Hotmail to upgrades: Your questions answered

As Hotmail users get to grips with the new-look, IT Pro offers a helping hand with negotiating things.

Unfortunately, you can’t. When Microsoft launched the preview version of last summer, users that trialled the service were given the option to switch back to Hotmail.

Since Microsoft officially retired the Hotmail brand (along with its familiar user interface), this option has been revoked, meaning if you’ve been automatically upgraded to you're stuck with it.

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New Outlook system: what a failure! Where are our contacts? How am I supposed to send any email unless I remember the address? Did you check anything before going live? Great job!!!

An upgrade usually implied a service was improved. However, since the enforced 'upgrade' and I use the term very loosely, the former Hotmail email account has been embarrassingly inferior. I have never come across such a travesty. The consumer was not consulted it was compulsory. It is like using a beta version on the old dial up modem. I thought technology had improved and with Microsoft being a fore runner in the market I am astounded that they allow such an inferior email service. I will be making my Hotmail account obsolete, which is a real shame as I have used it for 14 years. But, I cannot stand the Fisher Price type graphics or snail pace loading of everything. This is such a joke. BRING BACK HOTMAIL PLEASE.

The thing I hate about the new outlook is every time I scroll down my emails by swiping the screen on my phone it opens the emails. It didn't happen with the old hotmail system. No wonder that this is an enforced update as no one would upgrade to this c**p voluntarily

i cant even acces my account ive been offline for a couple of months and bang its gone along with vital information that i need thank you for causing a great deal of distress it asks for my phone number and then wont accept it so how on earth do i get the code i need you are usless

Would like to say how annoyed I am that my e mails have, overnight, become almost impossible to access. I have spent the last hour trying to get on line cos some idiot somewhere has decided to change hotmail's set up. If there is one thing I canot stand it is people making my life harder.
Normally on Hotmail I do not have to switch to Outlook and remember passwords that were set up years ago.
I strongly object to my time being wasted like this and surely it cannot just be me that has not got time to waste!!!!
Disgruntled, unable to access vital e mails that relate to jobs etcetera, Manchester.

why on earth do i need a code to sign in to my hotmail account.I have had the account for years
and now someone wants to phone with a code ,just let me sign .

outlook is crap

I've being trying to get to my Hotmail account all morning cant get on there!!! need my emails for my holiday errrrrrr not happy :(

hate outlook, can't open or save attachemts sent in emails, please bring back hotmai......

Some idiot changed my hotmail and I can't access my messages, how can I get into my messages, it keeps asking for a code that I can't get into?

Crap crap crap!!! cant get emails on my phone despite following instructions and when you ask for hotmail tech help they want to charge £35 for the privilege!!!

i carnt access my code as i set up spotify on hotmail to reset pass word i am fuc as it sends it to hiot mail

What a load of twaddle cant even get into my account before I go on holidays.......we need another alternative to Microsoft......

I like It :-)

I hate outlook why do people always insist on fixing
things that are not broken, have tried to get into my emails all morning I did not ask for this change, please bring back Hotmail it was so much easier

It looks like someone else might be using your account... can we text an phone you had 5 years ago. FAIL

i don't have acces to my account since hot mail changed to outlook

I can not get into my email account . I have had a go at re setting it and it won't let me. It also said that my account had been broken in to . It won't let me access any think. Won't take my phone no . Had a go at setting new one but I felt it was asking to much privet stuff ???........

I really do not need this at my age!I'm a pensioner
I will not be using this site anymore!
As someone has already said upgrades mean for the better but this one has gone back to the state of the ark.
I cannot access anything ! Just managing to grasp how to use my live site and now I get this rubbish without a choice !!

Welcome to the new improved hotmail,(and believe me,you ARE welcome to it!),where nobody,not even you yourself,can access your own mail.great job assholes!!!
Thats what I CALL a Secure System!!!
Modern Living is just one shamble after another.The people running Microsoft shoudn't be allowed to run a bloody tap!!!

some one needs sacking i can not get on to my hotmail

these people do not live in the real world

i need info in my hot mail

i have never come across any this as dafy as this New Outlook system

I hope they are out of work after this stunt. they now right be working. this stunt has cost me £600 if i can not get the infomation to-day

i cant get to my hotmail (outlook e mail its asking for a code .. and theres some e mail there thats not mine.. so i send code to my husbands e mail and it says its not valid ..what am i going to do now

I cannot even sign into account help how can I get my emails??????

my hotmail account as been down for 10 days cant even open up the page cant access the outlook system what do I do so far everything i have tried has failed help!1 need information need my e mails ,

Really put off by Microsoft changing my email to Outlook and then Im left not being able to access my own account for months despite repeatedly trying to 'submit a form' to get it back, inwhich they ask violating questions about who my emails were to, and what they were about, under the guise of security questions. Seems to be this is likely a US intelligence gathering exercise and Microsoft selling the info. on probably. Not going to buy any Microsoft products ever again !!

put a new phone number in then..

What have you done ?? I need to get into my emails and I cannot, my pc has been broken for a few weeks and now i have important emails i need to retrieve, i can't I am ready for jumping off the nearest bridge, screaming at this stupid nonsense ..... who is gonna help me NOW ???

Why cant I get my emails what a disaster !! Keeps telling me my pass word is wrong iv only ever had one password !!! It dosnt give me option to change it if this is progress you can stick it !!!

I have to say this change has been a complete waiste of time ever since the day it changed I have not been able to open send view or do anything concerning my email thank you very much for causing me nothing but head aches I have lost lots of business because I cant answer emails if this don't change back I,m getting a new email address this is a complete f**k up thanks for nothing

I'm ttrying to sign in to my hotmail account and word PASSWORD wont go away so my password writes over the top so wont work then it says it will send an email to mmmmmmmone of my other email addresses, IDIOTS I CANT GET INTO OUTLOOK IN THE FIRST PLACE, hasn't anyone in that department got common sense !

its crap

i am unhappy

cant even find e mails

its bollocks same prob cant get e mails back to phone andletters

hate outlook love u

i agree with you

I can not open my emails

I'm soo annoyed. I must have missed the memo that hotmail was changing because I wasn't aware. I've lost all my emails since the switch to outlook. I had data in there that I didn't have anywhere else and now it's lost for good! Well they can keep their Outlook I won't be using this service anymore. I hope everyone else stops using it too...b*****ds!!!

Just tried to access my Hotmail for the first time since the switch and EVERYTHING is gone! Years of emails and unopened ones... everything. Some vital stuff in there. Seriously angry!

Absolutely T'd off with Microsoft, Windows 8 and the Outlook. Can't remember the right password combination so have been locked out. They then ask me to go through an old email address that became defunct last year when I retired

Here something bizzare from an email I sent.

"I received the e-mail! It came as but now as I am replying it is listed in the To: as This is really bizarre!"

Anyone ever have this happen?

it won't accept a new phone number or anything else--I'm locked out and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm saying bye-bye to microsoft and off to use some other email service.

I can't access my account either! I give it an email address to send the verification code to and it never sends it!!!! Wtf is wrong with this site?

Yes I agree I can not get into my email to we need free help because some idiot has changed it get us back on line

I absolutely hate this Outlook with a passion! Cant seem to be able to check my messages :(

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