TV technology gives big data extra vision

Analysis & Insight 18 Sep, 2014 Stephen Pritchard

A collaboration between the software and broadcast industries is creating new applications – and winning World Cups


Will legacy IT systems be the undoing of the banking sector?

Analysis & Insight 2 Sep, 2014 Rene Millman

Is a reliance on outdated IT concepts affecting confidence in the UK's banking sector? Rene Millman investigates...

Local domains for local people

Analysis & Insight 1 May, 2014 Stephen Pritchard

Will new top level domains, including .London, bring order or chaos to the net?

Preserving your digital legacy: What happens to your MP3s when you die?

Analysis & Insight 23 Apr, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

With digital download sales booming, Caroline Donnelly finds out how to go about passing on these assets post-death

The Windows XP Zombie Apocalypse

Analysis & Insight 8 Apr, 2014 Davey Winder

The countdown is finally over for those looking for extended life support for XP (unless they've inked a deal). But are they still secure?

Apps in the cloud

The apps are coming to get you!

Analysis & Insight 7 Feb, 2013 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: A combination of BYOD and legacy software is bringing firms' applications strategy to breaking point, a consultancy argues.

Balancing act

Cloud politics: the CIO's difficult balancing act

Analysis & Insight 24 Jan, 2013 Mark Samuels

The arrival of cloud computing means CIOs change their approach to procurement. What strategy works best?

App store

It's bring your own devices, not bring one device

Analysis & Insight 18 Oct, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Device proliferation is both a challenge and an opportunity for IT departments.

Green IT?

IT's energy crisis looms again

Analysis & Insight 4 Oct, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Firms may have been reluctant to invest in new equipment during the recession, but costlier electricity might force IT to reconsider.


IT's load of rubbish

Analysis & Insight 16 Aug, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Tougher EU rules on recycling are coming into force. Will bring more costs for hard-pressed IT departments?


Under the spotlight: Tech innovation in Israel

Analysis & Insight 19 Jul, 2012 Cassie Daum

Visitors to Innovate Israel 2012 were treated to a glimpse of all that the country's tech scene has to offer

Domain name labels

Brands, websites, and ICANN's $185,000

Analysis & Insight 14 Jun, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Businesses are being encouraged to pay a six-figure sum to apply for the new top-level internet domains. But social media may make web addresses less relevant.


Bring you own device: the $600 question

Analysis & Insight 17 May, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the enterprise: A recent Cisco report claims bring your own device is gaining support from IT departments. But how much are staff willing to invest in personal technology?

Trevor Baylis, inventor

There's more to IP than taming pirates

Analysis & Insight 3 May, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Content and software piracy attracts the most publicity, but a new campaign aims to bolster intellectual property's role in the European economy.

security guards

Intel: security inside

Analysis & Insight 11 Apr, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the enterprise: Intel has announced new chips that integrate security and data protection functions. Will this solve one of IT's bigger headaches?

The FA

Q&A: Rob Ray, IT Director at The FA

Analysis & Insight 23 Mar, 2012 Khidr Suleman

We speak to Rob Ray, IT Director at The FA, about the £100 million sports facility that is due to open this summer.

An empty warehouse

Technology: out of stock

Analysis & Insight 15 Dec, 2011 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the enterprise: Manufacturers are only now starting to feel the impact of the Thai floods and Japanese earthquakes. IT costs could rise as a result.

green pound sign

The state of the green IT economy

Analysis & Insight 1 Jul, 2009 Matt Chapman

Will the recession be enough to finally drive the UK to consider green IT?

Taking green IT beyond the data centre

Analysis & Insight 23 Feb, 2009 Miya Knights

The ‘greening’ of IT began in the data centre, with a focus on server consolidation and cooling, but is now spreading to all levels of the IT infrastructure.