EE cuts 4G prices for limited time and debuts 20GB allowance

News 22 Jan, 2013

Entry-level allowance cut to £31 per month but only valid until end of March.

Network provider EE is offering up a cut-price promotion for its 4G superfast network from January to March in a bid to boost uptake of the service.

Pricing for the entry-level plan has been cut from £36 to £31 per month. Users will be offered unlimited calls and texts together with 500MB.

EE is also offering users the chance to buy either the HTC One SV LTE or Nokia Lumia 820 for an upfront fee of £29.99.

When questioned as to whether this promotion was an attempt to kick-start the slow uptake of 4G, EE said no.

The promotion doesn’t come as a surprise as consumers gave the original pricing the thumbs down when it was unveiled in October.

Some 72 per cent of respondents polled in a survey said EE’s 4G pricing would put them off upgrading to the superfast network.

When questioned as to whether this promotion was an attempt to kick-start the slow uptake of 4G, EE said no.

“We’ve been very pleased with the customer response to the launch of EE," an EE spokesperson told IT Pro.

"While these plans are available with a range of handsets, they are primarily designed [for] customers to pair one of our growing selection of lower-cost 4G smartphones (HTC One SV LTE, Lumia 820, Huawei P1 LTE) with a low-cost 4G EE plan.”

As well as taking on customer feedback about pricing, EE also claims that users have been asking for increased data allowance. The current maximum allowance offered to consumers is 8GB.

The network has unveiled a mammoth 20GB allowance for “super-users”, which it claims make up less than one per cent of its customer base.

These “super-users” are likely to consume large quantities of video content and with an allowance of this size could conceivably use their 4G devices instead of fixed-wire broadband connections at home.

The 20GB plan is bundled with unlimited UK calls and texts and is available from today.

EE is offering this as a 12 month SIM-only plan and will charge £46 per month for users who sign up before 28 February. Those who sign up from 1 March will be charged £61 per month for the same package – which will cost users an additional £180 over the course of the contract.

EE has also announced it will offer a new SIM-only 12 month 8GB plan for £41 per month.

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this is rather unsurprising to anyone apart from EE - they must have thought that because they had the only 4G network, and thus could charge a LOT more than the 3G network providers, but not realising that customers are generally happy with 3G speed, and 4G upgrades are a nicety rather than a necessity

EE can only really charge a little more than the other providers, otherwise they'll have a lovely 4G network that hardly anyone wants to use - from what I've been told by online O2 help that their upgrade to 4G (due in Summer 2013) will only cost about £5 per month, so EE can realistically only charge about the same as the others are going to

the biggest struggle with 4G is that only the most tech savvy know exactly what it means to people, and with most users having used 2G/3G for so long, and speeds are OK, apart from on TV adverts (not to mention the gullible iOwners who believe the Apple adverts), so waiting 2-3 seconds for a page rather than 1 second is hardly a big deal

once we catch up to the US on 4G coverage/usage, then people will realise the difference, and THAT is when people will it's worth the upgrade, but only when all providers have it, and when it's more than the biggest cities, then customers would be willing to out of their way to pay for it!

Yawn... god you're boring, with obvious and unoriginal comments.

sorry, I'm just dumbstruck by your month late comment, and your immensely intelligent comment - oh wait, you didn't really make a comment on the article, did you?
if anyone is boring and unoriginal it's you, with your complete lack of a comment :-P

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