Windows 8.1 vs. Windows 7 – Which is best for you?

As Windows 9 draws nearer and Microsoft distances itself from older OS, we look at the best option for your PC

Support for Windows XP came to an end in April 2014, and Microsoft has set a date of January 2015 for the withdrawal of mainstream Windows 7 support. This doesn’t mean Windows 8’s predecessor is out of the game, however, and remains a popular option for consumers and business users alike.

What, then, is the best option for your PC? Following XP’s demise, the upgrade candidates were Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and we have broken down the key features to help you decide which the better choice is (fast forward to our verdict).

1. Boot time

Windows 8 machines take just 10-15 seconds to boot up, with some switching on even more quickly depending on the SSD. Gone are the days when you have to distract yourself by going to make a cup of tea while your system wakes up.

How has this happened? Microsoft engineers combined the hibernation and shutdown modes into one for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 uses a hybrid boot mode to allow your PC to start up in mere seconds. The kernel lets it hibernate instead of shutting down completely, with the use of all cores making start-up as fast as possible.

Winner: Windows 8 – The faster the machine starts, the more time you can spend doing more productive things. Over the multiple year lifespan of a machine, of course, this can add up to hours of reclaimed time.

2. Enterprise features

Windows 8.1 offers more enterprise features than 7, with Windows to Go featured on the Enterprise edition of the OS that allows users to boot a personalised version of Windows from a USB on any other Windows 7/8 machine.

IT admins can run Windows virtually without any third-party software. Add in the optional Hyper-V support for your copy of 8.1 and you can connect to a server.

Windows 8.1 also includes better support for managing mobile devices, with tap-to-print support via NFC and enhanced biometrics, malware resistance and encryption also included.

Despite all of this, IT departments the world over have given Windows 8.1 the cold shoulder in favour of its older brother. In fact, HP told IT Pro that Windows 7 is the most popular enterprise choice for companies upgrading from XP.

“[Businesses] are ignoring Windows 8,” said HP project manager Jeff Wood.

What enterprises prize over everything is stability, and Windows 7 has time, familiarity, extensive testing and total peripheral compatibility on its side.

Those upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1 have also run into problems, with users complaining the update actually broke some simple things such as the ability to print.

Winner: Draw – Although Windows 8 has more enterprise features as a default, Windows 7 has the benefit of being tried and tested. Then again, further updates for 8.1 have fixed many of the biggest problems inherent to previous iterations of the OS.

3. Performance

Windows 8 was used as a guise for Microsoft to revamp the engine, and the result is a faster system that consumes far fewer resources than Windows 7. This makes it a good choice for low-end PCs.

The  redesign sports simple colours and few visual effects, which also contributes to the increased speed due to the resources saved compared to Windows 7’s Aero Glass effect.

Overall, Windows 8.1 performs better than 7 for everyday use and benchmarks, and extensive testing has revealed improvements such as PCMark Vantage and Sunspider, but the differences are minimal.

Winner: Windows 8 – It’s faster and less resource intensive.

4. Interface

The front-facing user interface that characterises Windows 8 has been a huge talking point, and for good reason. The radical redesign has always felt for some like two operating systems meshed together, and is maybe the most discussed aspect of Windows 8.

When turning on the computer, you’re greeted by the now-familiar Start screen, a page of apps and live tiles. This Metro interface includes everything on the app, even the desktop mode that has proven to be the preferred view for so many users. Apps like IE 11 are great for touch screen web browsing – but not much else.

But even the desktop looks different on Windows 8, though 8.1 did feature the long-awaited return of the start button. It doesn’t, however, come with the return of the Start menu (all but confirmed for Windows 9), and simply switches users between screens.

To say the revised interface has been polarising is an understatement, and there is no shortage of people who have complained about Metro since it was released. Among their arguments – an interface designed for touch shouldn’t be used on a desktop computer.

With 8.1, however, you can choose to boot directly to desktop, avoiding Metro entirely. Spend a little setting up the OS, and you can get a comparable, if not better experience.

There are real UI improvements with 8.1. You can add Start bars to dual monitors, with separate wallpapers on each. There’s also fast universal search on the Start screen and just hit the Windows key to start typing to search local files, OneDrive files, apps, setting and the internet. You can even browse OneDrive files through File Explorer (a.k.a. Windows Explorer).

Winner: Windows 7 – The familiar desktop remains popular for a reason, and wins the day. Windows 8 simply tries to do too much and, even though the 8.1 update allows users to boot straight to the desktop, Metro still has a nasty habit of popping up.

5. Security

Security is a massive issue for both individuals and businesses and, as the most popular desktop operating system, Windows is the primary target for malware and viruses.

