Martha Lane Fox: Internet needs body to resolve privacy fears

News 24 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

Digital entrepreneur tells Radio Times about tech sexism and why the web needs our help

Data protection

ICO says businesses must advise consumers of data usage

News 19 Mar, 2015 Clare Hopping

Majority of people are concerned about how their data is used or sold to external companies


Facebook reveals latest government data request figures

News 17 Mar, 2015 Clare Hopping

Social network sees rise in content restriction as it updates community standards policy

Facebook key

Facebook's shiny new analysis tool lets marketers dive into customer data

News 11 Mar, 2015 Caroline Preece

Facebook's partnership with DataSift will help businesses gain better insights into their customers

Biometric data use 'needs public debate'

News 9 Mar, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Commons committee says police treatment of biometric data is worrying

European Commission

EU data protection reform draft “an empty shell”

News 4 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

Privacy groups warn the European Council is undermining new data protection laws

Reddit vows to take down revenge porn posts

News 25 Feb, 2015 Joe Curtis

Social forum will pull nude pictures if victims say they were posted without consent

Home Office publishes hacking guidelines for spooks

News 10 Feb, 2015 Joe Curtis

MI5 and MI6’s hacking practices made public as government opens consultation on spying

New European data protection laws due in 2015

News 28 Jan, 2015 Joe Curtis

European Commission sets deadline for data protection legislation reform

Data breach

ICO warns of surge in UK healthcare data breaches

News 5 Dec, 2014 Joe Curtis

Healthcare data leaks double since 2013, finds watchdog

Facebook privacy

Facebook user data requests rise by 24 per cent

News 5 Nov, 2014 Caroline Preece

Government requests for Facebook user data has risen by almost a quarter in first half of 2014

Doctor NHS

NHS England names pilot programme areas

News 14 Oct, 2014 Rene Millman

Controversial data sharing programme to go ahead despite fears

security key on keyboard

Troy Hunt and

Analysis & Insight 17 Sep, 2014 Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy has found a tech hero of late, in the form of Troy Hunt, the guy behind

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO takes shots at Facebook & Google over data collection

News 16 Sep, 2014 Khidr Suleman

Apple's business is about selling products, not collecting info, says Tim Cook

Illegal download

Police arrest man over illegal sports streaming website

News 3 Sep, 2014 Rene Millman

Manchester man nabbed by Intellectual Property Crime unit

Spam email

ICO raids Welsh claims management firm over nuisance text alerts

News 21 Aug, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Data protection watchdog said raid will help it ascertain whether or not to take enforcement action

Apple user data now stored on Chinese servers

News 18 Aug, 2014 Rosie Clarke

Consumer electronics giant confirms user data will now be stored on servers based in China

Snowden: Just 10% of NSA data is terrorism-related

News 7 Jul, 2014 Alex Hamilton

New documents released by Edward Snowden reveal that only 10 per cent of the NSA’s collected data pertains to possible illegal activity

Angry Birds, Squeaky Dolphin, NoseySmurf: The NSA programs you never knew about

Analysis & Insight 4 Jul, 2014 Alex Hamilton

IT Pro takes you on a run down of some of the major NSA projects that may have passed you by over the last 12 months


UK ISPs block 1/5 websites on child protection grounds

News 2 Jul, 2014 Alex Hamilton

ISPs are blocking perfectly legal web pages in an attempt to protect children from the internet, a study suggests