Google loses bid to block Apple Safari privacy lawsuit

News 27 Mar, 2015 Rene Millman

Ruling could pave the way for Apple users to sue search giant

OS X Yosemite review: Top 10 features to use

News 27 Mar, 2015 Khidr Suleman Adam Shepherd

Yosemite brings Continuity, encourages disk-level encryption & improves HTML5 compatibility

GDS chief Mike Bracken becomes Gov’s chief data officer

News 25 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

The digital transformer now takes the reins of Whitehall’s open data initiatives

Microsoft previews Office 2016 and Skype for Business

News 24 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

IT managers will be able to choose pace of updates to certain devices, Redmond reveals

Taylor Swift porn domain names snatched up

Taylor Swift buys porn domain names

News 23 Mar, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Singer gets her hands on and before anyone else can

Windows 10 release date, specs and pricing announced

News 20 Mar, 2015 Caroline Donnelly Caroline Preece Khidr Suleman Rene Millman

Windows 10 could use peer-to-peer networks to download updates

End of life security fears ‘fuel mass migration from Windows Server 2003’

News 18 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

IT departments are using Server 2003 expiry as opportunity to virtualise, says Spiceworks

Pirate bay

Pirate Bay’s tie-up with CloudFlare allows UK access

News 18 Mar, 2015 Clare Hopping

Users of the service will no longer need to use a proxy browser to overcome ISP blocks

Windows 10: What we know about Project Spartan

News 17 Mar, 2015 Khidr Suleman

Next generation web browser supports native PDFs and annotations


IBM supercomputer Watson will answer questions with Twitter data

News 17 Mar, 2015 Caroline Preece

IBM hopes the new service will go beyond simple brand sentiment analysis

Facebook key

Facebook's shiny new analysis tool lets marketers dive into customer data

News 11 Mar, 2015 Caroline Preece

Facebook's partnership with DataSift will help businesses gain better insights into their customers

Microsoft and Apple patch FREAK bug – now you’ve got to update

News 11 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

Tech giants address the flaw that downgrades security of Android, iOS, Windows and OSX

Houses of Parliament

Cracking Tor is unacceptable and impossible, warns Parliamentary group

News 10 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

Trying to block darkweb browser Tor would hurt whistleblowers, and could hike up crime


Developer sues VMware alleging it broke open source copyright terms

News 9 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

Virtualisation specialist denies that it failed to publish adjusted Linux code included in product

IBM makes Watson even smarter with AlchemyAPI acquisition

News 5 Mar, 2015 Nicole Kobie

Watson supercomputer gets deep-learning boost from AlchemyAPI's machine learning ability

Windows XP adoption outpaces Windows 7 growth

News 2 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

Microsoft’s expired operating system is more popular than Windows 8 and 8.1

Apple charged £348m in iTunes patent dispute

News 26 Feb, 2015 Clare Hopping

iPhone maker loses claim filed by Texas-based Smartflash relating to the way it stores iTunes content support for Facebook & Google Chat axed by Microsoft

News 25 Feb, 2015 Caroline Preece

Microsoft is dropping Facebook and Google Chat support from, and pushing Skype as an alternative

Yahoo expands Splunk use to gain more Big Data insight from Hadoop

News 18 Feb, 2015 Joe Curtis

Hundreds of the search giant’s staff are now using Splunk to get business insights from 600TB of data

Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1: What’s new?

News 17 Feb, 2015 Khidr Suleman

Windows 10 brings back the Start Button, adds multiple desktops & an adaptable interface