Windows 7 and 8.1 share security features, both using BitLocker Drive encryption, but 8.1 enables them automatically. You can always download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7 for free, but its younger brother has it already built into the system.

Secure booting on UEFI systems is also included with 8.1, making it harder for rogue malware to infect the bootloader. PCs running Windows 8.1 can also automatically connect to VPNs.

Winner: Windows 8 – It has more security features set as default.

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nothing beats ubuntu

Windows 8.1 is far better and faster. It's my favourite Windows version to date and much more branded. Perfect for online gaming too.

8 is much better but no way till is there facking METRO. alltime its disrupting from work or game. if they dont add option to remove this Metro i better stay on 7 or go for Chrome OS.

I'm staying on 7 until they remove the metro interface works well on tablets but I hate it on a PC!

I used 8 for nearly a year, and went back to 7. Sorry - but until they fix their wifi issue (wifi connection showing 'limited' connectivity), fix their mouse issue in games, and treat desktop users with a little respect, I'll stay with 7. There is no reason to go to 8, at least for me.

The problem is that you have to "weight" things on this list, to which ones make the most impact
Since you're using the UI 95%+ of the time, so compared to starting the computer (once per day at most), 3D printing (if you have a 3D printer), etc, then Windows 8 wins the "less than 5% of the time" parts, but Windows 7 wins the 95% of the time part, I think you have to look at what you're using most

Overall, I'd rather have better usability than slightly faster booting, better 3D printing, worse WiFi management, etc.

I totally agree with Phila (and most of the other posts). I have been in the IT industry for over 30 years and these days work with numerous SME's. WIndows 8 / 8.1 is a complete nightmare to try and explain to a basic user how to navigate around the system. Fundamental utilities like Easy transfer no longer work from XP to 8.1. (Surely with the EOL of XP this should have been one of the top items for Microsoft if they had any hope of improving the pathetic market penetration. Back to my original point, In trying to make an operating system that is consistent across all platforms they have totally alienated the desktop market. The lack of intuitive operation based on a persons previous PC experience is unforgivable. A much as I hate to say it. This is something that Apple do extremely well. (I am not a big fruit fan!).

So in conclusion..... If you need a desktop or traditional laptop... It is a no brinier, Windows 7 wins hands down. I am even recommending to my clients they source decent quality "Refurbished machines" in order to keep with Windows 7 rather than buy new. This is not good for the industry as a whole..... Microsoft have a lot to answer too

The only even numbered version of Microsoft software that I've ever trusted was NT4.
Sorry, but 7 wins if you have to upgrade from XP (which was 5.1) or 2000 (which was 5).
The only way MS can claim as many sales of 8/8.1 as they do is to include all the copies sold with new PCs which are immediately upgraded to something better.
Quite frankly, I'd rather go through the trouble of relearning once, and change to Ubuntu (on which I could graft whatever interface suits me), than keep having to mess around with expensive "upgrades" to MS OSs.
I suppose in that way, 8/8.1 could be regarded as a success, if it promotes Linux :-)

Linux is the future and even present now that Hard Workers can take breaks and PLAY TOP Quality STEAM GAMES on their computers as well!

Linux is fast, secure, stable, productive, reliable, multi screen display, multi tasking and full featured!

its a Unix-Based Operating System what else could you expect?

Very true... Also, It's hard to utilise a UI if you can't stand to look at it...
As for the so called faster booting... my Windows 7 PC (SSD) starts faster from a cold boot than my Dell windows 8.1 tablet does from a cold boot...

I have both Windows 7 on a PC and Windows 8.1 on a tablet... Having used the tablet for a few months now, I can honestly say I haven't looked at the Metro UI since the first week... It boots straight to desktop...
If I had the choice, I'd have preferred windows 7 on the tablet...
In the meanwhile... the only so called "apps" I ever use are on my Android phone or Android tablet...


They removed it. Windows 8.1 has the classical interface if you want it. Read around please.

Hear the same nonsense every time MS release a new OS, and probably from the same people.

Stop lying, the did not remove it.

All they did is allow you to boot straight to desktop instead of the metro interface.

The doesn't change the fact that you still have to flip-flop between metro and the desktop to manage to get anything done.

The only way to get around metro is to use a bunch of 3rd party programs along with the classic shell. Which is stupid.

Windows 8.1 is a disaster. The OS seems quite stable but the metro interface is a continual annoyance. I have used all the settings to keep it inactive but even then it keeps popping up. I have an old netbook using Linux Mint and its much preferable to 8.1. However I need at least one Windows PC to use proprietary programmes.

Your Dell tablet also has a slower processor, most likely. Hard to compare an i3, i5, or i7, with an SSD to an Atom processor.

