Apple iCloud review

Reviews 1 Apr, 2015 Rene Millman Adam Shepherd

We take a look at what Apple's iCloud service has to offer users looking to securely sync and store data in the cloud


Microsoft Office 2013 review

Reviews 27 Mar, 2015 Barry Collins Jonathan Bray Bob Charlie

Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint get the touchscreen treatment, cloud storage and a bunch of new features.

Dropbox logo

Dropbox for Business review

Reviews 27 Mar, 2015 Rene Millman

We put Dropbox for Business through its paces to see if it really is worth paying for


Google Drive review

Reviews 24 Mar, 2015 Barry Collins

We take a look at Google's cloud storage offering to see what it offers business users


Sophos Cloud review

Reviews 16 Jan, 2015 Dave Mitchell

Sophos provides compelling reasons for moving your endpoint security into the cloud


Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services review

Reviews 9 Jan, 2015 Dave Mitchell

Trend Micro makes a compelling argument for moving your endpoint security into the cloud


1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server review

Reviews 4 Mar, 2014 Dave Mitchell

1&1 offers scalable cloud servers on demand with a flexible package that allows you keep operating costs under control.


Google Nexus 7 (2013) review

Reviews 16 Sep, 2013 Mike Jennings

The best 7in tablet on the market returns with upgrades galore, making it the ultimate travel companion.


Google Drive review

Reviews 5 Aug, 2013 Stuart Andrews

Google Drive doesn't have the same features as its rivals but it is relatively cheap and is a good fit for firms that use Google Apps.


Box for business review

Reviews 29 Jul, 2013 Stuart Andrews

When it comes to cloud storage for business, Box is setting the pace. We look at the key features.

Windows Azure Thumb

Windows Azure review

Reviews 26 Jul, 2013 Steve Cassidy

Moving to Azure requires a whole new mindset - it's best to keep an eye on how the meter's running.


Securstore Cloud Backup review

Reviews 19 Dec, 2012 Dave Mitchell

With pricing based purely on the amount of compressed vault storage, Securstore’s Cloud Backup offers a cost–effective and easily deployed off-site data backup and recovery service.

Egnyte Hybridcloud

Egnyte HybridCloud Office review

Reviews 25 Jun, 2012 Karl Wright

This cloud-storage service aims to entice IT admins by including 256-bit AES encryption, logging and reporting features.

Google Drive vs Microsoft SkyDrive head-to-head

Google Drive vs Microsoft SkyDrive head-to-head review

Reviews 18 Jun, 2012 Bob Charlie

We compare the storage capacity, price, compatibility and feature set of the two popular cloud storage services.


CA ARCserve Backup r16

Reviews 6 Apr, 2012 Dave Mitchell

CA’s ARCserve Backup r16 aims to amalgamate disk, tape and cloud backup into a single product. Dave Mitchell puts it through its paces in the lab to see if it has every data protection angle covered.


Egnyte HybridCloud review

Reviews 13 Dec, 2011 David Ludlow

Egnyte HybridCloud isn't just another Dropbox-clone as David Ludlow finds out in our review of the cloud-based online storage and sharing service.

The Dell PowerEdge C6100

Dell PowerEdge C6100 review

Reviews 7 Nov, 2011 Dave Mitchell

The PowerEdge C6100 is Dell's best-selling cloud server system. In this exclusive review, Dave Mitchell takes a closer look at this multi-node, rack dense system to find out why.

The Iomega StorCenter px6-300d

Iomega StorCenter px6-300d review

Reviews 5 Oct, 2011 Dave Mitchell

Iomega's StorCenter px6-300d is the company's first desktop NAS appliance to use an Atom processor and support RAID 6. It claims to provide every network storage facility an SMB could need and in this review Dave Mitchell finds out if its performance is as compelling as its features.

Windows Server 8 gets a Metro-style Start screen, just like the client version.

Microsoft Windows Server 8 review: First Look

Reviews 14 Sep, 2011 Mary Branscombe

Microsoft has unveiled Windows Server 8 - but is there more to this upcoming server operating system than just the new Metro user interface? Mary Branscombe finds out in our sneak peek.

Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps

Head to Head: Google Apps vs Microsoft Office 365

Vs 5 Aug, 2011 Mary Branscombe

Mary Branscombe compares the enterprise versions of both and her conclusions may surprise you...