OS X vs Windows: 8 reasons to switch to Mac

After using Windows for 20 years, Khidr Suleman tells us what life is like after making the jump to Mac.

OPINION: The break-up has been less painful than I imagined. Indeed, it feels like trading in a Ford Mondeo for a Ferrari Enzo. (Find out if I think the same nine months on).

After 20 years of using a Windows PC as my main machine, I never thought it would end like this, but the Metro interface was the last straw.

Before you skip to the comments to accuse me of Apple bias, I’d like to point out a couple of things. I’ve owned two Apple products to-date - an iPad (3rd generation) and iPod mini, which was a gift. I've been a dedicated Windows man for the majority of my life and Microsoft and its OEMs have gobbled up more pounds from the Suleman family than any other tech company. 

Over the last two decades our home has welcomed most iterations of Microsoft's flagship software, starting with Windows 3.1. I experienced the highs of Windows 95, which introduced the Start button, the vibrant colour and stability of XP, mediocrity of Vista and return to form with Windows 7.

Microsoft and its OEMs have gobbled up more pounds from the Suleman family than any other tech company. 

My biggest misfortune was owning a Windows ME desktop during my teenage years. This bug-riddled pile of junk would taunt me with the blue screen of death at the worst possible times - mostly rebooting whilst working on a school project, but never when playing Hitman 2. 

Even during the testing times, I believed Windows had the edge over Mac. Sure, the coloured case of the iMac looked cool, but my friend who owned one couldn’t play games and it had one mouse button. I pitied him. Aside from those in the desktop publishing industries, there was, I felt, no real need for anyone else to own an Apple computer during the nineties and early noughties. Microsoft had everything you needed from Internet Explorer to Office.

But, in 2014, things have changed...


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I stopped reading when I saw "No need for anti-virus". Come on, man...

What universe do you live in - No antivirus required! Get real - how about the serious security flaws that are now appearing?
Yes - Their hardware is on average 'better', but that's only due to its much higher price bracket and at the price of the environment with reduced upgradability and reparability.
Have both iPad and Mac Pro laptop - nice hardware horrible software - give me Windows 8 even with its bad user interface any day!

this man needs his head examining!!

Hmm, I have been a Mac user for years and apart from many other things, it is the light-touch shallow-keyed keyboard that I much prefer. When I have had to use a PC keyboard they just feel so clunky - although to be bfair I probably never get to use a high-end PC. Same thing with graphics - the display of a 'standard' Mac is so much better than a 'standard' PC. I still have all the Macs I have had since 1989, and they all work. The initial SE30 is, admittedly, a bit of a novelty these days with 2MB RAM and a 40MB hard drive, but still.....

At no point did I say that there are "no threats" out there for the Mac. But if you have a quick scan of Apple forums you'll soon see that programs such as MacKeeper are not recommended. A bit of common sense when downloading programs should keep you safe along with using a browser like Firefox or Chrome instead of Safari.

I'm not sure the lack of upgradeability is restricted to just Apple products these days. Most of the Ultrabooks which come into our office are not upgradeable and even some machine which are don't have good performance to begin with. Repairability on the other hand can be a nightmare with everything but the Mac Pro have globs of glue inside holding components in place.

Tech Ed

To me, the Apple ecosystem is managed like a Communistic dictatorship. You only have one flavor of machine for a desktop, two or three machines for laptop. You are only allowed to use Apple-approved hardware. A majority of the hardware made does work with Apple, but since very few manufacturers write for Mac, the hardware only operates in a basic functional mode.

There are so many compromises with an Mac.

But then I realize I'm seeing this from the eyes of a power user. For quite a large number of users, I notice all they need is a browser, an editor and some sort of presentation/slideshow creator.

If that's all you ever need, and you can't trust yourself to not click on viruses, then go Apple.

"It was good, but felt comfortable to using Windows 7" Typo.

I ended up in a similar way to you. Vista had just come out, and I found myself staring at what was essentially the worst OS I'd ever seen. Why was it that after 12-18 months use, this seemingly decent PC could turn into the slowest pile of junk ever.

I've been using a Mac since then and found it excelent. I upgrade every 2 years to take advantage of the awesome resale value. It means that if you pay, for example £800 for a mac now. In 2 years it'll be worth about £700, and your new one will be £800 again. To me, spending about £100 every 2 years for a very responsive, clean, stable OS far outweighs any stupid "Windows vs Mac" fanboy rubbish.

I've never had any antivirus on my mac and never needed it. It's a lot, lot harder to get a virus on a mac as every application is enclosed into its own 'sandboxed' environment. Anything special (like accessing your keychain of passwords for example) requires you to approve it.

Generally you'll never need antivirus software on a mac unless you're the worlds dumbest mac user.

Read up bud. Never had any anti-virus on a mac, and never will. You'd seriously have to be VERY dumb to get a virus on a mac (i.e you'd have to download the file, open it, enter your password confirming you want to install a virus, then authorize said virus to access your passwords, other apps, etc. It's not possible for an application to modify the OS in any way, so it cant be done in a stealth way.

Like I said, read up on it.

Macs are overpriced. PCs are much cheaper and every little error can be easily fixed.

I'm amazed to see this on this site, which seldom goes beyond damning Apple products with faint praise, so I'm not surprised to see this and some other readers reacting badly.

Just to clarify, Apple is not North Korea, and you are not trapped. Indeed it is harder to switch from Windows, because of Microsoft's fondness for storing your data in opaque proprietary file formats. Apple always tries to do a few things well rather than doing everything in a half assed way, so you will not have all the features in your software or choices of silicon, but if you are in that 90% of the world that only uses 20% of the features of Office, this should not present you with any problems. I would also be interested in discovering examples of peripherals or indeed other hardware, that will only operate "in a basic functional mode". It's not an experience I have had. I would also note that Windows is not the obvious or only choice for "power users" (whatever that may mean). Sys admins and unix geeks were among the first to embrace Mac OSX, for obvious reasons.

You do know that the Mac OS comes with Antivirus/Malware built in? You just never see it. Its called XProtect. That coupled with Gatekeeper should keep you safe. So its not that you don't need AV, you already have it!

Im in the same boat as the person who wrote the article, i and my friends use to laugh at macs , but in the last 2 years we are all now running Mac OS and have had enough of Windows and cheap junk laptops. (Metro was the final straw!)

The single mouse button can be used as a two-button mouse on a Mac. How it does it I don't know, but it does. You just go into System Prefs/Mouse and you have the option to select secondary button. If I use the right finger I get right-click, the left-left as per normal. It's amazing.I run a MacBook.