So, it doesn't surprise me a bit that the Windows 7 with an SSD boots faster. lol

A) Linux is NOT based on Unix. There is no Unix to be found in Linux. Linux is a Unix like OS. But it isn't based on Unix at all. B) Linux does not work for everyone. At this point, it doesn't matter what OS you run, so long as you can do whatever you need to do easily and happily.

Not if you use one of the many free start button apps. I use "Start Menu 8" and it works great. It looks and acts just like Windows 7. I never have to even see the Metro screen unless I want to do so by clicking the "Switch to Metro" link on the normal (Start Menu 8) desktop Start menu.

I know that windows 8 having some advanced features as compare to windows 7, but windows 7 is best for me and I will stay on it.

I use Mac OS X for the last 10 years and don't give a **** about all the problems with interface, viruses, compatibility, maintenance, e.t.c. Just start deploying macs in enterprises and forget the MS-nightmare.

I have been using a Russian rebuild Mandriva Linux version... Just great ...Fast start ...Fast browse..Real plug and play Fast Shut down also ..and Online Support.

Gnome Ubuntu

That is a party political broadcast on behalf of the 8.1 party.

Lots of people still have old single-core PCs that have not broken down and serve their needs just fine. Using a good, simple, and probably XP-like themed Linux distribution is the best way to go without having to shell out $$$ to upgrade the hardware and the OS to Win 8 or 8.1 as it's difficult to get Win 7 pre-installed on a PC these days.

Installing a Linux distribution (or distro as it is often called) is a lot easier than most people think. Many first-time users actually say it's easier to install than Windows because all drivers are included. Also, you have an Internet browser like Firefox and a full office suite like Libreoffice that is pretty compatible with MS Office included in the initial install without having to download them.

Search the internet using "Linux distro for XP users" and also "how to install Ubuntu (or whatever distro's name you have chosen)", and you will find lots of sites that can help.

You can also work by just booting up with the live CD or usb drive as if you were in a full desktop. So, you can test run and see if you like the interface.

The install is fast too - 50 to 60 minutes max to install the Linux desktop OS with all drivers and the Libreoffice suite to get you started working again.

Spastics - we don't care about Linux, Chrome, or Mac. This is between 7 and 8.1. Leave your third party fanboyism to other threads.



XFCE > Gnome > KDE > Unity

I use Windows 8.1 pro on an 8 core desktop pc. I will never go back to 7. It runs faster, manages resources better, is a ton nicer with multiple displays, and has some really nice built in features like being able to pause copying files when you are copy/pasting a lot at once or the ability to mount images without 3rd party software. I have Stardock Start8 menu installed which replaces the windows 8.1 "start" button. I also have all Metro/ModernUI elements disabled completely or uninstalled. I NEVER see metroUI anything on my desktop and I love Windows 8.1!! Best OS to come from MS aside from server OS's to date. Loving all the new features. But for really old machines, I still recommend LXLE 12.04.4 which is a very nice refined version of Lubuntu 12.04.4.


Unity > KDE >> Gnome > Cinnamon >>> XFCE

Nothing beats Linux.

A. Right you are.
B. That was his point. Linux is better and allows you to do whatever you need to do easily and happily. Only thing it needs is more people on board with the system and the community based philosophy.

Lol chrome os...

I'ts not fanboyism, it's a call to common sense.
You're the type to keep quiet when a political election offers you "choice" between 2 right wing parties... well he's not, he speaks of alternative, he spoke for those with an open mind.
So please don't censor.

Macos is the same as windows. And all the advantages you described are even more the case with Linux.
Also, mac as an enterprise solution is plain stupid, which is why the ones that leave xp now either stay with windows 7 or go for Linux (11% of them).

STILL comments like that do a "proper" internet search for the million start menu's out there. damn they were available since win 8 release now were talking about windows 9.
No offence but are some people blind? stupid? or what?

I recommend classic shell it's free and more customizable then the original start menu.

I don't have much again linux ( i do against osx) but I'm a gamer - nothing comes close to directx + driver support, I study nothing comes close to office and I'm used to classic windows interface..., it takes me seconds to do what I want without hardly touching the keyboard. And there is so many windows apps to do anything you want

linux is good for a server, but there's also win server 12 r2 which is good too

A little more patience is needed: there's another fix in the pipeline for returning the Windows Start Menu so desktop users have no need for the Start Screen at all.

Window Management fights? Really? Most Windows users don't know what you're prattling on about.

