Cloud Analysis & Insight

Welcome to the age of disposability

Analysis & Insight 5 Dec, 2014 Mark Samuels

We live in a world where we don't always think about what we're doing, because we can simply press delete later on, warns Mark Samuels...

‘Pushy’ SAP must listen to customers more

Analysis & Insight 26 Nov, 2014 Joe Curtis

The German database giant is educating staff to better serve users struggling to adopt its latest technology

IBM BlueMix: Changing the game of cloud development

Analysis & Insight 24 Oct, 2014 Maggie Holland

We look at how IBM’s BlueMix platform will make it easier for businesses to create apps for the world of cloud...

Inside IBM & SAP's cloud tie-up

Analysis & Insight 16 Oct, 2014 Stephen Pritchard

SAP will host its enterprise applications on IBM's cloud, for the benefit of both firms and their customers

IBM and SoftLayer: What a difference a year makes

Analysis & Insight 9 Oct, 2014 Maggie Holland

It’s just over a year since IBM acquired SoftLayer. How has the move shaped IBM’s cloud strategy and how are customers benefitting?

Q&A: Dan Levin, COO, Box

Analysis & Insight 5 Sep, 2014 Maggie Holland

We speak to the chief operating officer of Box about all things cloud and leadership

Dropbox logo

Dropbox tries to solve the "Dropbox Problem"

Analysis & Insight 24 Jul, 2014 Stephen Pritchard

Dropbox has moved to address business concerns about its data privacy practices, but has it done enough to win over IT pros?

Dropbox logo

Is Dropbox fit for business?

Analysis & Insight 18 Jul, 2014 Simon Brew Caroline Preece

It's brought cloud storage to the masses, but is Dropbox a lifesaver or a threat? Simon Brew has been taking a look...

Mark Samuels

Managing the cloud

Analysis & Insight 20 Jun, 2014 Mark Samuels

How can CIOs ensure the cloud gives them an advantage rather than puts them at a disadvantage?

The best companies to work for in IT

Analysis & Insight 19 Mar, 2014 Rene Millman

We're surrounded by innovation and creativity, but where are the best places to work in the tech world? Rene Millman takes a look.

SoftLayer in buoyant mood post acquisition by IBM

Analysis & Insight 20 Feb, 2014 PROMOTION

IaaS provider SoftLayer has been making all the right noises since its acquisition by IBM back in July

Where will cloud take us in 2014?

Analysis & Insight 13 Feb, 2014 Maxwell Cooter

Max Cooter ponders just where cloud is headed in the next year and beyond…

Skills gap

Mind the gap: Does cloud widen the digital skills divide?

Analysis & Insight 5 Feb, 2014

How will cloud change the job you do and the skills you need? Or will things simply continue as they are now?

Should you be scared of the cloud?

Analysis & Insight 30 Dec, 2013 IT Pro

Cloud computing changes IT - and the world - as we know it. But should you be concerned or celebrating?

cloud backup

The IT Press Tour: Meet Backblaze

Analysis & Insight 9 Dec, 2013 Jane McCallion

Jane McCallion reports from the last day of the San Francisco IT Press Tour


The IT Press Tour: Meet Soonr and CloudByte

Analysis & Insight 6 Dec, 2013 Jane McCallion

Jane McCallion reports from the fourth day of the San Francisco IT Press Tour.

The IT Press Tour: Meet ThousandEyes, CloudPhysics and Coraid

Analysis & Insight 4 Dec, 2013 Jane McCallion

Jane McCallion reports from the second day of the San Francisco IT Press Tour.

File sharing

Citrix ShareFile: grown-up file sharing

Analysis & Insight 9 Sep, 2013 Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy takes a look at what ShareFile has to offer.

Cloud storage bookcase

Best cloud storage 2013: which one is the best?

Analysis & Insight 2 Sep, 2013 Cloud Pro

Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and Box.Net:the four biggest names in cloud storage, do they work out for SMB use?

Big Data word cloud

Making the most of big data

Analysis & Insight 28 Aug, 2013 Mark Samuels

IT leaders need to start working in favour of the information explosion rather than against it, warns Mark Samuels.