Sounds like you're a Mac user who's already given up and bent to the will of Dear Apple. :)

I have never had anti virus on my PC and have never needed it. To quote you "You'd seriously have to be VERY dumb to get a virus". Clearly you have no knowledge of the exploits available to both Mac and PC.
Who realistically would want to target what was once less than 5% of the world.
Now to the technology villains of the world as the presence of Mac grows it is now worth it

So firstly metro - dont use it - just use the desktop mode
secondly, why so so many people compare a $400 windows laptop with a $1500 macbook - you should compare like with like. I note in the article you had an x1 carbon which is a decent machine, but i do find many people swapping from cheap 5 year old laptop to an expensive brand new macbook and saying wow apple is so much better. As a user of both for business and development i always turn to the windows 8.1 laptop first when i want to do something productive.

windows 8 is not a little error and apparently can't be fixed

I'm always amazed at this whole Vista 'echo-chamber' effect. I never had any problems with Vista, mainly because instead of seething about how 'greedy' it was - and, admittedly, it was - I simply accepted the situation and stuck some more memory in. Problem solved. I guess I just missed out on the whole getting angry every day thing. Pity.

Ooh, what's it like, seeing everything through the eyes of a Power User? Do you see more colours than ordinary people, for example?

With regard to "no requirement for anti-virus software" - already hackers see Apple users as (a) well heeled and (b) less technical (c) a percentage worth chasing. To believe you don't need anti-malware software is to live in cloud cuckoo land.

I had a Sony Flip 15a for about 3 days. Just long enough to get disgusted and return it. When I went back to the store I decided to do some investigating. What I found was interesting. The touchpad on a Mac laptop was an amazing experience. I would call it sheer perfection. On a pc laptop, every single one in the store the experience was awful. Which was one of my reasons for returning the Sony VAIO crap. Actually there were teo PC laptops that bothered to have that super smooth material that Apple uses for the touchpad. A samsung ATIV and a HP Spectre. The rest had touchpads that you finger stuck to as you tried to move around the pad. The other thing I found was that all but those two used Synaptics software. So if you see synaptics you can just go ahead and pass by that machine. The two "good" machines though still failed miserably because the cursor isn't "locked" to your movements like on the Macs. And it's much worse in a browser. It's very bad in a browser. You try to scroll up and there's no telling what may happen. Maybe nothing. Maybe it flies up quickly/jerkily. Maybe slowly/jerkily. Maybe it stalls then barely moves/jerkily. Or maybe it just never moves. Curiously if you use the touchscreen to scroll it works when the touchpad is perfectly unresponsive. I did this on every machine, same website and the Macbook performed better than I'd hoped for. The PCs all failed miserably. I left the store thinking that the only way I'm going to upgrade my old tablet PCs is when sime radical changes come to Windows and the pathetic OEMs decide that sime degree of quality matters. But I have no feeling that either eill ever happen. At the same time I need a machine with touch and stylus so Macbooks are out too. If I'm ti get a new machine I'll have to buy one knowing that it has all these problems and just live with it. People who haven't experienced a Macbook have no idea. The first time they try one they will understand.

It doesn't matter. I just returned a $1400.00 Sony VAIO that I would clasify as junk after 3 days. The experience on that machine and everynother machine in the store was awful. Period. Except the Macbooks. Those were different. The touchpad worked in a flawless way that was hard to imagine. Nothing on a Windows laptop is that good. That's why Apple is doing so good with the Macbooks. People try themnonce and are amazed with how well they work and fall in love. PC vendors have no concern whatsoever for quality.

Not the awful touchpad experience. And that's like having a mouse with a mind of it's own. It the most critical part on the machine but Windows OEMs can't get it right.

Ive never put a mac on a network. But at my office I can sit on any pc and it shows me my desktop and files. My pc can even be 20miles away in another office. Can the mac log on to a domain like this?

Also. If you notice you get one good Windows one bad one . Xp was excellent for its time. 7 was also good. 8 was designed for touch screen when no one had it.

I keep trying to use macs and just can not get them. I hate the idea of your menus being at the top of the screen and not the window and yes the single mouse button is a massive draw back when you cant just get a menu next to your mouse.

The price of a mac laptop is crazy compared to a windows. They are not that expensive, just specked so high. They use all the same parts as a windows pc which cost the same price. Its just you can also get a cheap pc. If a school was to give each teacher a laptop pc they would be 400 each. If it was a mac it would be 1400 each. Also, after the teacher dropped it, a new one would be ready after a few minutes after logging on to a Windows server. MAC have a purpose, they just not every thing to every one. I also dont have to look round the back of my pc desktop to turn it on just because I want it to look good.

Some questions :
-Where the docking for the mac ?
-Many problems DO arise when you do updates on Mac. Don't think you're free from that. Examples :
When updating to Maverick ,you'll all of a sudden notice problems with the mail program if you're using imap.
When updating to maverick ,you'll notice that Flip4mac won't work anymore.
-Updates all of a sudden DO require more hardware resources. Many people can't update to Lion or Maverick
-Many people still have to use Office. And the office version on Mac is way different from the version used on windows.
Bottom line : There is no such thing as an ideal OS. They all have flaws ,they all have benefits. But indeed Windows 8 has been a bad release so far. It makes people jump to Mac. The ideal combination is having a Mac, and run Windows 7 in a VM on the Mac.


It is real. Most mac users don't have anti-virus, and that includes long-term users. The recent security problem was about SSL, not about kernel vulnerabilities. I'm very security conscious, highly IT technical, have two-factor on most everything etc etc ... I've been an OS X user for three years. I don't use anti-virus. The threat vectors on OS X are low, plus I don't use Flash nor Adobe Reader (two huge vectors on Windows). The average Windows machine is littered with attach pathways; it has layer upon layer of system runtimes (its like the fossil record), not to mention the security joke which is Microsoft Office. Everone goes on about Windows XP being vulnerable when Microsoft stops providing patches; no ones stops to wonder that there are still zero-days in an OS which has had no functionality updates and monthly security fixes for more than ten years. How is it possible that bugs still exist? Incredible. If you still use Windows after pondering that, good luck to you

power user :) If you're a real power user, learn bash and use OS X. Try to ssh to your windows machine while someone else is using it. OS X is unix, the ultimate power user OS. OS X is a pretty face on top of a beast of an operating system. Go to an incubator full of developers working on the next facebook, and look at what hardware the smart guys are using. It's the same as the designers, but for a completely different reason. Try to run nginx on your Windows machine.
As for compromise, there's a different ways of looking at it. Windows has to make serious compromises in that it supports such a diverse range of hardware, and the situation will become more pronounced as Microsoft tries to find one OS to fit phones, tablets, touch laptops and traditional desktops. So far that's not going so well. These are compromises Windows users pay for with overly complicated interfaces. poor power use and increased security risks.

The day you'll really see the genius of MacOS is when you finally replace your Mac.

I use a lot of complex applications.

