Google Drive review

Reviews 23 Feb, 2015 Barry Collins

We take a look at Google's cloud storage offering to see what it offers business users

Dropbox logo

Dropbox for Business review

Reviews 22 Feb, 2015 Rene Millman

We put Dropbox for Business through its paces to see if it really is worth paying for

Inbox by Gmail now available on iOS, Firefox & Safari

News 20 Feb, 2015 Clare Hopping

The email client is still invite-only but app is now open to more people


Microsoft Office 2013 review

Reviews 16 Feb, 2015 Barry Collins Jonathan Bray Bob Charlie

Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint get the touchscreen treatment, cloud storage and a bunch of new features.

Cloud security

Why Box hasn't solved the cloud encryption conundrum

Analysis & Insight 16 Feb, 2015 Davey Winder

Davey Winder takes a closer look at Box's recent cloud data encryption push and finds the vendor still has some work to do


Apple iCloud review

Reviews 28 Jan, 2015 Rene Millman

We take a look at what Apple's iCloud service has to offer users looking to securely synch and store data in the cloud

Box cloud platform chosen by AstraZeneca

News 28 Jan, 2015 Clare Hopping

The biopharmaceutical firm has rolled out the service to its 51,000 employees across more than 100 countries


Sophos Cloud review

Reviews 16 Jan, 2015 Dave Mitchell

Sophos provides compelling reasons for moving your endpoint security into the cloud

The UK Cloud Awards 2015: Enter today

News 15 Jan, 2015 IT Pro

The second UK Cloud Awards will take place in March 2015. Entry deadline is nearing...

Government extends PSN framework for 12 months

News 15 Jan, 2015 Joe Curtis

Crown Commercial Service is struggling to cope with multiple questions over PSN replacement, the Network Services Framework

How The Entertainer survived Black Friday to record 60% sales growth

Analysis & Insight 13 Jan, 2015 Joe Curtis

Toyshop and Fine & Rare Wines retailer talk about how they manage website traffic over peak periods


Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services review

Reviews 9 Jan, 2015 Dave Mitchell

Trend Micro makes a compelling argument for moving your endpoint security into the cloud

Online shopping

Sainsbury’s records highest online Christmas sales

News 7 Jan, 2015 Joe Curtis

Supermarket sees six per cent sales rise through website despite Christmas glitch

This is what BuzzFeed uses to manage its Google Apps

Analysis & Insight 24 Dec, 2014 Jennifer Norman

Just how does BuzzFeed manage all that data? Read on to find out...

How to calculate ROI of social media

Analysis & Insight 19 Dec, 2014 Jennifer Norman

How can you be sure you're getting the most value out of social media in your business? Read on to find out....

Why a private social network for employees might be a good idea

Analysis & Insight 18 Dec, 2014 Jennifer Norman

Should firms consider private social networks for employees? We take a look at the drivers...

Welcome to the age of disposability

Analysis & Insight 5 Dec, 2014 Mark Samuels

We live in a world where we don't always think about what we're doing, because we can simply press delete later on, warns Mark Samuels...

How the enterprise can embrace hybrid cloud

Sponsored 1 Dec, 2014 Sponsored

Hybrid cloud has much to offer organisations of all sizes, but enterprises in particular stand to gain so much…

‘Pushy’ SAP must listen to customers more

Analysis & Insight 26 Nov, 2014 Joe Curtis

The German database giant is educating staff to better serve users struggling to adopt its latest technology

Q&A: Philip Adams, SAP user group chairman

News 25 Nov, 2014 Joe Curtis

Philip Adams talks licenses, cloud and about the new face in the SAP UK MD seat...