happy with the browser and OS I have and will not have this forced on me. I'm about to close my hotmail accounts, bugger microsoft!!!

I've had my Hotmail account for years. Since Outlook, I've not been able to access my mail. And now, I'm having issues with my computer. Apparently, unauthorized spam has become unrelenting and now I have to take my computer into the shop to see if it can be fixed. I didn't have problems until I was forced to sign in using Outlook with my Hotmail address. What a mess. I hope this gets resolved. It sounds like I'm not alone here. Microsoft...fix your mess!

Dear Authorties of Hotmail/Outlook; This is a flop idea to convert Hotmail 2 Outlook, Time 2 time it creates problems and conveninent for operators to use it on time. Now it open blank page on - Chrome, Firefox etc, it only open hotmail/outlook in Explorer in mobile mode ! please its a kind request to repair it. We change our mail to other but it is save in offical networks. So, please make sure to repair it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon..........

You have lost me as a customer......I sent two extremely long and important messages tonight. Both are lost in Cyber Space......I am furious.

Very Important and carefully worded emails......Lost!!

If I could I would rip your lungs out. But all I can do is switch email carriers.

Does not seem fair some how.

Never had a problem with hotmail.......Now nothing but problems.

Folks, this is how Microsoft works. Anything "new" they release is a pile. When did they ever have a clue? Had it not been for Apple they would probably not even have a GUI O/S!


Outlook continues to let me down
Disgraceful upgrade
Forced to upgrade with out my permission
then leaves me with this inferior product
Looking at alternatives after more then 10 years with hotmail

I have been locked out of my outlook account and skyp too hav filled out forum questions and still cannot get in to my email!!! or skyp. Can anyone help or give me advice

I have lost two accounts. They said it I will have to sign in each one,so I change all friend to one, and now they have closed. All my emails lost and they are important. Is there any reprieve so we can get the email address stored from the 'closed' account.It is disgusting
think may leave outlook, and Hotmail.Lets hope the Banks don't close our account and leave us with nothing, hang on a minute..........

F*****g micorosoft, because of their security obsession I can't access my email account. Idiots !!! I'm leaving f*****g Hotmail.

yeah not only fade up of outlook but being all the time raped by microsoft arrogance!!!!

To Microsoft research department :
why would you produce a product that do not work ..?
I do not understand this marketing concept !

Outlook has been driving me insane ever since I was "upgraded" from hotmail without being asked.
No end of errors and poor performance and now it seems to think someone else is trying to access my accounts all the time - the security protocol has gone completely nuts!
This is Microsofts new forte - take something that works perfectly well and screw it up so that your users go insane, you know like windows 8.
Bill Gates is too busy carrying out his plans for world domination and population reduction, little eugenicist that he is, to care.

the simple answer is to leave microsoft's idiot platform forever. Heck it is just a wing of the NSA anyway. Totally worthless. Outlook is one screw up after anther and they pester you for code numbers and verifications. privacy means nothing.

How do you input a code they supposedly sent to an email account I can't access?

I am disgusted with outlook, they have spoilt everything I had with hotmail, since friday 16th August I havent been able to access my emails and I dont know how or what to do to get into my emails, they ask for details I cant give them to verify that it's my account, since they took over hotmail nothing has been right since, too many things have gone wrong, and being an older retired person, I find it impossible, for god's sake some-one help me before I go completely mad.

I cannot stand OUTLOOK they updated my account without my permission also , now my e-mails opened with one click now however it takes me about 2 minutes to open each e-mail..( no exaggeration ) And facebook don't even get me started with the way they are ...

Yet another day and no access into my emails, it's now 7 days and no way to find out why, I need answers, outlook are typical of American arrogant bussines companies, they treat customers like dirt !!.

