Desktop Hardware News

Jibo the social robot gets $300k funding in 24 hours

News 17 Jul, 2014 Khidr Suleman

MIT professor wants Jibo the robot to be part of your family

Raspberry Pi Model B+ goes on sale for £26

News 14 Jul, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Model B+ consumes less power and has more USB slots, but is not a sequel

AMD FirePro W8100 graphics card unveiled for HPC

News 23 Jun, 2014 Khidr Suleman

Professional graphics card designed to increase productivity for those using CAD and video editing apps

Apple iMac 2012

Cheaper 21.5-inch iMac released by Apple

News 18 Jun, 2014 Caroline Preece

Apple has launched a new, cheaper 21.5-inch iMac as well as slashing prices for various other models

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi sales hit 3 million

News 11 Jun, 2014 Caroline Preece

Pis bake up a storm at Buckingham Palace


Computer fools interrogators to become first to pass iconic Turing test

News 9 Jun, 2014 Caroline Preece

A supercomputer has become the first to pass the iconic Turing Test, by convincing judges that it is a 13-year-old boy

AMD looks to boost embedded ambitions with R-Series chipset

News 20 May, 2014 Khidr Suleman

Chipset designed to handle high-end visual and parallel computing workloads

Should the government be funding fibre optic networks?

Intel hints at Silicon Photonics launch at IDF 2014

News 19 May, 2014 Khidr Suleman

Technology to allow low-power data transfer at Terabits/s

Challenger Tank

Oculus Rift headset trialled by Norwegian army

News 7 May, 2014 Alex Hamilton

Virtual reality headgear to provide video game views for drivers and crews


AMD banks on ARM & x86 merger with Project SkyBridge

News 6 May, 2014 Alex Hamilton

AMD's project aims to capitalise on growing ARM processing markets

UK e-Passport

Heathrow & Gatwick UK Border Force systems knocked out by IT glitch

News 1 May, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

IT problems caused lengthy delays for passengers arriving at Heathrow and Gatwick yesterday

An Apple Thunderbolt cable

Intel prepping Thunderbolt 3 with 40Gpbs throughput

News 23 Apr, 2014 Clare Hopping

Reports suggest Intel's next Thunderbolt port will feature twice the bandwidth of its predecessor


3D image projector could be screen of future

News 15 Apr, 2014 Clare Hopping

The 3D image is projected onto fog to give the impression of a hologram

£120 Kickstarter 3D printer close to selling out

News 9 Apr, 2014 Clare Hopping

Almost all crowdfunding options have been bought, raising the company almost $1.5 million

USB Type-C cable with reversible design breaks cover

News 4 Apr, 2014 Clare Hopping

USB Type-C connectors will be similar in design to a microUSB connection but will provide more power


3D printed drone success hailed by Sheffield university

News 28 Mar, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Engineers claim trial success could pave the way for disposable drones.

Android set to dominate 2014 device shipments

News 27 Mar, 2014 Jane McCallion

Android will continue as dominant OS for next 24 months, claims research

3D printed skull successfully implanted in Dutch woman

News 27 Mar, 2014 Jane McCallion

University Medical Centre Utrecht claims world first.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs told execs not to pursue Apple TV

News 17 Mar, 2014 Rene Millman

It's a terrible business and the margins suck, according to Jobs.

3D printing used to rebuild man’s face

News 12 Mar, 2014 Jane McCallion

Motorbike crash victim receives pioneering treatment to fix facial damage.