Memset comes to the rescue of stranded 2e2 datacentre customers

Cloud in hands
8 Feb, 2013

Cloud services firm offers to move 2e2 customers' data for free.

Cloud services provider Memset has leapt to the aid of 2e2’s datacentre customers by offering to move their data off its servers for free.

IT services firm 2e2 was placed in administration on 28 January, resulting in hundreds of the firm's staff being made redundant.

As reported by IT Pro yesterday, the insolvency practitioners overseeing the firm’s administration have asked 2e2’s customers to fund its ongoing datacentre operations so they can move their data elsewhere.

Any users that refuse to pay up have been warned their datacentre and hosting services could be terminated as early as today.

Since then, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) player Memset has launched a free migration service for stricken 2e2 datacentre customers, provided they sign up for a “sensible” amount of time.

In a statement, the company’s managing director Kate Craig-Wood expressed her sympathy for customers caught out by 2e2’s demise.

“You outsource hosting so you can sleep soundly at night knowing that someone else is looking after it...[and] to have this rug pulled out from under you must be very stressful for the companies involved,” Craig-Wood said.

“Memset has extended a helping hand to all businesses who need server or cloud hosting capacity by offering a free migration service to Memset, providing the customer signs up for a sensible period of time.”

The statement also called on people not to be put off cloud by the problems 2e2 customers are facing, adding – with careful research – end users should be able to prevent a similar fate befalling them.

“[Research] should be done to ensure that whoever you partner with for these services is debt-free, profitable and has sound and experienced management in place,” the statement concluded.

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