Big Data: Is your business ready?

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29 Oct, 2012

This 31-page IT Pro special report brings together real-world insight, expert advice and practical guidance to arm you with the information you need to make key decisions about where and why Big Data fits into your business.

Information demand and consumption is growing exponentially and business and IT decision makers are under pressure to satisfy the appetites of increasingly data-hungry users.

IT departments and business and tech decision makers are under more pressure now than ever before to meet and exceed the

demands of increasingly data-hungry users.

In 2012 alone, we produced 2.7 zettabytes of data, according to research firm IDC. Big Data is a big business topic right now. And one that simply cannot be ignored.

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In this fourth IT Pro quarterly report, produced in association with Microsoft, we bring together a wide range of experts to cut through the hype and deliver real-world insight and thought leadership about Big Data. We look at what the theory and reality means, on a technical and practical level, for your organisation.

As with previous IT Pro reports, you can read this issue on your PC or at your leisure on a Kindle – or simply print it out. With this report, which features interviews with those who’ve got experience in this field as well as input from a wide range of expert contributors, we hope to help guide you on your Big Data journey.

All in all, we hope this third IT Pro report arms you with the knowledge and insight you need to make more informed business decisions when it comes to the Big Data and where it fits into your organisation.

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