Indian cyber security task force to be launched by David Cameron

19 Feb, 2013

David Cameron to announce joint security initiative with India later today.

Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to set out plans for Britain to form a joint cybercrime task force with India later today.

The partnership is said to have been embarked on because of the high amounts of information stored on Indian computer servers about British citizens through data outsourcing deals.

Cameron is set to announce the joint initiative at a meeting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi later today, which forms part of his three-day trade tour of the sub-continent.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, Cameron is reported to have told reporters that helping India shore up its cyber defences would – in turn – bolster the data protection offered to British citizens.

“Other countries securing their data is effectively helping us secure our data,” he said.

During the discussion he is reported to have dampened down speculation about which nations posed the greatest threat to Britain and India.

"The threat in terms of cyber security comes from all sorts of different places and organisations – a lot of it is criminal...hacking bothers me wherever it comes from,” he added.

The deal is designed to protect the personal details of millions of Britons from the growing threat of cyber criminals in several ways.

These include the creation of a joint task force who will identify and tackle IT security threats and cyber skill training exchanges between members of the British and Indian police forces.

"What the British have done is brought together a strategy to help protect key industries, key infrastructure and key capabilities in terms of cyber security and that's work we want to share with others,” Cameron added.