Raspberry Pi sales top 2 million

Raspberry Pi
18 Nov, 2013

Microcomputer celebrates milestone less than two years after launch.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has confirmed the two-millionth Raspberry Pi has been sold less than a month after it broke through the one million units sold barrier.

The credit card sized device, which has been credited with helping get children into coding, began production in February 2012, with only 2,000 initially being made.

It took until early October 2013 for the first million units to be sold. Liz Upton of the Foundation has therefore described it as “a bit of a surprise” to discover the two millionth was sold approximately 20 days later.

In a blog post, Upton said: “It took us almost exactly a year to sell the first million Raspberry Pis. Going on that basis, we calculated that we might, if we were lucky, reach the second million around January 2014, or slightly afterwards – we were confident we’d get there by the end of February 2014.

“On getting the news about the 2,000,000th Pi at the end of last week, it struck us that every single Raspberry Pi in that [original] pallet represents 1000 of the Raspberry Pis that are spread around the world today.”

Upton said anyone who bought one of the microcomputers between the 24 and 31 October may be the owner of the milestone unit, as they do keep a record of names, adding it may even be the one they gave to Prince Andrew when he visited their offices on Halloween.

“We never thought we’d be where we are today when we started this journey: it’s down to you, our amazing community, and we’re very, very lucky to have you,” Upton concluded.