Back when I used Windows, it could take me up to 6 months to migrate from an old machine to a new replacement. That is how long it could be before I had all of the applications that I needed working on the new machine. Reproduced the registry settings that I had forgotten to write down. There would be applications that would never run again. There would be licences to transfer... There would probably be peripherals that would never run again.

When I replace a Mac it does the whole thing for me. Moves my data, my applications, my configurations. And everything works. It's then generally backed up and the old machine wiped the same day. I never even think about drivers.

"I’ve also been syncing my Android phone and dragging and dropping files and folders. The one limitation is that you can’t move files larger than 4GB to a FAT32 file system."

You might want to talk to Microsoft about that. The limitation has nothing to do with the Mac or MacOS which has no such limitations.

it can be fixed - you can easily "downgrade" to Windows 7, Microsoft even let you do it for free

I use both for work, am currently typing on a Macbook that I've brought with me to work at home, and while I'm now used to both, here are my thoughts:

Battery life - the Macbook claims to have a great battery life, but the one on this Macbook is around 30-45 minutes, and that's if I'm lucky - I can't carry a replacement battery around to extend the life because of Apple's "glued in" parts - even in sleep mode the battery goes down 25% in an hour journey home!

Keyboard - Apple believe that everybody should be American, as the @ is above 2 and the " is above the ', while on an English keyboard the " is above 2, and @ above ' - when you're used to touch typing (as I am) this can be a REAL pain in the butt!!!

Lack of upgradability - on a Windows/Linux machine you can say "I don't have enough hard drive/RAM" and upgrade it easily, while on a Mac they say "you should have bought that spec"

Lack of standards - it seems like Apple change the standards of their port every year or so - try looking at the monitor ports, they seem to change the configuration every edition, while other manufacturers happily stuck with VGA & HDMI - try finding which cable you need for a Mac without knowing the EXACT edition of your machine

Price of EVERYTHING - there is a running joke that Mac owners can do anything that Windows users can "with a $50 cable" - upgrade of RAM (if you can do it) seems to cost 4-5 times more than other manufacturers, and if you put non-Apple memory in and have a problem, then the Apple store (or service) will blame the non-Apple products even if the issue is non-related "your screen is dead? must be the 3rd party RAM you installed"

Desktop - apps just don't go full screen, the app bar is ALWAYS visible and takes up a chunk of the screen, not to mention that there is no simple way to say "maximize this app", the green ball seems to just push it vertically to fit, and you then have to stretch it to full width, while Windows allows you to double click on the title bar and it'll change its display state

Touch controls - this is something I really like for scrolling, apart from when you swipe at slightly the wrong angle, and instead of scrolling it takes you Back/Forwards in the browser history

Power options - natively a Mac will ALWAYS sleep if you close the lid - there isn't a default option to say "when I close the lid only turn the screen off" - walking around the office I don't want to wait for my laptop to have to wake up & then login, I want to be where I left it - you have to install another (non App Store) app to get it to do it - this seems like a basic option to me!

Hard drive compatibility - Apple claim that a Mac can read & write to a Windows hard drive (as long as it's the right format), but this is far from true - half of the time you can only read and not write, or when you plug the drive back into the Windows machine you have to "scan & fix" it - how is this "compatibility"?

Freezing - I don't know if this is common, but about once every 2 days my Macbook will "freeze" with the computer carrying on working, but the keyboard & trackpad just won't respond - the only ways I can get it back to life again is to plug in a wired mouse to restart, or to hold the power button to force it to shut down - IT in the company say that nothing is wrong with the computer :-P

Apple's bluetooth keyboard/mouse - I had to give up using Apple's bluetooth devices because they would randomly disconnect and then take 20-30 seconds to reconnect - this happens when the batteries were new, used or nearly dead - it doesn't just happen to me, I've seen it all over the office, and maybe it's just when a lot of devices are near, but this is a clear drawback and Apple saying "you can use them, but only if nobody else has a Mac near you", this can only mean that they don't want to be a majority of computers in companies

Apple's lack of testing - new releases of the OS (or hardware) are more bug ridden than Microsoft products, like one of the new releases of OSX killing all of your documents, or the iPhone 4's "grip of death", they are quick to fix major bugs, but the amount of unfixed minor bugs is ENORMOUS, just Mac users brush over things, because they've been brainwashed by Apple :-P

Lack of consistency in controls - in browsers on Windows to add a tab you hit Ctrl+T, then to change tabs you hit Ctrl+tab, but on a Mac you hit Cmd+T to add & Ctrl+tab to change tabs - when you're used to Windows the switch seems idiotic, why not stick with Ctrl+T & Ctrl+tab as you don't have to move your fingers...

Microsoft Office - try putting Office on a Mac and compare it to a (cheaper) Windows laptop, the Windows version will open up and be MUCH faster than the version on the Mac which is much more powerful & expensive - I know it's Microsoft's way of saying "you should use Windows", which is just like how bad iTunes is on Windows and Apple saying "you should use a Mac", but Apple don't have their own suite of programs that does what Office does, and it's been long enough that they could have done, but clearly aren't interested in working within businesses, because they concentrate on media rather than work

Overall the build quality of the Mac is better than most Windows laptops, but you pay through the nose for something that you can't upgrade later, and Apple will try to force you down their route, which means accessories are only compatible with THEIR products and nobody else's. They're easier to use for general use, but for more than an average home user and you're better off getting a Windows computer - it will run most business tools better, and be cheaper to buy & upgrade if you have to add something later.
Microsoft seems to be more about business while Apple is more about "aren't our products cool"

Replacing something is not fixing it. You see, if you could fix it, you wouldn't need to replace it, would you?

This problem is mainly due to the botched horror that is the Registry. Microsoft won't simply own up, bite the bullet and accept that this piece of cr@p needs to be taken out back and shot.

Much of what you say is true, but the basic fact is, windows just isn't a world-class OS, the registry is a failed experiment that won't go away, and windows update is very close to being malware. Other than that, everything is fine. Apple are pretty fascist, though. My sister bought an ipod but couldn't get along with it. She then bought another mp3 player and wrote a review in which she said the new player was 'what the ipod should have been'. She got an email from the Apple Fuhrerbunker (Legal Division) ordering her to 'cease and desist from denigrating Apple products'!

if your screen is broken, to fix it they would have to (wait for it) REPLACE IT!!!
sometimes fixing something means replacing it, it's called "maintenance"
I'd hate to see you when you take your car to the garage, insisting that they "fix" your car by never replacing any parts

Replacing a gasket is not replacing the car, moron

replacing the OS is not replacing the entire computer, and calling someone a moron when you're saying something completely stupid makes YOU the moron :-P

You FIX the CAR by REPLACING the GASKET. You FIX the COMPUTER by REPLACING the SCREEN. You do NOT FIX the operating system by REPLACING it. You REPLACE the gasket, screen, and OS BECAUSE you CANNOT FIX it. I presume English is not your first language but I hope this helps somewhat. Would you prefer the word 'cretin'?

you FIX a computer by replacing a part or the SOFTWARE, not the COMPUTER
yes, the word cretin does suit you better

Yes, IDIOT - you fix something by replacing a part. You are too stupid to realise the conversation was never about the computer, but the OS - so you make yourself appear even more stupid by suddenly talking about 'fixing the computer', which was never the issue. Your 'solution' to the os not being fixable was to replace it. Not a part of it, moron, not a registry fix or an .exe replacement, but the whole thing, replacing w8 with w7. Remember, dummy?

