Sony takes wraps off Xperia Z and NFC advances at CES

Sony Xperia Z
8 Jan, 2013

Consumer electronics giant's CEO declares 2013 as a "landmark year" for firm.

Sony has used its keynote at CES 2013 to showcase the latest addition to its Xperia smartphone family, as well as the work it is doing in the near field communications (NFC) space.

The firm’s CEO, Kazuo Hirai, treated attendees to the first glimpse of the Xperia Z smartphone, which is powered by a quad-core processor and boasts a “full HD” 5 inch screen, as well as a 13 MP camera on the back and a further 1.2 MP one on the front.

“Less than a year ago, Sony Ericsson became part of the Sony family and we placed mobile at the heart of our business [by integrating] our Android smartphones and tablets under a single brand [Xperia],” explained Hirai.

Our goal is to create an emotional response every time someone switches on a Sony product.

“Right here, we’re unveiling our new model, the Xperia Z. A new premium [device] that delivers a true superphone experience.”

Sony president and COO, Phil Molyneux, said the viewing experience on the Xperia Z should be as “impressive” as an HD TV.

Molyneux then talked up the device’s NFC capabilities. These allow the Xperia Z to share content – including photos, videos and music – with other Sony devices through the firm's One Touch Functions technology.

On stage, he demonstrated how the device could work with NFC-enabled Sony speakers, headphones, content storage devices and TVs.

“It makes it all so effortless...and we now offer the largest range of NFC products and accessories...more than any other manufacturer in the world,” said Molyneux.

“You’ve seen other smartphone makers offer content sharing by touching your phones together. However, as we showed, we can do [that and] so much more.”

He also showed how – by combining the Xperia Z with a Sony Audio Ball – end users could use NFC to carry out conference calls, which should prove to be an appealing feature for business users.

During his closing remarks, Hirai – who took over as CEO nine months ago – described 2013 as a “landmark year” for Sony, as he pushes his firm to deliver an experience that allows users to play, listen, watch, learn, communicate, create and share.

“Our goal is to create that emotional [response] every time someone switches on a Sony product...[and] we want consumers across the globe to be moved,” he added.

“We will drive innovations that will guarantee you will continue to be moved by Sony.”

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