Fanboyism at its best. Interface problems? Okay, you win this one. Viruses? Bullcrap, MacOS gets tons of viruses now a days. Compatiblity? You must be joking right. Maintenance? Sure you win on that one too. Now talk about deploying macs in enterprises environment and you will start getting laughed at by IT Professionals.

Professional Computer art user/Web Designer Front end developer here with my personal input.

I dont HATE windows 8. But after giving it a few days trying to get used to it. I cant wait to get windows 7 back. Windows 7 is cleaner & feels like home. Windows 8 navigation seems to be a step back. I understand the route they took. The windows 8 interface seems in comparison to a lot of the new web framework revolving around responsive scrolling for tablets and touch. Problem is, it resides somewhere in between all 3 rendering the actual end result , well , annoying.

For windows 9 they should bring back windows 7 and redesign the metro UI from 8, as a window that doesn't hijack the entire screen. Windows 7 is better in regards to FREEDOM, almost like I can breathe rather than windows 8 SMOTHERING you into an interface with confusing navigation.

I do understand that after experience in windows 8 it may be better to some people,but in the long run you NEED the standard UI. So why go crazy with an operating systems integrity when we want is to feel familiar at home?

Windows 8> Hipster on a Bad Trip.

windows 8? a joke! WE DON't want to integrate or do anything in the cloud! PRIVACY!!!

A - your right cose I was thinking of going for 8.1 or "something better for me as 7"
B - it is between 7 and 8 here...

I just ordered a new laptop and odds are most likely I'll have to use Windows 8. But I absolutely hate that start up screen though. More than likely will be booting straight to the Desktop.

Stick with windows 7, because when support ends in Jan 2015, Windows 9 will come out, and it will be "what windows 8 was meant to be".

The OS's you hate is just your opinion, which I respect.

"The only even numbered version of Microsoft software that I've ever trusted was NT4."

Subsequent Windows releases past Windows XP (NT 5.1 as you already said, and XP x64 editon, NT 5.2).

Windows Vista = NT 6.0
Windows 7 = NT 6.1
Windows 8 = NT 6.2
Windows 8.1 = NT 6.3

Technically, those versions are "even numbered" as they begin NT 6.x. So I guess with all this logic, you don't trust Vista (which I find it really good with SP2) and Windows 7 since both are even numbered versions along with Windows 8 and 8.1.

Actually, I have liked Windows 8.x even since initial release and am happily using it on a 7 year old Dell laptop currently running Windows 8.1 without any problems. I even use it as is with a mouse (I lack touch screen). I also like many Linux distros too.
Though, you can still have your own opinions.

Metro is great for touch UI. Have you ever tried Windows 8.1?

I bet same people hated Windows XP when it first came out saying it was slowler than Windows 98 on the same hardware. Chances are, at the time of 2001, 128MB of RAM was never a good experience for Windows XP but great for Windows 98 at the time.

Same could be said about Windows Vista.... Just now a days, it's more media hyperbowle than older days than the Vista era.

Shouldn't people realize that every newer version of OS needs more resources to run efficiently, there for, the need for upgraded hardware? It's not like Microsoft only does this, Apple does too. Now a days, the latest Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks requires at least 2GB RAM but this 64 bit OS should have at least 4GB or more RAM to run "properly". I guess it's more of the average users not educated when making a computer purchase based on their needs and expect superfast speed for subpar hardware and an OS not designed for it.

I think there were some third party Start Menus since at least the Vista era. Anyone remember ViStart? It was for when people wanted to make Windows XP look and behave like Vista.

Classic Shell has been around since Windows 7 has been released. It brought back the Windows 98 style Start Menu for those that wanted that choice. Windows Vista was the last OS to include a Windows 98 Start Menu as an option.

Though, with all that in mind, why doesn't Microsoft give it's users more classic choices in the OS? They should give people a Windows XP theme in Vista, Windows 7, 8.x and future versions. Even the XP Start Menu and Windows 98 Start Menu back. Even the Windows 95-2000 style theme should be brought back in Windows 8.x to those who really liked it. Also, Windows Aero theme should be brought back too. Visuals aren't the OS and it doesn't hurt to have options for everyone.

Though, I like Windows 8.x with it's standard flat desktop theme and don't mind using the Start Screen as is even with a mouse, I also don't mind if Microsoft opened up a bit and brought back some classic choices in the OS. It should be all about user choice! Features, backend stability and performance improvements, security improvements, etc. are the OS, not the look and behavior of an OS designed to run programs (where the fun should be!).

Windows 7 with Aero looks so much better than Windows 8.1 does. Not impressed with the flat plastic look of Windows 8. There are benefits to Windows 8 but I have yet to see it worth the change over when Windows 7 works so fast and for the most part does not have any of the problems that came with Vista. Something new does not always mean better, just more complicated.

