Adobe investigates database hack claims

14 Nov, 2012

Software giant confirms it is looking into claims that a computer hacker has accessed its systems and obtained more than 150,000 email addresses and passwords.

Adobe is investigating claims that a computer hacker has obtained the email addresses and passwords of more than 150,000 of the firm’s customers and partners.

In a post on text sharing site, Pastebin, a computer hacker called ViruS_HimA claims to have hacked into an Adobe database.

“I have hacked into one of the Adobe servers, gained full access to it, dumped the database...[and] it contains over 150,000 email [addresses and] passwords,” the hacker wrote.

This was accompanied by a series of links to several websites hosting a file containing 230 records that reportedly feature the names, email addresses, usernames and encrypted passwords of people from several US government agencies.

The hacker said only, .mil and .gov email addresses were at risk of being leaked, before going on to warn that Yahoo could be its next target.

“I'm not looking to ruin Adobe’s business...but they don't really take care of security issues,” wrote ViruS_HimA.

“When someone reports [a] vulnerability to them, it take[s] five-to-seven days for the notification that they've received your report.

“Such big companies should really respond very fast and fix the security issues as fast as they can,” the hacker added.

In a statement to IT Pro, an Adobe spokesperson responded to the post by stating: “We are aware of the claim and are in the process of investigating.”

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