The west went through 2 world wars to rid ouselves of dictators, and here we have Microsoft who have grown too big acting just like dictators, it's typical of American companies, too arogant and dont care about customers, which proves the more money you have you can do what you want with your customers, as the older folks know using a computer it's not easy understanding the jargon, and when people like Microsoft take it away from you it's like taking away your life support, and they should be ashamed of themselves, but I boubt they will lose much sleep worrying about it like we do.

You will understand my last post Stars 1408 then, they are acting like dictators, in my message it wasnt an insult to Americans in was to big bussines in America.

After several weeks of frustration with Outlook and Hotmail I (and thousands of others) can well understand the need for a leadership change at Microsoft. These are broken products of a dysfunctional corporation that does not respond well to complaints or requests for assistance. Perhaps they have been hacked to the extent of no longer being viable but some acknowledgement of this would be helpful to consumers who depend on these products.

this is CRAP. No CODE and VERY ANGRY. Lost all my e males. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP

It's been over 2 weeks now I've not been able to use my email address, I've had no access, cant find out why, cant remember my passsword since it was so long ago, and all my friends and family from the US Australia and everwhere else have been lost.
For god's sake what do I do, I've sent the info outlook wanted except my password, and they have not contacted me or any of the email addresses I sent for them to contact me.
Thanks outlook you have destroyed 10 years of my life, I just hope you can sleep at kight.

Sorry Bill_Bob, this is microsoft were dealing with here, between them and Outlook they dont care about "WE THE CUSTOMERS"

Cover the cost of your repair bill!, MIcrosoft you must be joking, they have too many $billions stuffed into there back pockets to even care about the customers like you and me, too big in fact that they act like dictators.

I took up with hotmail after AOL messed up netscape and here we go again with this lot
when trying to sign into hotmail they kept saying my emails where being hijacked how
right they are it was them doing the bloody hijacking, all I want is my contacts from hotmail then I can go to what server I want
not what they keep sticking down my throut
I do not like foul language on computers or TVs but I've come very close.
Has the chap said if enough of us keep sending them comments like these It might get it through their thick heads that we object
to them hijacking our right to choose what
email provider we want.
This is my third and at 80 I'm worried how many and how long it will take.
Good to all.

When my better half was switched to outlook without permission it completely altered the logging on details for her laptop. I don't know how it happened but she was switched from her regular log in details that she had used for many months to her microsoft email address and password!! how the f**k can that happen!!



similar situation for myself about the same number of years. This digital world keeps hording us like cattle for an eventual slaughter. We get funneled into changing our ways to what they tell us is the best way to do things. They keep themselves busy on the "new and improved" versions to keep us lining up and paying for a different way of doing the same thing with not much more efficiency once you think of the time, training, and the costs of equipment required for the new and improved. For every 10 steps forward there are 9 steps back. It is supposed to save us time, but when you have to rebuild it all after 20 years, was there any time saved? I have said this since 1990. Don't rely on technology unless you can afford it when it collapses all over you.

Alan Wolin
Outlook Express is junk and always has been. I cannot access my hot mail account and it has been hacked. I have not been able to read my e mails for three weeks and when I reset my computer, the account was immediately hacked again. Switching to Outlook Express garbage without the user's agreement is really poor service. I am extremely irritated. I made the mistake of using hot mail as my main e mail account--I will correct that.

gmail changes stuff all the time, most often without asking users or getting consent. good luck using google, its no better.

gmail changes stuff all the time, most often without asking users or getting consent.

be warned that gmail changes stuff all the time as well. i switched to outlook because of all the changes google makes to gmail to 'make it better'. its not going to be any different with them.

why would you take your computer to a repair shop for something that happened on a free internet email account? thats your own fault for not knowing how a computer works.

google is just as involved in nsa stuff as microsoft, yahoo, etc. gmail isn't any better with privacy, scanning your emails so they can sell it to ad companies.

using email in your browser should not hang your pc, unless you have a virus or don't know how to use a computer.

this is not outlook express. outlook express was an old desktop program for getting your email. this is web mail. learn the difference.

why do you need a repair? its web shouldn't have anything to do with your computer. or do you not know how web email works?