I will type slowly so that you don't get confused by what I'm writing
The OS is PART of the computer, therefore replacing it is just like replacing a part
Is that simple enough for you? I know that you're a little simple, but replacing it is just like replacing anything else in it
Got it now? Or do you need it in smaller words
You seem to compare replacing the OS to replacing the whole computer, so I think we know which of us is the idiot & dummy :-P

Hmm - now I'm wondering if you're pulling my chain. The OS is only part of the computer in MicrosoftWorld (and AppleWorld too, to be fair). The point is, you're the only one who brought up the PC issue at all. I said w8 couldn't be fixed, you said it could be, by replacing it with w7. To use your garage analogy, how would you respond if the guy at the garage said yes, your car can certainly be fixed - by buying another car! How funny exactly would you find that? Out of 10? <:¬o

now I KNOW that you're being deliberately stupid - the OS is NOT the computer, the HARDWARE is, so your analogy is as insane as the rest of your comments
it's more like saying "your car doesn't work because the engine is broken, we'll have to replace it" - how funny would you find that? If the engine has seized then it WOULD need replacing, and Windows 8 is the equivalent of a "seized engine" compared to Windows 7!

Oh, and the OS isn't part of the computer in "MicrosoftWorld" because you can get rid of it and put Linux on it, but according to you you'd have to throw out the entire computer to do that...

Nice of you to draw yourself with a dunce hat on at the end of your last comment :-P

OK you're a plain and simple moron. We have a saying in England - 'you can't educate pork'. Don't bother responding, as I'm bored with trying to communicate with such an absolutely thick w@anker

There's an expression that applies more here:
Never argue with an idiot - they'll drag you down to their level and win from experience, and you definitely have the greater experience in being an idiot

No one was talking about fixing the entire computer - both of you started off by talking about whether Windows 8 can be fixed. Windows 8 is, obviously, not the computer. Replacing the entirety of something isn't "fixing" it in the sense that you both started off with. You're conflating two different kinds of "fix".

Hope that helps. :)

As I mentioned before - if your laptop screen breaks, to fix the computer you would REPLACE the screen, therefore to fix things you sometimes need to replace them - the same can be said of an OS, if it's at fault then you replace it, plain and simple...

Thats a very good text. The same with me. Back in the days I startet with MS-DOS, then switched to Windows 3.1, 95, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7...I was a Windows-Guy and I hated Apple. Then I used a MacBook Pro in 2011 for a view days and I noticed that it was an excellent Computer, but I was looking for Windows 8 too...and then W( comes out...I was totally chocked about the crapy look and feel...now I use a MacBook Pro Retina 15". That was the best decision. If you read about the future of Windows: it does not look that its get better in further versions.

Fair, but how does a programmer and avid gamer switch? These two platforms exist for two different people, I guess. Being all savvy, I could deal with troubleshooting if it means I can SLI 4 GTX 780 Ti's and run Titanfall @ 4K res on ultra, whilst running NetBeans and video editing at the same time.

You can also make the case that you will have an Apple computer for FAR longer than a similarly-equipped PC. The ones I wear out, I give to my kids and they're perfectly happy with them. I went through a windows laptop (my trusty ol' Toshiba) in about 3 years. I will use a mac for about 5 or 6.

pcs have better hardware

Your Macbook only lasts you 30-45 mins on battery? Your battery is seriously faulty and you should get it replaced. Even the crappiest windows laptop will last 2-3 hours. MacBooks last at least 7 hours, unless you're running games or something that's draining the battery.

As for your macbook constantly freezing, are you sure you maybe got a faulty unit or something? My MacBook Pro has had absolutely zero problems, and it's a certified Apple refurb. You might want Apple to replace your Macbook, just saying...you shouldn't have as many problems as you do. And your misinformation that you're spewing out here isn't even because of the product itself, it's because you have either a faulty unit or an ancient macbook that should be replaced.

Yes, I know the battery is screwed, but the device doesn't have a replaceable battery, as it's one of the newer models and everything is stuck in, so at this point I have to put it on stand-by just to go between rooms at work!

It's a work laptop so I have no control of being able to get a replacement - there are no "spare" laptops around to pick up and try another one - if it's mis-information, then it's because people like you want to keep your head up Apple's behind, and not ever admit that anything can go wrong with their beloved Apple product (all praise Apple)

I'd pretty much guarantee that there is something wrong with the device - the battery life being disgusting is a good indicator, but when I've given the laptop to IT, they've said that they've taken it to Apple stores and they couldn't find anything wrong with it, so either the IT dept is being lazy, or the Apple people won't admit that things can go wrong with their laptops...

"the display of a 'standard' Mac is so much better than a 'standard' PC"

Yeah, but a 'standard' Mac costs more than a 'standard' PC.

And there is no 'standard' PC, you can buy whatever monitor you want, infact you can buy monitors with the same panel that all Macs use; at a fraction of the cost.


there's this brand new invention called "reading" - as I said, the IT department have said that they've taken it into Apple stores, but they couldn't do anything - since the hard drive is GLUED IN it can't be replaced, meaning that the whole device would need replacing, and the company doesn't pay for the after-care, and Apple apparently say it's "wear and tear", and so the device would have to be sent off to be repaired/replaced, meaning I'd be without a computer for several weeks - I don't know about you, but I can't do my job without a computer for that period of time!

I was a Windows user until last month. My old Windows 7 laptop finally slowed down to a crawl and I needed to get a new one. Instead of going to Windows 8 I got a MacBook Pro w/ Retina and it's 100x better than any Windows machine I've ever owned. I also love iCloud, my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook compliment each other nicely.

i have had a pc for about 2 years now and there is no problem windows 8
i won't to get a mac but i don't have the money.

well i mean apple is 1654 dollars and windows is a fraction of the price and so what if it is anti virus it also is not very good u should be using google not stupid apple i mean really guys a windows 8 that is a tablet as well and it is about 300 dollars if u buy it right i mean u cant beat that DONT BE AN APPLE USER...... BE A GOOGLE USER

this is ... retarded. you spent 1500 pounds on a laptop?! for 1500 pounds you can get a freaking windows workstation laptop. or a tablet, a phone and a hight end laptop.

what does the battery life have to do with windows?! or the display for that matter. windows isn't a brand of laptops, it's a freaking OS.


