Symantec study sheds light on rogue cloud use in enterprise

14 Feb, 2013

Security vendor's research suggests 83 per cent of enterprises are bypassing IT to get to the cloud.

Three quarters of companies have embarked on rogue cloud deployments to save money, according to a new report by security vendor Symantec.

The term rogue cloud is used to describe when employees bypass their IT departments to make use of public cloud services.

According to Symantec’s Avoiding the Hidden Cost of the Cloud report, rogue cloud deployments can be found in 75 per cent of companies or in 83 per cent of enterprises and 70 per cent of SMBs.

Of these rogue cloud fans, 40 per cent admitted their actions had resulted in the disclosure of confidential information, account takeover issues and stolen goods or services.

Meanwhile, one in five said they didn’t realise they should not be procuring cloud services without involving their IT departments.

“The most commonly cited reason for these rogue cloud projects was to save time and money: going through IT would make the process more difficult,” the report stated.

Symantec’s findings are based on the responses of business and IT decision makers at 3,236 SMBs and enterprises from across the globe.

The report also claims that 90 per cent of companies are, at the very least, discussing cloud, which is up from 75 per cent a year ago.

Of those that have taken the plunge already, 40 per cent said they had lost data stored in the cloud, while two thirds experience a cloud data recovery failure.  

Meanwhile, the majority of cloud users bemoaned the speed it takes to recover data from the cloud, with one-fifth of respondents claiming it could take them three days or more.

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