I hate Outlook more every time I have to use it.

I think we all hate it so how does it make good business sense to try and force it down our throats unless someone with a lot of power won't let go to the ruination of his own stupid are the people who are watching this happen without trying to help the company they work for/just don't understand but I do have another email

when I log in it does not ask me for the password but goes straight to my in box with my name and password VERY BAD POLICY AND CERTAINLY NOT SAFE.

I have read many
of these emails and find all to be true. I too have been a user of Hotmail
forever, but I have been since Friday 10/25/13 trying to get into my
Hotmail account. Nothing I do works and personally I think they just want
more info about you that they can sell. I have chatted with people in the
Philippines, South America, and India who have no clue as to what to do or how
to go about doing it. and to make it even better the operators at
Microsoft are even less smart, if possible. I did talk to one gentleman
in Canada who was very nice, but unfortunately he transferred me. How did
Microsoft get to be so big with people who are so dumb? And I still can't
get into Hotmail or Outlook or whatever they are calling it, nor did I give
anyone permission to any change I use this account for communicating with
those in my field and can't, which is really hurting what I do and all my
hundreds of email address (one group just took me six hours to put in), are
locked up. Any ideas?

Hotmail/Outlook and Microsoft has turned a BMW into a Yugo.

just logged in after a looooong time - all my email is gone - 1 msg in inbox from Outlook!

Seriously i'm disappointed with this outlook..i was so attached to my was my first email address and my first account..i have been using it when i was a kid.. i hateeee itt...this new outlook has ruined my lifeeeee!!!! :'((((

If I open a piece of mail and then click the back button on my browser (rather than re-clicking the inbox icon on the page), the back button doesn't work. It just reloads the page with the current piece of mail open.

SOOOOOO irritating!

I wish Bill had Outhouse er Outlook stuck where the sun don`t shine

i lost ALL of my old emails and now outlook deletes things without my permission, and FORCED my profile to convert. if i could have switched my files from Hotmail to pretty much any provider but outlook it would have been better than this. imagine my surprise when i check my email for the first time in a few months and they are all DELETED and my account was changed into a format i never wanted, asked for, or AGREED to. this was my ONLY email. and is also the one linked to my gaming and everything. ive had this account since i originally made it for NEOPETS. may not have had my email as long as some of you, but its still a damn long time to just have everything reset on me. i don't even know if im going to be able to accept emails sent to my old address, considering my old emails were gone, im dreading the day i find out. no offense to any individual at Microsoft, but they have recently adopted a "you don't like it? too bad" mentality that disappoints me beyond belief. i used to love Microsoft. but now its like a girlfriend that just keeps cheating on you.

let's face it MICROSOFT no longer give a stuff about users. Their total arrogance WILL be their downfall. How long is it going to take before people realise, new versions of everything aren't there for improvement or ease of use, but to stitch up users into buying new kit they don't need, every couple of years and keep microsoft employees in jobs designed to give us all the runaround

This is a bunch of crap. I hit some random button typing and now the "k" won't work, then it will add t0016, mark table for contents, etc. WTF. I just want to type an effn message not close everything and retype it just because some formatting or something came up just because I accidentally hit 1 button while typing making it 2 buttons triggering some key command I don't know what it was nor how to get it to stop with this crap. Come'on - just want to send a damn message. Grrrr

Is'nt MSN liable for damages if vital legal & Investment advice emails have been lost?

I was trained to keep hotmail account but now I can't get to it because I was ask to change to outlook and I have my arrp and all my discounts and newsletters that I thought it was safe to get in and somehow somebody use my account for xbox and I don't play with xbox games I thought account was suppose to be secured !

and I tried and tried again to get to my email and I see some stupid name posed @orange something like that on secure sign in what is goin on ?

I too used Msn email since 1997 and lost all my archived emails (sent & received) Any further news? MSN is keeping silent on this issue. Shame on them.