I have been using Windows as my primary OS for since Win95, it is almost 20 years. Working as software developer and later as system architect, I have been working on multiple OS, including Unix, Linux, all kind of Windows and even exotic OpenVMS. In fact I even did some programming on Mac about 15 years ago :) But Windows was always my primary desktop. Now, after all these years, I am planning to move to OS X and MBPr from Lenovo X1 and Win 8.1. I don't now why, but i feel i need this change.

You are merely replacing the screen in order to fix the computer, however the screen (original) is still broken. The equivalent is replacing windows 8 in favour of 7 in order to 'fix' the computer. However replacing it does not fix windows 8, it is still windows 8. I do not know what is so hard to understand.

To use another analogy, if someone has brain damage (let's call this damaged brain windows 8) and they try to 'fix' their brain by replacing it, they are not fixing their brain. They will no longer exist because their brain has been replaced and left unfixed whilst the new brain (windows 7) will compute within the same body (resembling computer hardware).

I work as a Sysadmin and manage both Windows 7 and OSX Mav machines. OSX is a constant pain in my butt and one of the buggiest OS platforms I've seen in years.

OSX is years ahead of Windows.

This article is a total joke. The only argument pro apple that may be true is #3 the interface and that is a subjective argument.
1# Apple does not make their own hardware they buy it from other manufacturers. Also if you do your research they have a higher failure rate than some of the lower priced competition.
2# Yes Mac OS has better battery life. But so do other linux based and unix based free operating systems. These other comparable operating systems can be installed on any machine.
Windows beats Mac OS on every performance benchmark imaginable namely: video editing programs and games.
4#Bloatware comes from the computer assembler not the operating system don't forget. And don't tell me apple software doesn't have bloatware because it does. Itunes loads several other programs when you install it.

Updates are free what are you talking about?
"so going forward I'll only have to pay when I want to upgrade the hardware." Really are you on crack? You're buying a mac with the intention of upgrading the hardware.

5# Mac OS and all other linux and unix based operating systems are susceptible to viruses and security exploits.
#6 Updating has been unnoticeable and seamless since windows vista.
#7 Third party services. There are several performance issues that go along with this as I mentioned previously. Updates are also less common on Mac for third party programs.

I am sorry but they both have the same features, hardware and technology. Windows performs better in many aspects and other companies have lower hardware failure rates. So tell me where the price difference is justified?

14 years repairing and building computers.

thanks for the tip. just bought a used imac and i love it. win 8 drove me to go to mac. owned an windows phone and i hated it and now have an iphone.. goodbye windows

Diversity Means Chasing Down the Last White Person

Sure you do.

Some were fine with Vista (me for first 5-7 months wondering what others were so angry about). I personally saw my $900 laptop turn into the slowest computer I have EVER OWNED in about 8 months. After a year, the laptop was unable to run vista and I had to turn down all the graphical effect to get workable experience out. I was one of those people who saw apple as greedy cult machine (oh their shinny shinny laptop...) After 3 years my computer was completely unable to run windows and I had to resort to put Ubuntu (brings out the power of my laptop which is still running after 6.5 years PERFECTLY)

My dad bought the first mac because of its status symbol and convinced me to buy the same. I refused at first and wanted to get win 8. BUT once i used it for few months, I absolutely hated it and was forced to switch to OS X. But i am loving every moment of using a Mac. screw people who say $1150 for a 13" is too much. It works faster than any laptop/desktop I have ever owned and my dad's is also working like brand new after 3.5 years.

Don't remind me of Windows Update. The annoyance still lingers in my head. ugh...

I don't understand how your comment fits with the article...

#1. only screen, mother board, cpu, graphics card, and other components just like other OEMs. But apple makes its OWN SHELL

#2. don't understand how this comes in context with windows to OS X. you are stating that linux is better than windows and is comparable to OS X. Everyone agrees to a certain degree.
windows scoring higher than OSX? like what?

#4. That is exactly what the author is stating. OEMs control what goes into their computer and allow bloatware to be loaded ---> you have to buy windows separately or do clean install to remove bloatware = pain

#5. author said the same thing. but less likely since mac & linux composes of less than 10% market share

#6. agree to some degree. but it is not as seamless as OS X. the pain has disappeared from windows update but not quite there.

#7. complete nonsense!

This was never about hardware. Sure if you spend $1000s of dollars, you can get similar hardware as apple's mac but the integration of software and hardware = experience. In this case, Apple clearly has the advantage since they control both closely and don't allow third party to load up garbages on thus giving users the control. your comments are vague and misguided. what do you mean other companies have lower hardware failure rates?

price difference has two aspects: #1. you are paying for the brand (just like buying BMW, Audi, and other luxury cars and items).
#2. you are paying apple for their software and hardware integration experience and their apple store service. I have not seen a single windows laptop that has come close to Apple in terms of software and hardware match (surface pro is getting there, no denying that)

your comment proves you know very little about software.

Software determines how your hardware is used. Windows Vista is a great example.

you have a point. as the author states, mac isn't for everyone. If you are a gamer, Mac is definitely a no go.

Yeah that is pretty dumb, I have dual Dell u2711's 27" IPS panels. They are great, no glare. NEC is also better than mac. I've never been able to find a compelling reason to use a mac.

I've had mac air for a week.

i hate it. The os looks half done compared to win xp, which I've used since 2003 . Just found I cannot rename files or folders in an open file window, have to do it from finder. No delete key. Yeah yeah I know the shortcut fn del. Cannot switch between windows like in, you know, windows. cmd tab only switches between applications, you have to use cmd ~ to go the subset. Also found out activex or something like that prevents me from using some features of the upload or insert file browser dialog. Tried all the top browsers, still stuck with this costly piece of crap and had to go back to my dying five yr old windows xp netbook to get my work done.

Also, cannot use 99% of the programs on the internet. Why doesn't any review even mention this as a con? Yes I've tried wine and crossover and macindows but they're a bloody pain and just don't work properly with all functions.

There simply hasn't been enough work done in the mac os to make it half as useful as windows. I can't believe you let apple fool you with a shiny outside to cover up the fact that they're too lazy to do the work to make the os usable. And the extent of brainwashing, "a wonder of usability" my god!

Maybe I've to get used to this thing or find shortcuts but when I see so many reviews like these praising mac that made me buy a mac air I have to say something.

Forget everything I've said. An OS is supposed to run programs. If it can't run 99% of existing programs it's worthless garbage.

And the ones it does run it runs in a half-assed way.

