Best iPad apps for 2016

Our collection of the best and most popular iPad apps to download in 2016

Smartphones are clearly an essential part of the working life of any professional, but tablets have truly made working on the move easier. The iPad has also cornered the business market with apps designed specifically to help users more productive and collaborative at work.

Invaluable tools for security, word processing, tracking finances, and communicating more effectively with co-workers and clients are among the best, but with so many apps in the app store, it can be hard to distinguish the winners from the duds.

We’ve created a list of apps to help you sort through the masses and included some suggested alternatives to keep your options open.



Category: Productivity

Price: £18.99

Coda is a combination of text editor and FTP client for iPad and iPhone. The main display shows all sites that a user has configured to use with the app. These display a thumbnail of the homepage. Sites can be sorted into folders. It supports syntax highlighting for a wide range of code languages.

The file manager supports FTP, SFTP, FTP with Implicit SSL, FTP with TLS/SSL, as well as with WebDAV & WebDAV via HTTPS. It also connects to services such as Amazon’s S3.

Main Idea: A portable text editor and file manager.


Concur Technologies

Category: Travel

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

TripIt organises the lion’s share of your travel plans, and involves minimal effort on your part. Forget copying long customer IDs and boarding pass details, TripIt automatically creates an itinerary for you from forwarded hotel, airline, car rental and restaurant confirmation emails. Travel plans can be accessed at anytime – including offline. It also provides directions and maps, syncs with your Apple, Outlook or Google calendars, and allows you to share your travel plans with friends and colleagues. Owned by business travel and expense management company, Concur, TripIt also offers a premium service for frequent flyers.

Main Idea: Get your travel plans organised in one place using TripIt’s automation technology.

Alternative: Kayak, Airbnb, TripAdvisor

Paper – Notes, Photo Annotation, and Sketches


Category: Productivity

Price: Free (in-app purchases, all free)

Artists will know that they should never be without their pencil or sketchbook. Paper, by New York app developer FiftyThree, is a drawing and productivity app aimed at those who like to express their ideas visually. You can sketch images and notes onto the app, and combine them with written text, photos, or checklists. It also comes with features for sharing your drafts with colleagues as PDF, Keynote or Powerpoint files.

Main Idea: Paper wants to be the most effective app for you to capture and connect your notes, photos and sketches.

Alternative: Evernote, Notability, Microsoft OneNote

Roambi Analytics

Mellmo Inc

Category: Business

Price: Free

Spreadsheets are useful and essential for business, but they don’t always display information in the most presentable way. Roambi Analytics allows you to take data from Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Box, databases, and a number of other sources and convert them into colourful charts and diagrams. This app is a useful companion for anyone who needs to show visualisations as part of presentations or discussions.

Main Idea: A simple and speedy way to turn spreadsheets into attractive visualisations.

Alternative: Chartcube

PayPal Here

PayPal Inc

Category: Business

Price: Free

PayPal Here is an affordable solution for accepting payments that’s especially useful for small and medium businesses. Service users can accept credit and debit cards, send invoices, track cash, and check payments. It also supports Apple Pay. Charges for the service are 3.4 per cent, plus 20p for swipe card payments.

PayPal’s big selling point for using its payment service and app is that there’s no long-term contracts, commitments or monthly fees. User reviews, many of whom describe themselves as small business owners, have very good things to say about it.

Main Idea: A payments app with no long-term contracts, commitments or monthly fees.



Category: Photo & Video

Price: £2.99

Lightricks’s Enlight is a formidable photo editing suite that’s about as close to a full-fat desktop package as you’re likely to get for under a fiver. Touch-up images with intuitive and precise controls, overlay photos, swap filters and gradients to generate artistic effects recreating the style of classic photography and more.

Main Idea: Enlight offers a comprehensive toolset aimed at Instagramers, amateur photographers, as well as photo enthusiasts after greater power from a mobile image editor.

Alternatives: Adobe Photoshop Express, ProCamera, TiltShift Generator



Category: Productivity

Price: Free (in-app purchases, subscriptions)

uMake featured during Apple’s reveal of its iPad Pro last October, and the app has already proved to be a big hit with users of Apple’s enterprise-focused tablet. The app couples the accuracy of a graphics tablet with the clarity of a 3D visualizer. Using an Apple Pencil, users can sketch 2D planes in a 3D space, controlling the weight and colour of their stokes, to create anything from rapid sketches to complex, layered 3D objects.

Main Idea: uMake is targeted at discerning professionals with experience of using 3D design software. A free subscription is available, with pro tiers starting from £14.99 per month.

Alternatives: Tayasui Memopad



Category: Productivity

Price: Free

Note-taking apps, such as Microsoft OneNote and Evernote, have put many document viewing apps into the shade. The feature-rich LiquidText, however, allows you to mark and annotate documents with speed, sort and retrieve those annotations, and export them by type. All of which means it should be easier to find the note you need, weather you’re using this app for meeting minutes, coursework notes, and more besides.

Main Idea: LiquidText offers gesture-based reading and annotation for documents including PDF, DOC, PPT and web pages.

Alternatives: GoodNotes4, Xodo


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