Apple and Samsung infringement battle heats up

26 Nov, 2012

iPhone-maker adds six more products to its infringement action against bitter rival.

The bitter war between Apple and Samsung shows no signs of dying down as the iPhone-maker has asked a federal court to add six more products to its patent infringement lawsuit against the Korean manufacturers.

Apple is seeking to add the Samsung Galaxy S3, which runs the Google's latest Android "Jelly Bean" operating system, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, the Samsung Rugby Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, to its lawsuit, according to a court filing on Friday.

The case is one of two patent infringement lawsuits pending in the US District Court in San Jose by Apple against Samsung. An earlier lawsuit by Apple that related to different patents resulted in a $1.05 billion jury verdict against Samsung on August 24.

"Apple has acted quickly and diligently to determine that these newly-released products do infringe many of the same claims already asserted by Apple," the company said in the filing.

Samsung representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Apple filed the second lawsuit in February, alleging that various Samsung smartphone and tablet products including the Galaxy Nexus infringed eight of its patents.

Samsung denied infringement and filed a cross-complaint alleging that Apple's iPhone and iPad infringed eight of its patents.

A US judge on November 15 allowed Samsung to pursue claims the iPhone 5 also infringes its patents.