OS X Yosemite update: Wi-Fi problems continue


Apple has released the first OS X Yosemite update, but issues with unreliable Wi-Fi have persisted for some users


Anonymous targets Ku Klux Klan Twitter account


Hacking collective brand white supremacists "terrorists"

Intel preps to merge PC & Mobile divisions


'Client Computing Group' will be headed up by SVP Kirk Skaugen

Broadband speed

Which? calls for broadband transparency


The consumer group said the way broadband speeds are advertised is unfair

Government tackles terrorism with reporting button


The government is pressuring ISPs to filter searches and adding a reporting button


Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro review


Using Intel's 2014 Broadwell chip, the Yoga 3 Pro is one of the slimmest and lightest laptops around

Best iPhone apps to download in 2014

Analysis & Insight

We round up the top 10 best iPhone apps to help you decide what's hot and what's not

Google Glass release date delayed until 2015


The Google Glass consumer release date may have been pushed back to 2015 amidst negative reactions

jobs available

UK companies open to hiring hackers for cyber attack prevention


Research from KPMG suggests companies are willing to take drastic action to prevent cyber attacks

Growth charts

UK government ordered to give more support to tech "scale-ups"


Scale-Up Report: Helping UK firms scale could add £225bn to economy by 2034

Microsoft gains on Apple to become second most valuable company


Software giant overtakes oil firm Exxon to take number two spot


Russia-approved Wikipedia alternative on its way


Wikipedia is apparently less “reliable” and “detailed” than Russia would like, and so it’s doing it over again

Facebook Like sign

Facebook at Work: Zuckerberg "working on" LinkedIn competitor


Facebook at Work will also help collaboration and file sharing, reports suggest

Hackers hit US State Department email system


The US State Department was forced to shut down its unclassified email system after being hit by hackers

Facebook keyboard

Facebook to bring free internet access to Africa with Avanti


Social networking giant's "free internet for everyone" to expand to Africa, claim reports

Windows Phone & Windows 8 app numbers hit half a million


Microsoft said it has 525,000 listed on the Windows and Windows Phone app stores

US government accused of using planes to gather mobile phone data


The Cessna aircraft use 'dirtbox' devices forcing mobile phones to emit information

4G speeds double of 3G, says Ofcom


Ofcom finds 4G speeds in the UK are twice as fast as 3G, with each network ranked individually


Twitter debt rating starts share slide


Twitter's debt has been dubbed “junk” by ratings agency Standard & Poor's, causing shared to drop

EE introduces 4G dongle for cars


Buzzard 2 dongle costs £80 & connects to cigarette lighters

US citizens targeted by DOJ spy planes


'Dirtbox' scans data from tens of thousands of devices

Want to customise your iPhone keyboard? Try these iOS 8 options

Analysis & Insight

Apple’s iOS 8 is the first version of the OS that allows installation of third party keyboards, here’s a selection of th

Doctor NHS

Government introduces data-driven health plan


The Personalised Health and Care 2020 strategy will embrace technology in patient care

Credit card with padlock

Mastercard scraps passwords in online security drive


Visa will also work with Mastercard to roll out an innovative way of securing online payments

AWS new logo

AWS: Enterprise datacentres closing down in face of cloud


Cloud giant says enterprises are embracing cloud and coming round to the idea of shutting down their datacentres

Windows Server on ARM will flop like RT, says Intel


ARM chips will add complexity and overhead in the server space, Intel engineer claims

iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9: Which is better value?


The Android Lollipop tablet looks to outshine its iOS 8 counterpart

AWS says Shadow IT has helped it win over enterprise cloud doubters


Cloud giant says Shadow IT played an important role in bringing its offerings to the attention of enterprise CIOs &

iPhone 6 adoption from Android users less than expected


The number of Android users switching to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been smaller than expected

Future road sign

Forget 5G, it's Wi-Fi that continues to grow

Analysis & Insight

Faster 4G – and the promise of 5G – will help businesses on the move.

increase arrow

UK tech sector expanding fast but problems lie on horizon


Next six months critical, says KPMG, but momentum slows

Android Lollipop: Release date & specs


Android to get revamped interface, pop-up notifications and battery life improvements

Fibre cables

One quarter of UK premises connected to superfast broadband


Around 1.5 million properties help UK achieve one of the quickest rollouts of fibre connectivity in the world


Yahoo acquires video ad platform BrightRoll for $640 million


Deal will help “dramatically strengthen” its own video ad efforts

Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET coming to Mac and Linux


The systems will be open-sourced, allowing everyone to access the development tools

iOS 8 adoption up, but slower than iOS 7


Over half of Apple devices using iOS 8

Mozilla announces virtual reality site for Firefox


Mozilla has announced a new virtual reality site in time for Firefox's 10th anniversary

Google invests in NASA airfield for robotics and space research


Google's Planetary Ventures will use a NASA airfield for space and robotics research

Flaw fix

Microsoft rushes to patch critical flaw affecting every Windows PC


Bigger than Heartbleed, vulnerability means users need to download patch now

Increased cash offer

IT contractors set for pay bonanza


IT professionals set for pay rises and greater opportunities in 2015