Office Universal apps coming soon to Windows Phone

News 20 Apr, 2015 Caroline Preece

Touch-first Office apps are designed for tablets and smartphones running Windows Phone

General Election 2015: How parties' tech policies shape up

Analysis & Insight 20 Apr, 2015 Joe Curtis

Part Two: Data privacy vs spying, digital government and open data

Watch Blinkbox or BT Sport? Ditch Google Chrome now!

News 20 Apr, 2015 Caroline Preece

Latest update to Chrome browser kills support for streaming services' plugins

Sony Xperia Z4

Sony Xperia Z4 launched in Japan

News 20 Apr, 2015 Adam Shepherd

No word on when the 5.2in, Full-HD flagship will launch in UK and US markets

Shorter technology lifespans 'increasing e-waste amounts'

News 20 Apr, 2015 Clare Hopping

Report says demand for latest devices is also contributing to more electronic landfill

Bloomberg rules out cyber attack after crash

News 20 Apr, 2015 Clare Hopping

A £3 billion auction of UK government debt was delayed


Yahoo reworks Bing deal to keep hand in search

News 17 Apr, 2015 Joe Curtis

Bing there, done that, got the ad revenue: Marissa Mayer wants Yahoo to take back its search functionality


Why restricting porn access opens door to spying

Analysis & Insight 17 Apr, 2015 Joe Curtis

Tories' election pledge to introduce age restrictions is more worrying than it appears


Aeroplane Wi-Fi vulnerable to hacks, FAA report reveals

News 17 Apr, 2015 Clare Hopping

The research by the US Government Accountability Office warned IP networks leave flights open to cyber attacks

Dropbox reveals bug bounty scheme

News 17 Apr, 2015 Clare Hopping

The minimum payout will be $216, but there's no maximum

New threats, old tricks

Analysis & Insight 16 Apr, 2015 Stephen Pritchard

Verizon's latest Data Breach Investigations Report finds hackers using old techniques to compromise corporate IT and steal data

Google lets you handwrite messages on your Android phone

News 16 Apr, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Built to facilitate languages like Hindi and Mandarin, the software works across all Android apps

Huawei P8 Max: release date, price & specs: Everything you need to know

News 16 Apr, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Why Huawei's plus-size P8 Max is a tablet pretending to be a gigantic phone

London Tube sign

TfL workers' tablet usage doubles in two years, reveals FoI

News 16 Apr, 2015 Caroline Preece

But the thousands of devices in use by underground workers raises security issues

Target settles for $19m with MasterCard after huge data breach

News 16 Apr, 2015 Joe Curtis

US retailer makes offer after leaking 40 million credit card details

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook will bring to Europe

News 16 Apr, 2015 Clare Hopping

Mark Zuckerberg says the service will help entrepreneurs make most of talents

White House

Edward Snowden's in the White House, according to Google Maps

News 16 Apr, 2015 Clare Hopping

Cyber expert Bryan Seely placed Edward Snowden in the White House through Google Maps loophole

Huawei P8 delivers crisp performance in a gorgeous package

First Looks 15 Apr, 2015 Adam Shepherd

The Hauwei P8 proves that the Chinese upstart may be ready to play with the big boys

LibDems: We'll protect your privacy from spying

News 15 Apr, 2015 Joe Curtis

Party’s manifesto details aggressive stance on protecting personal data

Why Nokia is buying Alcatel-Lucent for €15bn

News 15 Apr, 2015 Nicole Kobie

Here's how Nokia will use the networking giant to innovate

security key on keyboard

Verizon: Patch old vulnerabilities or be exploited

News 15 Apr, 2015 Joe Curtis

Malware hits firms who’ve failed to patch vulnerabilities dating back to 2007

BlackBerry Leap launched in the UK

News 15 Apr, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Today sees BlackBerry's latest attempt to regain the hardware high ground with a 5in, all-touch smartphone

Become a security expert in eight weeks

News 15 Apr, 2015 Caroline Preece

A new cyber security bootcamp has been created to train graduates into experts within eight weeks

Intel ‘pays high price’ for reliance on PCs with flat quarter

News 15 Apr, 2015 Joe Curtis

Plummeting desktop sales underline need for chipmaker to modernise

EU files antitrust charges against Google - and targets Android

News 15 Apr, 2015 Nicole Kobie

European regulators finally press charges against Google over alleged search bias


Twitter trolls targeted with automated life tips

News 15 Apr, 2015 Clare Hopping

Zero Trollerance uses clever disappearing bots to find those using sexist language


US lottery security head 'fixed results'

News 15 Apr, 2015 Clare Hopping

Eddie Raymond Tipton allegedly hacked into the draw's computer to ensure he won the jackpot

David Cameron

Tories ‘will rip up red tape to make UK digital leader’

News 14 Apr, 2015 Joe Curtis

Conservatives’ manifesto outlines commitments to start-ups and science skills


Dell and Symantec reports paint worrying cyber security picture for the year ahead

News 14 Apr, 2015 Caroline Preece

Cyber security fears abound if the latest research is anything to go by...

Labour manifesto pledges better broadband for UK

News 14 Apr, 2015 Joe Curtis

But is there much difference between Labour's and the Tories' plans for digital government?

OS X Yosemite review: Top 10 features to use

Analysis & Insight 14 Apr, 2015 Khidr Suleman Adam Shepherd

Yosemite brings Continuity, encourages disk-level encryption & improves HTML5 compatibility

Great Cannon brings down Github and

News 14 Apr, 2015 Clare Hopping

China's new cyber weapon has been designed to stop its citizens reading articles it doesn't agree with

Virgin partners with Delta with new passenger service suite

News 14 Apr, 2015 Clare Hopping

Virgin Atlantic plans to use Delta's AIR4 suite to benefit passenger experience

Things to see and do in Dublin

Analysis & Insight 13 Apr, 2015 Bryn McIntyre

We explore what Dublin has to offer business travellers in the third of our City Guide series...

Sharp unveils first ever 4K smartphone screen

News 13 Apr, 2015 Caroline Preece

Your phone may soon boast 4K resolution, but can the human eye tell the difference?

Twitter ends partnership with DataSift, sparks angry rebuke

News 13 Apr, 2015 Caroline Preece

Ex accuses Twitter of hurting customers and damaging ecosystem


Fancy an insecure cookie? 99 percent of FTSE 100 do

News 13 Apr, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Warning: Your browser data could be up for grabs

European Commission

Google 'close to facing formal charges' in EU antitrust case

News 13 Apr, 2015 Rene Millman Caroline Preece

EU may issue formal charges against search engine giant in bid to inspire reform


Lib Dems promise Digital Bill of Rights if elected

News 13 Apr, 2015 Joe Curtis

Party vows to protect cyber security and promises prison time for data thieves