Until they bring back Aero like in windows 7 I see no benefit to the plastic looking interface. Plus a few second here or there does not make a better OS or experience.

I'm sticking with Windows 7. Stupid Win 8 cannot run some games released before 2010. As a PC gamer, Windows 7 is best for me (8 got better performance but poor game compatibility). And as a photo editor, still Windows 7. The start menu and desktop makes locating photos, taking snips, comparing them and then getting them edited is so much easier on 7. 8's metro interference gives me sort of a "concentration switch", even on 8.1. For launching a new app you have to open the start menu which is unfortunately metro, (I forget what was there on the screen as it all temporarily disappears). Also many other things which keep you from doing some actual work. Windows 7 is still way better.

It's funny when you always call someone a fanboy just because he stated his own mind about certain os of his choice. Fanboyism begins when someone tries to convice you to other OS by all means, you know?
True IT Professionals are professionals and will never laugh on any OS, this is the truth.

"wifi connection showing 'limited' connectivity"
That is a problem with your internet, not the OS

Windows 8.1 better than 7? What are you smoking? A tablet OS should never be on a powerful desktop, and that's EXACTLY what 8/8.1 is...a TABLET OS.
Get rid of that garbage.

eh i use window and i know what hes preferring
its Linux desktop environments

Steam OS?

9 - Daemon Tools is obsolete
"Windows 8 finally added support for native mounting of ISO, IMG, and VHD disk images. You can access the contents of virtual disk files and write them to physical CDs without any third-party programs like Daemon Tools."

Whoever wrote this is an idiot. ISO, IMG, & VHD files cannot contain the Physically embedded copy protection of games that Daemon Tools can read and emulate.

@Kyle Nazario:

You're stupider that I thought.

"Windows 8 caught a lot of flack for Metro interface but this shouldn’t obscure the number of improvements Microsoft’s made to the OS"

What you're trying to say here is Windows 8 got severe criticism due to its desktop but your spelled "flak" with a C.

"Flack" means promotion or publicity. Criticism does not equate with publicity.

No, it come from the super-trash driver.

Thousand of people share this never-fixed problem

Or learn how to tell someone to press win+r keys...I haven't used start menu since XP....I feel that people that hold 20 year old technology as the resason to not move on to faster safer stuff is beyond me.

I mean you complain there isn't one...I complain there is one. Why? Because there is 0 need for it. Windows button type what you want. Press enter. In 3 seconds. You can open anything without click, click, click, click.

Someone in IT for as long as you I'm sure you can see you have to move on.

He was tryign to say; that Linux is only for peopel that can fix problems. Running Linux there WILL be problems. You will have to learn terminal. I don' tcare what anyone says. atleast 1 driver will NOT work.

Funny....everyone says that is the problems iwth new windows...drivers....huh....well..linux has had driver issues for what? 30 years?

So open minded people smash and bad mouth people that actually update with techonlogy?

.......W8 is not a tablet is a desktop OS. I think you are confussed...

The only reason you don't care about virus' because you have nothing to detect them. You have them just don't know it. (Most likely)

Also, if Mac OSX was actually popular enough to be worth the time peopel would make worms/trojans/virus' for it. The reason there is onlyh a couple 10 thousand of them is because most poeople are smart enough not to pay $700 for 2 gb ram stick.

um...he did...

click the desktop shortcut, genius. really isn't that hard. not to mention, the "metro interface", makes searching for things about 100x quicker. Your laziness will only cost you in the long run.

Windows 8.x is both for tablets along with desktops and laptops alike.

It's not anything like how iOS is just for tablets and Mac OS X is just for desktops, laptops, and servers.

You don't have to use the cloud if you don't want to. Although I agree that user should have easy opt out of Microsoft account in initial Windows 8.1 install (at least 8.0 had a button to continue setting up with a local account). Yeah there are workarounds to even bypass Microsoft account on initial 8.1 install but really, will the average user think to disconnect the Wifi/Ethernet internet connection or attempt a fake email address and password to bypass continuing without Microsoft account? Why does it need to be forced in Windows 8.1 when it wasn't even necessary in 8.0? Although I myself actually like the other "good" changes in 8.1 (especially with Update 1) but I think Microsoft should stop intentionally forcing a Microsoft account to use the OS and let the user decide for him/herself.

End rant.

Is there any proof that you didn't Googled it?

im c++ and am currently running an crunchbang linux. why would i even bother not to mention im sub to spatry cup of linux a person who any linux user would now sudo apt-get brain-for-syau

I suffer every day at work having to use a Windows 8.1 computer. Whenever I come home and get to use my PC with Windows 7 it makes me feel good inside.