Honestly using mac for me was like childish. I prefer PC better for more professionalism coz it provides more transparency and ability to use it dynamically. Well most of the reviews are based on hardware. Windows does not build hardware there are many manufacturers like sony etc for that. So at the end I prefer affordable and equally performing windows machine than expensive machine with same features.

I think you don't have the habit of reading any reviews of products before you buy.

Dont forget the resale value :) Look up a 2 year old mac on ebay and it'll have lost about £200 in value. Look up a 2 year old Dell and it'll be in the <£90 range.

I tend to sell my mac's at the 2 year point, then spend ~£200 buying a new one. For approx £100 a year it works out to be well worth it.

You sir have not spent 14 years repairing and building computers. It'd take a complete fool to write things like "Itunes loads several other programs when you install it." which are fud.

Also battery life. The reason OS X (NOT LINUX) has decent battery life is down to things like App Nap, Compressed memory and graphics card switching.

It's blatantly obvious from your post that you know absolutely nothing about Apple or OS X. It'd be like me saying Windows is terrible because they ship it with viruses, which is obviously complete rubbish - just like what you posted.

Oh and PS. Apple makes its own computers. They design the hardware, motherboard, all circitry, they use their own SSD algo's. The only sourced parts these days are the CPU, GPU, RAM (although that's now going in-house) and screen. This isn't me 'praising apple' this is basic facts. Look it up and stop being a tool.

In a nutshell. Everything.

1 - Look up the price of a 2 year old Macbook. Now look up a 2 year old Dell, Acer or whatever. The Mac will have lost approx. £200 in value. The others? Worthless. They hold their value, meaning every couple of years you spend £200 and get a brand new top of the range machine.

2 - The overall experience. Apple has a massive, MASSIVE advantage. Their OS is tailored to a tiny selection of hardware, all of which they optimise the crap out of. Because of this the OS is immensely stable and fast (look up boot times for example) and doesn't get 'bogged down' when you are doing a lot of work. Memory management in OS X is years ahead of Windows, and resource handling on Windows doesn't even come close to that of OS X.

3 - Efficiency. The OS is (finally) very user friendly. It wasn't in the past but OS X really is way, way ahead of Windows these days. Sure, there's a learning curve from someone coming from Windows, once you get past that it's amazing how many little things you notice that you never realised were a problem in Windows.

I've used OS X since 2007. I'd never go back. I'm not one for childish 'Windows vs OS X' arguments - we all use what works for us. But it's shocking how uninformed people are when they base their reason for disliking OS X on something like the price (which FYI is actually now cheaper than owning a comparable Windows machine as you get all your major software and updates for free) or some random inaccurate 'failure' they think exists with OS X (i.e the well known "Macs are terrible for anything other than graphic design", which FYI is complete bull).

In opposite world...

"less technical"

Despite the fact that over 70% of all computer developers do so on a MAC.

Dont spread fud.

i sincerely agree with you.

and how does the reg inconvenience you? i mean, really inconvenience you?
if you're a pro, you don't have things messing with it (and you can probably clean it in 5 secs).
if you're... not a pro, you don't have any business touching it. how many times did your win burn or slow down because ... reg?

true. i haven't been "protected" for years (win 7).
but the fact of the matter is... it's pretty hard to get nuked nowadays.
there's sandboxie, for browsing purposes.
as for the apps, win is not android or ios. you don't go online like"hmm.... i need a 5th music player from this company i've never heard of".
the one thing that sucks hard is the rather complicated way of completely killing autorun. (viruses attach to autorun.inf - or so i've been told) I disable it whenever I reinstall. I never double click a sd card.
I haven't had the flu in a long time.

there are different products. pcs and macs.
apple are for casual users. people too dumb or too young or too old or whatever who can't be bothered to clean the registry, to configure stuff, to fine tune, etc.i can't imagine any good reason to spend 4x the amount of money on a mac.

if your computer slows down as time goes by it's a sign you are not a good user.
it's a god damned machine. it's ram was dripping away? it's processor shrinking?
defrag once in a while, if you don't have ssd.
clean up the reg once in a while.
reinstall the os.
dude... i mean.... seriously??

OK I'll tell you how it inconveniences me - it inconveniences me when - not 'if' but 'when' - windows, a second-rate OS, falls over and requires yet another reinstall (because after you've used windows for any length of time, you sadly realise that trying to 'fix' the problem is simply not an effective use of your time and effort). But instead of just dropping a fresh install of windows in and hooking up your still all-present-and-correct software, you have to go through the torment of reinstalling everything - because of the registry. Understand now or are you just talking for Effect?

Agreed - I had a new top of the range 2012/2013 Vaio (same price as yours) with Windows 7, a matte full HD IPS display, dedicated graphics, awesome design and it had decent reviews. Almost immediately the screen would sometimes go black and only a hard reset would get things working (sometimes several), the track pad had a mind of it's own and even on the "speed" setting the things would sometimes freeze and stutter. Not to mention Windows update problems that would randomly take over the system even after setting the updates to manual only. As expensive as PCs get and it was a joke - it just looks nice. Also Sony wouldn't take it back or replace it - after multiple trips to the AS center (including in the first 2 weeks).

My wife took a chance on another vaio after that, also over $1000, because she loved the design. This one also had an awful trackpad, windows 8 which is a complete mess, everything you do freezes, and almost every time the PC is switched on it starts updating and sometimes takes 10 mins+ to get to the desktop. Then there are also nice features like a screen that automatically goes to the lowest brightness level on its own no matter how you tweak the settings. Its also been to the AS center several times. It's complete frustrating garbage that makes the first vaio look like a dream.

My main PC now is a Lenovo X220 which I bought when they were still new (cost $1300) running Windows 7. Completely stable but with an awful trackpad (thank God for the trackpoint) and within the first 6 months the palm rest started cracking (no particular reason or rough treatment) and 2 white spots appeared on the IPS screen. Took it to Lenovo (on a 3 year warranty) and they said the white spots were caused by incorrect closing of the lid (no joke), and the palm rest was caused by user damage - and then billed me for taking a look at it. Feels like I'm pulling someones leg when I tell them about such a level of crappy customer service.

Overall, I've used high end Windows PC's and THAT is throwing money down the drain. Manufacturers don't care, random problems are everywhere and it's best to go cheap since you'll probably be replacing/repairing relatively often, and in the windows world the low end and high end systems seem to have the same problems.

I have used a Macbook Air before (only for about a week) and it was an overall pleasure, everything just felt slick, like real quality was actually a factor - BUT I found that organizing and renaming large amounts of folders, multitasking and the need for some obscure software (that I will probably never use again) did get in the way (the system had parallels and that sorted it out quick enough, but still) - because of limitations of OSX or my lack of experience with it I don't know. Still - when it's time for a new PC I'd rather throw my money at Apple, learn to use the new OS effectively, make due with Parallels if need be and deal with a company that cares about it's customers rather than go through any more of the hassle and rubbish AS service of the Windows world.

