Google invests in NASA airfield for robotics and space research


Google's Planetary Ventures will use a NASA airfield for space and robotics research

Flaw fix

Microsoft rushes to patch critical flaw affecting every Windows PC


Bigger than Heartbleed, vulnerability means users need to download patch now

Increased cash offer

IT contractors set for pay bonanza


IT professionals set for pay rises and greater opportunities in 2015

Apple will face iMessage lawsuit


iPhone-maker fails in a bid to dismiss lawsuit relating to undelivered text messages

cutting costs

Office, Xbox and Skype package to retail for $199 - but only in US


The collection of apps isn't available to users outside of the US - yet


MIT develops nano-camera for $500


The camera can be used in medical and safety applications

Is your security policy a no-brainer?

Analysis & Insight

Davey Winder explains why having a robust security policy, that everyone follows, is a must for the enterprise

Net Neutrality: President Obama's proposal explained


White House calls for an end to blocking and throttling of traffic

Surface 2 edges Microsoft forwards in tablet race


Microsoft has regained ground in terms of tablet web use, and it’s down to the Surface 2

Microsoft unveils Lumia 535 Windows Phone, ditches Nokia label


Low-cost entry-level phone marks new chapter for Lumia brand

iPad Pro: Release date, rumours and specs


Rumours of a larger 12in Apple tablet have recently surfaced, with release slated for 2015


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review


A stunning phablet with a class-leading display, plenty of power & great battery life

Security flaw

iOS Masque Attack flaw discovered by researchers


Masque Attack hole could be more dangerous to the iPhone and iPad than WireLurker

Robots will replace humans, take our jobs


Tech automation could affect third of UK jobs, with lower-paid roles most likely to be replaced

Flaw fix

Darkhotel targets hotel Wi-Fi networks


Security researchers discovered the flaw that can steal information and delete confidential data

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks up UK's vibrant tech scene


Nadella claims tech firms that make it in the UK can make it anywhere

Future road sign

O2 CEO: How the digital revolution is driving the UK economy


Telefonica’s Ronan Dunne says leadership, creativity and education are needed to make the UK a technological superpower

Sir Bob Geldof: We must teach children tech skills, not just how to use it


The singer and campaigner called for a change in education to build the workers of the future

BrowserStack takes service offline as it deals with hacked infrastructure


Cross-platform web app testing platform falls victim to hackers

Raspberry Pi Model A+ arrives for $20


Cheapest and smallest Raspberry Pi now available to buy

Cyber criminal

National Crime Agency's Dark Net raid ends with six arrests


Around 400 sites operated on Dark Net through Tor network close for business

Apple iMessage finally gets online deregister option


Former iPhone users can now switch off iMessage even if they no longer have their device

Samsung partners with Code Club to open Manchester learning Hub


South Korean vendor to kit out Manchester computer coding centre with laptops


Elon Musk said to be working on internet satellite launch


Sources claim the Tesla CEO is exploring the use of satellite technology to improve global distribution of internet conn

Password login page

Home Depot breach: 53 million email addresses also stolen


The US retailer said data was taken in addition to the payment details of 56 million debit and credit cards


DVD tech breakthrough could produce 1,000 TB capacity discs


Researchers have developed the medium, but how many people will still use DVDs?

Patch Tuesday

Windows users prepped for bumper Patch Tuesday


11 November will see Microsoft push out 16 updates to users of its software and online services


Ofcom spectrum sell-off to boost 4G speeds


Ofcom's decision to sell up could help alleviate mobile data capacity crunch

Is the Dark Web safe? Silk Road 2.0 shut down by FBI & alleged founder arrested


Blake Benthall has been arrested and charged with running the second incarnation of the drugs-selling online marketplace

Light technology breakthrough to pave way for super-fast computers


University researchers hail advances in light technologies that could lead to creation of all-optical systems

jobs available

Demand for permanent & temporary IT jobs continues to grow


A report by KPMG and the REC shows the IT jobs market has grown over the last month, both for temporary and permanent ro

Microsoft Office 2013

Free Microsoft Office apps for iPad, iPhone & Android users


Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be free for consumers on iPhones, iPads and Android tablets, but business users will sti


Qsan Technology TrioNAS U300-C424-i3 review


Qsan’s affordable array combines triple-play storage services with a big capacity

Best iPad apps for 2014

Analysis & Insight

Our collection of the best and most popular iPad apps to download in 2014

Dell focusing on services to drive profit growth


High-margins make services a key part of the business going forward

Microsoft headset to help blind people navigate new areas


Microsoft has unveiled a headset designed to help the visually impaired find their way around new areas

4G speeds have halved in the UK


4G mobile speeds in the UK have reportedly halved as more people sign up for the service

NHS Ambulance

BT, EE & HTC join forces to step up accuracy of 999 call locations


BT, EE and HTC want to make it easier for the location of emergency calls to be identified

Education and skills blackboard

Salaries for IT pros rising faster than UK average


High demand for cloud, big data and mobile skills are driving up wages for those in the know