The real problem with Windows 8 was it came out THREE YEARS AFTER 7 WHILE 7 WAS STILL IN IT'S PRIME!!!

If Windows 8 had come out this year I think people would have said it was simply time to upgrade. 5 years is a good upgrade window not three years.

As for me and my PC it will run Windows 7 Ultimate until it's death in 2020.

So basically "BEST OS" since you disabled all their new stuff...

Grammatical error detected.
You must use a singular verb to correspond to a singular subject like " it ".
So, you should've said: " ..., it comes from... . "

nothing beats free stuffs

That and the stupid unidentified network both existed back when vista cameout. its not a internet issue. its driver issue.

I've been using, no actually I've been wrestler with Windows 8 for over a year and I just can't do it any more, my Windows 7 system is just so much more usable. I decided I have far better things to do with my time than searching Google to find out how to get Windows 8 to stop doing random stuff it suddenly decides to start doing. I can't even count how many hours I've wasted in the last year trying to tweet Windows 8 to make it less frustrating and I've had it. I'm going back to Windows 7 for good this weekend.

It's not even a tablet OS, try running a program from the start menu on a tablet with windows 8, it's not even smart enough to pull up on on screen keyboard from Start > Run. you have to do it manually then copy and paste it in. Even 10 years ago touch screen operating systems were smart enough to pull up a keyboard when a data field is expecting text input.

windows 8 designed for touch not like 7. and the metro start screen ...... it is the best .and windows store just got it and whole left things makes 8 is better than 7 .............. even the number 8 is higher than 7

huh, i didnt know they have an automatic mount ISO feature in Windows 8, thats awesome.

I have 4 computer with 4 different OS.., windows 7, windows 8.1 , ubuntu, and mac..
I like windows 7 more..., easy and straight foward.., windows 8.1 seem like a windows 7 with app store pre install on it..., its really not good for pc but recommended for tablet ... it consume to much ram when I running app on metro.., when I close it, the app is still running in my task manager

My PC also has this issue. But when I cut off the network connection line, the wifi is usable.

Yes, I have the same problem(wifi issue - limited connectivity) which I was unable to fix, It is big pain, finally I went back to Windows 7. Windows 8 is just full of unnecessary garbage.

If this is true, I may consider upgrading to 8 when this fix is released.

I personally would rather navigate to my programs using a mouse. I don't want to be forced into typing on the keyboard to find a program I want to run. I hate typing; that's my preference that I'm entitled to as a consumer.

I have windows 7 now but I also want windows 8 because of all the improvements but the only problem is that i think its interface and setting-up gives you a big headache so i dont know what to do :)

I have and greatly like Windows 7. One question,
and this may well apply to many OSs, I want to put the virtual memory (paging
file) from a large drive (call it C:) on a much faster SSD drive (call it V:).

I am at Drive: Control Panel Home: Advanced
System Settings: System Properties: tab-Advanced: Performance Options: tab-Advanced:
button-Virtual Memory Change: Virtual Memory.

Now, how do I set this (or perhaps the
registry) to accomplish my goal? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi!I want some help here! I am going to buy new PC. I will show u my specs please comment me if there is nothing false.
Intel Core i7-4771
Zalman CPU Cooler CNPS10X Optima (2011)
Motherboard Gigabyte z87X-D3H with z87 chipset
Corsair RAM DDR3 8GB Dimm 1600Mhz Vengeance
Sapphire VGA PCI X R9 270X 4GD5 DX BS OC
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB HDD 3.5''
Samsung NB DVD-RW SN-208FB Black
And OS i dont know which one to choose Win7 or 8 ? help me please
and maybe i will take late one SSD. thanks in advance!

How about, " Go f u c.k yourself". Is it grammatically correct now?

Or better yet, stick to win 7 rather than teaching everyone new ways of doing thing unnecessarily.

You are really bang on the buck. Using Win 8 cloud feature is like opening door of your house so you don't have to push it whenever you want to get in.

The sneaky way MS has designed is really abominable. They kind of force gullible user to use MS account to login in their computer with option to create local login hidden far away. I am sure not many user even know if they are using local account or online account. It is really a shame.

totally agree

i tested windows 8 during beta and never liked it from day 1. my feedback to Microsoft was that if they insist on putting the actual windows GUI as a 2nd level and Metro being the primary screen than the sales of windows 8 would only effect those buying new PC with pre-installed s/w. the initial windows 8 beta was terrible it was hard to navigate but 8.1 has better improvements whether those improvements warrants a migration depend totally on your needs. windows 8 should have an option during installation to allow the user to install with or without metro giving the user greater flexibility. i don't use titles and really.... i want an option to remove them.