Paul, I would really watch what you say about people being too dumb. I do take some offence to that since I used to be in IT, and have done more than the average PC user can imagine such as taking 2 broken laptops and making a good one from them. This was all in the mid 90's before I could afford an Apple product, and back when most Apple products to me were made for the more creative types. I've found that simply not having to clean registry or see blue screens of death and memory dumps to be a relief. I've discovered from price comparisons that a comparable PC to say a Macbook Pro 15 is about 20% less. Not 4x less. Come one, be realistic, I mean that's not even puffery. I'm simply saying it like it is. It might seem like I'm agitated, but when you say a grossly exaggerated number, you should be called on it. I've been on Apple products since 2009 and I can't see a compelling reason to switch back to Windows.

I have to admit that spec-for-spec some displays (such as Samsung) are just as nice. Although design also goes into it. Numbers aren't always the sole thing to consider when making a purchase. When you say NEC is better, do you really mean you prefer NEC to Apple displays? Better is relative. Spec wise I prefer things other than Apple, but I also enjoy Apple's user experience, and I'm not by any means a novice user.

I have to disagree with this (and I'm primarily a pc user). If I'm running a business, I want my people to be more productive and not spend time "cleaning a registry" or "tweaking their systems", because I'm paying them by the hour. If there's an OS that's designed to make things "easier", then I'm all for it. The last thing I need is one of my employees getting blocked by a "driver conflict" or something like that. I'm all for "ease of use" and get right to my business needs without anything blocking.

You do know that you can click one checkbox in Windows 8.1 and it will boot right to the desktop without having to do anything in the metro interface, right? If not, then maybe the mac is for you. ;)

By the way, it was the sentence; "if you're a pro, you don't have things messing with it (and you can probably clean it in 5 secs)" that gave you away. It's the sort of nonsense an amateur *thinks* a pro would say.

how old is that macbook? Sounds like a vintage model to me

less than 18 months, so it depends on your definition of "vintage" - Apple refuse to touch the battery unless we throw tons of money at them, especially since it's out of warranty

The only possible reason to change to Mac OS is that Windows (version 8 and up) have become so bad that even Linux is better. Still, Windows Vista and 7 exists, and both of them are at least 50 times better than any proprietary vendor lock-in POS Unix clone ever made.

NTFS disks don't need defragging. He's talking about WIndows rot, meaning a bloated and corrupt registry.

To be fair, I'd also recommend Ubuntu or OS X to people who are so bad with computers that their Windows machine is made unusable by 8000 toolbars and assorted spyware after six months.

I've used pcs for years with all the different windows on them. Dealt with all the problems of slow, sluggish and bug ridden windows systems. Then after even with a protected system I lost EVERYTHING (thankfully I keep back up) so I bought a mac and they are amazing things. Works every time you need it, never slows done. You get what you pay for. Cheap pc then you get cheap operating system.

As an IT person who makes living troubleshooting PCs, I will never recommend a Mac for my customers for I will be out of business! I own 2 iMacs for my kids, 1 Macbook Air for my wife, 1 MBP 13" for myself. Also I just purchased Mac Pro 2013. Of Course I own several PCs running Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1; I need those for business practice. All I can say is "Thank you MicroSoft". You have made made a lot of money :). The worst the operating system the more money I make.

Hey, you call always call me to defrag and remove malware. I charge $120 per hour with 2 hours minimum.

Windows is for people who like to spend their time tinkering with the OS to make it run smooth rather than spend their time being productive. I do not like people who tinker with their PC. You are taking money out of my pocket.

Do you buy a car to drive it or to experiment with it?

I own 3 cars and never once considered adding a turbo to go faster or re-wiring the electrical to save gas. Now if you desire faster cars, buy a Ferrari. If you desire more miles per gallon, buy a Prius. Heck even mechanics know better!

A true power user will buy a computer to be productive not to open the hood and start fixing or trying to squeeze a few GHz.

SSDs were around long before Apple decided to use them in their products and the very same panel used in the 27" iMac is that of the 27" Dell displays (2560x1440).

No denying that Apple products are good. Especially if you don't have much technical knowledge and a fat wallet.

Personally I would never switch to a Mac. I can build a much faster, reliable PC for a fraction of the cost.

just it being there is freaking retarded. when I set out to buy a laptop, I was looking for a laptop, not a tablet. metro is completely stupid and I dont even waste my time looking at it all thanks to the start menu 8 tweak. if it wasnt for that Id shoot myself. that brings this to the next point, windows computers are some of the cheapest built hardware ive ever seen. my hp envy laptop has alright after only 1 year had one corner melt into itself and the hinges that hold the monitor in place come loose. Im at my last straw and Im fixing to switch to mac computers myself.

I brought my MacBook Pro back in '10, it's starting to give way now, but it isn't nearly as bad as the PC I owned for 3 years prior. Nothing's perfect I suppose, now I'm facing a dilemma, build a high end PC or just get myself a expensive Retina MacBook Pro, I can install OS X on the PC anyway, that's no biggie.

I would also add Time Machine to the list. It has saved me many times.

As a developer, using OS X gives the perfect balance between the power of Unix, as well as access to programs such as the Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office.

It also doesn't compromise user interaction in order to run on an 8-inch tablet, which is nice.

A windows pc is more than enough if it is kept offline and all you do is export files. But if you plan on being online to get work done get a mac too! If you are really a tech guru you know what I'm talking about and if not this is the best advise your gonna get.

Paul, I'm not a casual user but someone who uses a Mac for audio and video production. I got tired of "configuring stuff" all the time with Windows because of all the processes running in the background. They would constantly interfere with audio/video streaming. Windows is great for casual users who don't need their pc's to edit HD video or multitrack audio without stuttering. The registry is archaic and needs to go. I'm curious to see what Windows 9 brings as I'm someone who lives in both universes and can see the benefit to both systems. It doesn't have to be black or white.

Yes mac use VPN, just like any windows machine and in my humble opinion do it better. I run the network at small company and its all mac.... even the server is mac has all the feature you'd want from a Linux server as far as security since its built on Unix.. all owner and group permissions are built on the unix model.

In fact all our staff run their applications off the server. Salesmen need an estimate they run it off QB on the server. We need invoices sent out same thing.. QB on the server. We get payments... you get the picture.

Microsoft Office... one license off the server. No need to pay MS for dozens of site licenses.

My other favorite feature of OS X is I can print ANYTHING to a pdf file.

Sorry to say this, but you are wrong about the ease of migration on a windows machine, due to the registry as has been stated previously. Migration Assistant is worlds ahead of Windows Easy Transfer.

