Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC review: First look

This 27in machine supports 10-point multi-touch and includes full blown Windows 8. Could this be the future of the all-in-ones?

IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC
7 Jan, 2013
We expect this to be a major attraction of Windows 8-based machines, but pricing will have to come down before they really permeate the market.

Straight out of the Lenovo labs the Horizon Table PC could be the norm in a year or two. But does it have the potential to be more than a living room PC/entertainment device? With the right apps it could easily find itself being used in the educational, hospitality or retail sectors.

The idea is deceptively simple. This 27in all-in-one PC has been designed so the stand folds away, leaving a flat back. All you need to convert it into a “Table PC” is to lie it on a flat surface, be that a floor, a sofa or a real table.

Its two key components are a touchscreen that supports up to ten simultaneous finger inputs and an Intel Core i7 processor to power things along. But it also relies on an extra layer of software designed by Lenovo, which acts as the launchpad for all the apps it bundles.

We can see these being used in places such as hotels and retail outlets by customers. However, the more engaging are more action-style games are likely to make it primarily an entertainment unit.

Take a look at our quick video of an air hockey game in progress. You’ll notice the player on the left fluffs a few shots because he doesn’t keep the striker on the computer’s surface.

There are educational apps too – a colouring one for young children, for instance – and this strikes me as a great family system. Don’t forget it’s also an all-in-one PC, after all.

This 27in version is due for release in the US in June for a princely $1,699; we still await confirmation of its UK release date and price.