I can safely say that Linux is NOT the best by a long shot. I have tried pretty much all of the versions of windows released to date, and i have tried most of the more popular (read SUPPORTED) Linux distros. Windows wins hands down because it removes a layer of (unnecessary) complexity that Linux adds to differentiate itself. Why do i need to use a terminal program in 2014 to update the OS etc?


Support as in windows updates for W7 goes until Jan 2020 and maybe beyond depending if Windows 9 or whatever they call the next version gets enough mainstream support, which W8 or 8.1 has not.

From everything I've heard putting your VRam onto an SSD is a really bad idea.

Using Windows 8 with the metro screen over Win 7 is a time waster. I seem to be moving my mouse over acres of space and sometimes I don't want to use the keyboard either (that's why we made mice and GUI's, right?). On Win 7, everything is in the lower left hand corner.
What I would like of course is the extra features behind the awful Win8 interface

I think win 7 is better for desktop, win 8 is better for laptop because it start up fast, light, save energy

At this point MS-DOS is a better alternative to Win8.

Trust me, I have tested 8 and 8.1 in VMware and native on dual-boot with 7.
The marginal improvements under the hood, do not make up for the migraine caused by trying to navigate the metro interface, and/or learn hot keys to do everyday tasks, that were more easily accessed on 7.

Publicity: the notice or attention given to someone or something by the media

Criticism is still publicity... it's just negative publicity.

Windows 7 Ultimate beats Windows 8.1 any day.3D printing...enterprise...I use my Windows for web and games,not calculators and design.

Windows 8 makes youtube uploads slower,breaks Battlefield 2 mods,and looks plain ugly...and not mention the mobile version

Windows 7 Ultimate beats Windows 8.1 any day.3D printing...enterprise...I use my Windows for web and games,not calculators and design.

Windows 8 makes youtube uploads slower,breaks Battlefield 2 mods,and looks plain ugly...and not mention the mobile version

And finally,boot up time? Who even shuts down their PC.Just put it into sleep mode

I agree. They had an OS where you needed to type everything... it was called DOS. This is windows I want to use the damn mouse.


It's obvious you haven't used linux is a very long time or at all. You haven't needed to update through terminal since 2004.

Lately, I've been using Linux mint and never had to deal with the terminal. All OS updates are done through a software manager.

Maybe do some research and actually try to use the OS, instead of copy pasting things on google from 2001 that haven't been an issue for the last decade.


I have windows 8 and it is amazing i still like windows 7 though but 8 is also good i suggest givingit a try.


so in all he said, all u found was a grammar mistake...u are an idiot sir. And u don't need to get upset about it because I am not insulting you. Its just a fact and the sooner u admit it the better for you.

Until they REMOVE it like..completly delete it and put back good old start menu, the win 8 is a complete and utter piece of trash. Win 7 is light years ahead

Still waiting for this.

Face it, by the time you get all used to windows 8/8.1 windows 9 or whatevery will come out looking completly different!

Bad things about windows 8:

People are used to the normal start menu

There is no need for PC settings, and control panel!

Windows 8 doesn't have a start button, fixed in 8.1

Windows store isn't needed, you just google what you want.

A recent update caused my dads brand new windows 8.1 not to boot

Microsoft didn't sell as much as they wanted, it was a bit of a let down, I say Windows XP is better than windows 8.

Lock screen, on a computer without touch screen? what were you thinking microsoft! I tried windows 8 developer, and i didn't like it one bit!

This isn't Microsoft’s worst mistake ever by creating windows 8. Most of consumers struggle to understand Microsoft's logic. Their main focus was to hit the smart phone and tablet market big time competing with apple and android and blackberry. You may know Nokia use Microsoft OS in their devices, so Microsoft continues to generate more revenue by taking part in the race with apple, android and etc.

I agree with most of comments, windows 8 was packed with unwanted programs running, they consume so much resources ram and CPU. No start menu.

Windows 8 meant to be a mobile OS and installed on Mobile devices and laptop touch not really on home desktop pcs.

If you have windows 8 on a desktop then Microsoft expecting you to learn how to use it, They released windows 8.1 as an upgrade after some feedbacks. In reality Win 8.1 is SP1 update. nothing special small minor changes bypassing the metro and go straight to desktop.

Microsoft continues to change the look and feel of their new operating system regardless of what users want, it may confuse consumers and users and blow their mind but they will continue to have a small share of smart phone and tablet market in years to come.

Those who are not happy should downgrade to windows 7

Sorry for any grammatical error if detected by any smart robots you have on this forum.