I m not a big fan of apple computer but fan of iphone and a iphone user as per my knowledge from what i have seen macbook is only for the people who are professional photographers who need to edit the videos or photos and for the people from animation background plus people with a lot of money ready to waste rest of the world uses microsoft

Well, I have a MacBook Pro Late 2011, which is surprisingly more stable than any of my laptops that I bought in 2014. The stability in Mac OS X in much better than any Windows based PC that I have ever used. No Anti-Virus needed for me. The feel of using one is pretty good. I really like the premium feel of using one. I primarily use it to watch movies and play light-graphic games. (Just so you know, I know this is an old post, and I want to share my thoughts :) )

That is not true, but something you hear a lot from PC users who don't know and have never used a high end monitor.

Further if you can buy it for the PC you can equally buy it for the Mac.

My second monitor is an Asus because I bought it on price and don't use it for quality work, just spill over desktop. Even there OSX runs a much crisper, clearer video on the Asus than any PC running Windows did when I was shopping around.

Seems to me I get a whole lot more done on my Mac than all the PC users I know, who seem to forever when it comes to crunch, start talking games.

I use my Mac for work. Dumb is what I would describe as anyone who thinks you need to clean registries, configure and fine tune, because I simply haven't had to do it. If my car needed that amount of attention and repair, I'd seriously question why I bought it.

I am really totally amazed at just how little PC users get done and the enormously clumsy efforts they go through to produce, there is no other word for it, Crap!

Thankfully never having experienced anything else they are blissfully unaware of what they are doing.

Macs are NOT perfect, the queues at Genius bars show that, but Apple does have excellent support.

Where are you that you are not covered by consumer protection for at least 24 months? If it is a country with poor consumer laws, such as the USA, why didn't you buy AppleCare to give you 3 years of full warranty and bottomless telephone support?

It sounds like you need to learn everything about your Mac, including how to get support.

Also you complained about the "English" keyboard. Macs come with whatever keyboard you need, and are physically localised for languages in non-English countries. You can also edit your keyboard layout with free utilities. So what do you need and why haven't you fixed it?

Oh really?

Sure that wasn't one of Emperor Zog's minions?

A friend of a friend of mine told me that is an easy mistake to make.

Well probably because you can actually try a Mac all you want to see if it is what you want.

Apple is so sneaky that way! ;)

PC users need someone getting a kickback to tell them what they should buy.

Yes really. I'm sure your comment passes for witty amongst your fellow crayon-eaters but don't bother the grown-ups. Thanks

For fun I run Anti-Virus software every now and then on my Macs just to see if I am inadvertently passing something onto PC clients. Nada. Zip. Niente!

My PC on the other hand, when I set it up for my son to play games on and he didn't install ant-virus software and take the precautions I told him to, he was back with it running like a dog in 10 days. I counted 768 individual malware on the PC.

How come I see way more PC users who have bent to the will of Dear Microsoft?

They don't know that anything other than Windows or Microsoft exists and do so little with their PCs I wonder why they even bother?

No just the ONE! :D

I'm in the UK - they've said that the battery is "wear and tear" so they won't replace it - as for learning about the Mac, I'd be happy to, but it's just died for the second time in less than 6 months, completely black screen, apparently the motherboard has gone AGAIN! It's gone back to Apple (they're doing it "under warranty") an I expect to get it back in 2-3 weeks... it died while I was doing something REALLY taxing, watching a YouTube video :-P

Yeah, that's why nearly all the developers and geeks at the two different geek conferences (DrupalCon and HostingCon) I went to recently were running Macbooks of various kinds. They're all so dumb and young, probably never used a computer before they got hired to write massive amounts of code!

After using OS X on my purely AMD hackintosh, that also dual boots Windows 8, I can safely say, that the only advantage Windows has over OS X for the consumer, is gaming.

I think you should aim your hatred for cheaply built hardware at the right target - HP, not Windows.

But macs are nothing in front of alienware !

I've been using Windows 7 as a tech enthusiast and programmer since it launched and have only seen a blue screen of death once, when the crappy motherboard I was using overheated and was shorting some circuits. Whatever you were doing with your Windows 7 to give you blue screens all the time was your fault - not Windows'.

The registry is not "archaic." It's simply a different way to handle install data, with different advantages and disadvantages. Mac OS's preference files is closer to "archaic," if anything, similar to how Windows 3.1 handled it before Window moved away from that model.

Persisting in the use of Windows when OS X exists should be added to the definition of masochism.

BSD (Mac is based on BSD) and Linux both have registrys but they are not the vendor lock-in dumping grounds thet forms the Windows registry. The windows registry is basically insecure and not only a single point of failure but also an excellent single point of attack.

I don't think you can say the Macbook Pro is for a casual user. Most developers prefer the Macbok Pro and its wide ecosystem of developer tools. And if you need to produce/run Windows software, with bootcamp, it is a pretty good Windows 8.1 laptop too

Im Buyin Both !!! Windows 8.1 startscreen + Yosemite Dock = An OS with super aesthetical superpowers!!!!

The vast majority of people use Microsoft for three reasons: they're gamers, it's what they're used to using at work so there's no learning curve to worry about and the hardware is cheap.

Too bad the author never went into the ease of maintaining a Mac. Backups are simple and more importantly, restoring from a backup is utterly painless since Macs support bootable clones. Simply boot from a clone and run the backup in the opposite direction.

Even Windows is easier to maintain on a Mac. I still need Windows to run a couple pieces of software to keep two radios updated so I run it in a VM. If something goes wrong with Windows I just copy the VM's HDD file from my backup to my boot drive and I'm done.

I don't know why the author mentioned a two button mouse with scroll wheel, the trackpad simply uses a two finger swipe up or down to scroll and a right click is simply clicking with two fingers instead of one. It's so slick that getting used to it takes less than an hour before it's second nature.

Other than the extremely specific radio based tasks for which I use a VM, I'm able to do everything I need or want to do on a Mac, usually more easily, and I don't have to deal with Microsoft's misbegotten attempt to unify the user interface between phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

I honestly feel sorry for people who hate windows 8. When it first came out, like most people, I jumped on the 8 hate train. But after actually owner a decent windows 8 laptop, I honestly feel sorry for people who still won't give it a fair chance. In my experience, people who use mac's are usually casual users who either want to look cool or don't know enough to appreciate the power of a windows machine. I get the whole "macs just work" idea, but windows 8 works too and at a fraction of the cost. You can't compare a $1500 mac to a $500 pc from wal-mart people!!! Quit being lazy and do some research. I have multiple pc's running windows dual-booted with linux distro's and am currently typing this on a 2010 MBP running OS X Mavericks, so don't play the "fanboy" card. I prefer windows 8 75% of the time.