Webcast: Preparing your datacentre for the new world of work

past and future
3 Jan, 2013

Watch our webcast to gain the knowledge and insight you need to ensure your datacentre is up to the workplace demands of both today and tomorrow.


The culture of work is changing. Tech-savvy and always-connected people want faster, more intuitive technology, uninterrupted services, and the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices.

What's more, they want to do more than just read email and view documents via mobile devices. They want to access business-critical applications and act on key corporate data in real-time.

As such, IT departments under increasing pressure to deliver the utmost flexibility for users while at the same time ensuring security and management of data.

Date: Wednesday 16 January

Time: 09:00 EST (2pm GMT)

By taking part in this webcast, you'll learn more about:

*How IT can accommodate the new, flexible work styles, delivering on the dual demands of bring your own device and anywhere, anytime access to data.

*How to create an intelligent datacentre and network infrastructure that can handle today's mobile, BYOD work styles.

*The greatest security challenges ahead and how you can overcome them with the right datacentre management tools.

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