I'm done, Linux OS is now in my laptop.

that was probably just a problem with your wifi,and I just think your problem with windows 8 is that you just cannot adapt to change

Hahaha! Nice one.

Wrong, win7 is more secure, you can get free AVS like Avast,

I dont have wifi or dunno what bugs on my windows 8.1 enterprise. its awesome and fast

Okay you can stop being an English teacher. Wait are you just being a jerk?

O snap

The only possible reason why ur saying that is because ur direct connected

Windows 7 because it has less features so less hardware n hard disk thicking


Win8.1 with "classic shell" finaly works well for Desktop

The problem is, average people lack common sense that no driver is perfect and also lack knowledge of updating to a newer driver version from manufacturer's website. So they blame the OS when things go wrong. I just believe average people jump to conclusion too fast when it comes to blaming the OS.

I have no problem teaching average people how to update their drivers and why they should but at the very least, please don't jump to conclusion and just say the OS is bad. Including all Vista haters that ever existed.

Sorry I own a Ezpc's 2 go and been working on windows for 20 some years and I will say win vista sucks to its one of the most unstable os there was I still get vista system all the time Xp & 7 are great os's win 8 would be to if out of the box you could switch the UI to look and act as win7 a desktop is not a tablet and most are not using touch screens. In Xp,vista,and 7 there are options to change the user interface to look like the previous version of Windows but not in a if they did that it would be the best 8.1 fix half of it but not all.

I have windows 8.1 but i missed windows 7 features like the games and the start menu etc.. so i downloaded start8 and windows8 stupid start menu thing is gone. I even downloaded windows 7 game pack.

Bro.. i have feel and dat feel is dat WINDOWS 8 IS amazing.... but i have 7 :( Welp time to eat pie sadly... GAWD BLESS ALL THAT USES WINDOWS 8 #loner4lif

Glad to hear it. Have a new tower on the way with 8.1 installed with bad memories of Windows ME. Lol. Remember all the Vista hate? Then it gets tweaked, becomes Windows 7 and is the greatest OS ever. I have a feeling Windows 9/Threshold will follow suit.

Seems like the live tiles/Metro could be handy for a quick boot up and check mail/weather/etc., then use the desktop for the serious work.

Actually, Microsoft does have quite a few of their own drivers, most of which equate to nothing more than reference drivers for lab conditions to get things working, like your disk controllers, video, chipset, PCI bus, and other things. If you don't believe me, take a look at your own system at the drivers you haven't replaced with the ones from the manufacturer.

"The downside is that updates can break the system" While this is true for pretty much any OS, this seems to really ring true for Windows in general. It's like a patch to fix a patch to fix a patch to fix a patch in a never ending string of patches. Oh sure, there are some to fix newly discovered vulnerabilities, but if you look at what the patches are fixing, many of them are in fact fixing a previous fix.

I have to take issue with a few of the conclusions drawn in this article.
For starters, the bit about startup times is a bit misleading, as it does not offer any Windows 7 times for comparison. I can only speak to my own experience, and I don't know the system specs used for the Windows 8 machine cited as booting in 15 seconds, but I have a Windows 7 PC on a regular HDD (no SSD) that regularly boots up in ~25 seconds or less. Put that on an SSD, and how many people are really going to notice a difference in boot time between 7 and 8? Again, that's only my personal experience, but the article failed to provide it's own data to back up it's claims.
As for Windows 7's Aero glass effects, these are easily turned off for a performance boost, so it would be more accurate to say that Windows 7 offers optional visual features which Windows 8 left out.
On security, Microsoft antivirus and anti-malware tools have been mediocre at best; frankly I wouldn't trust built-in OS tools to this task anyway, so having them included in Windows 8 is just one more thing to disable and replace with third-party software.
This whole analysis feels more than a little biased towards 8, as it omits data and ignores key factors of regular consumer use, and frankly tries just a little to hard to paint 8 in a better light.

You could always get a start menu application like "Classic Shell", I lets you use the start menu from Windows XP and Windows 7, but with way more customization options!

I prefer metro to start menu.
start menu was a maze of folders to follow, while metro is a board of pinned tiles.

I pin drive d:\ to start screen, now I don't have to double click on my computer and then double click on d drive; just move my mouse down-left and click on d et voila!

aero glass is another proof of why we should buy a computer to run an operating system? I again prefer win 8 simple interface, let your software rock not the os. I like to watch an HD movie with no flicker, I don't mind how glossy the play button looks

For my desktop experience , i prefer w7.My main challenges with w8 are
1) File history back up on external drive
2) no start button
3) having to sign in (i know there is a work around)
4) no aero
5)no media center

i don't think w9 is going to solve this issues ,the powers that be aren't listening