Why restricting porn access opens door to spying

Analysis & Insight 17 Apr, 2015 Joe Curtis

Tories' election pledge to introduce age restrictions is more worrying than it appears

security key on keyboard

Troy Hunt and

Analysis & Insight 17 Sep, 2014 Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy has found a tech hero of late, in the form of Troy Hunt, the guy behind

Angry Birds, Squeaky Dolphin, NoseySmurf: The NSA programs you never knew about

Analysis & Insight 4 Jul, 2014 Alex Hamilton

IT Pro takes you on a run down of some of the major NSA projects that may have passed you by over the last 12 months

Closing in on the dark net

Analysis & Insight 7 Aug, 2013 Jane McCallion

Can the ends justify the means when it comes to preventing online crime, wonders Jane McCallion...


Spooks, snoopers, and the Communications Data Bill

Analysis & Insight 13 Dec, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Privacy bodies have raised their concerns about the proposed law. But the impact on business also needs further scrutiny.


The Digital Economy Act: Is it doomed to never happen?

Analysis & Insight 4 May, 2012 Simon Brew

As a further delay hits part of the implementation of the Digital Economy Act, is this just a small hiccup, or is the Act being rendered toothless already? Simon Brew takes a look.


Does the government want to snoop on your data?

Analysis & Insight 4 Apr, 2012 Simon Brew

Does the government really want you to tell them everything? And what are its new communications-watching plans all about? Simon Brew finds out more…


Have ISPs finally lost the DEA fight?

Analysis & Insight 25 Mar, 2012 Simon Brew

BT and TalkTalk have been defeated in their latest challenge to the Digital Economy Act. Have the final obstacles now been cleared? Simon Brew investigates.


Google and privacy: What’s the problem?

Analysis & Insight 12 Mar, 2012 Simon Brew

Google’s unification of its privacy policies has brought the firm wide criticism. But what’s actually the issue? Simon Brew has been taking a look…


Striving to solve the security skills crisis

Analysis & Insight 2 Feb, 2012 Tom Brewster

The Cyber Security Challenge is doing a fine job, but flat registration growth and weak Government funding are cause for concern, Tom Brewster discovers.

data protection

Erase and rewind: the EU and privacy

Analysis & Insight 26 Jan, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Proposed new European regulations on data privacy seem largely sensible, even if they present some hurdles for business.


2011: The year in news

Analysis & Insight 28 Dec, 2011 Tom Brewster

We take a look back at a year which saw corporate carnage, industry in-fighting and the passing of an industry legend.


Are the cookie laws crumbling already?

Analysis & Insight 19 Dec, 2011 Tom Brewster

They haven't even been enforced yet, but the cookie laws are looking a tad frail already, argues Tom Brewster.

Data protection

How the Data Protection Act's death will punish the UK economy

Analysis & Insight 7 Dec, 2011 Tom Brewster

If the UK hands over data protection duties to the EU, it will scare off future foreign investment, says Tom Brewster.

navigating in the cloud

Cloud computing: Worth the risk?

Analysis & Insight 11 Jul, 2011 Paul Briden

Are the rewards offered by cloud computing enough to merit the risks? IT Pro investigates.

Data breaches

Breach of the data protection peace

Analysis & Insight 2 Jun, 2011 Adrian Bridgwater

With the ICO rarely fining for breaches of the Data Protection Act, are businesses breaking rules as they can get away with it or is the ICO bringing about some other type of corporate telling off?

The rise of storage security

Analysis & Insight 18 Feb, 2008 Ron Condon

With significant growth in data retention comes a need to take a fresh look at data security and ensuring stored information is kept safe and secure at all times.

Demand for tougher data breach legislation

Analysis & Insight 4 Feb, 2008 Ash Dosanjh

Lost laptops and missing discs could mean legal trouble, as the media spotlight on data breaches gives weight to calls for tougher legislation - but is encouraging best practice a wiser move?

Technology for dealing with lost laptops

Analysis & Insight 28 Jan, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Manage your data and encrypt everything all the time - that's the advice from security experts in the wake of another slew of public and private sector data breaches.