Virgin Media to be sold to Liberty Global for $23bn

News 6 Feb, 2013

Merger will create world's largest broadband provider, it is claimed.

Broadband provider Virgin Media is set to be acquired by US cable company Liberty Global in a deal worth $23.3 billion.

The companies claim the merger will result in the creation of the world’s largest broadband company, covering 47 million homes across 14 countries.

Under the terms of the deal, Virgin Media shareholders will receive $17.50 in cash, 0.2582 Liberty Global Series A shares and 0.1928 Liberty Global Series C shares for each Virgin Media share they own.

Mike Fries, president and chief executive of Liberty Global, said the deal would add significant scale to his firm’s European operations, and will result in 80 per cent of its revenues coming from five European countries.

“Adding Virgin Media to our large and growing European operations is a natural extension of the value creation strategy we’ve been successfully using for over seven years," said Fries.

“Virgin Media will be complementary to our own organic revenue and growth profile, while providing attractive free cash flow enhancement to our shareholders.

“As a result we intend to increase our commitment to share buybacks going forward with an initial target of approximately $3.5 billion over a two-year period upon closing," Fries concluded.

Neil Berkett, chief executive of Virgin Media, added: “The combined company will be able to grow faster and deliver enhanced returns by capitalising on the exciting opportunities that the digital revolution presents, both in the UK and across Europe.”

Virgin Media also announced its full-year results for 2012, which showed that revenue was up 2.7 per cent on last year and topped £1.654m. Operating profit grew by 30 per cent to £699.1 million over the same time period.

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Are the commentators supposed to be experts in IT? They definitely are not engaged in any real business.
Surface Pro won't need much local storage - corporate data stays on the LAN - copy it local when needed, move it back or delete when finished.
Same with Office - real businesses have Enterprise Agreements, SMEs should buy into Office 365.
As for iPad, it is great at what it was designed for - consuming content. It can't compete with a real computer - and I bet the 128Gb Surface Pro will cost less than the much less capable 128Gb iPad.
The only serious flaw is lack of a SIM card slot.

To me it's the only good tablet as it's a Laptop replacement and no tablets up to this point have been.

This review is so retarded, just putting it up against the iPad which is not in the same market as this device. This device is going up against ultrabooks and other Laptops.

I don't get ti; if I want a tablet I'll get the iPad, if I need a light laptop I'll get a much better ultrabook. Who will buy this?