Internet search

In web browsers we should not trust

Analysis & Insight

Davey Winder explains why end users should be wary of putting too much trust in their chosen web browser

5G network to arrive in London by 2020, claims Boris Johnson


London will kick-off the nationwide rollout of the ultra-fast network, Boris Johnson is expected to announce this week

Google Glass: UK release date, pricing & specs confirmed


Google Glass goes on sale in the UK for developers at £1,000

Google Glass rival developed by Lenovo


Lenovo have revealed their own smart glass headset, a rival to Google Glass, with a few key differences

Google Glass banned from San Diego Comic-Con


Google Glasses were banned from panels over this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con convention


UK police deny they'll seize mobile phones after all road traffic accidents


The Association of Chief Police Officers has rubbished reports that officers will seize mobile phones in the wake of eve


The power of the network in education

Analysis & Insight

A modern communications and networking infrastructure can benefit all involved in teaching and learning, as Jane McCalli


Qnap TS-EC1279U-SAS-RP review


Qnap aims for the enterprise but SAS performance of its 12-bay NAS appliance doesn’t justify the high price.

Magnifying glass

Comet administrators facing disciplinary action


Business secretary Vince Cable referred Deloitte to the accounting watchdog after taxpayers are left with £45m bill

Pirate bay

Pirate Bay goes mobile


The mobile version of Pirate Bay will include separate TV, music and movie sites

Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman biography: Salary and career history of HP's CEO

Analysis & Insight

The lowdown on Meg Whitman's salary, net worth, education and career history

Education technology

Learning never stops: Harnessing the power of network connectivity in education

Analysis & Insight

Round-the-clock internet activity has revolutionised the way students and teachers approach learning.

Amazon logo

Amazon announces financial loss despite 23 per cent revenue rise


Amazon’s second quarter financial results have been revealed, with huge losses despite a slight rise in revenue

Update key

50,000 sites hit by MailPoet WordPress plug-in security flaw


Users of blogging platform's newsletter plug-in told to upgrade extension ASAP


Firefox for Android beta introduces more customisation


A new Firefox for Android beta has been released with brand new customisation and personalisation features for users

Landline calls

UK TPS users still receive nuisance calls, research shows


Ofcom nuisance calls research shows TPS sign-ups leads to users receiving a third fewer calls

USB vs Thunderbolt: Which is better?


With faster transfer rates and increased versatility is it time you invested in Thunderbolt?

Hackers hit the European Central Bank


Although no market-sensitive data was compromised, the hackers stole personal information

Internet search

Google removes 50% of Right to be Forgotten requests


The search engine said it has received 91,000 requests to remove links since the ruling was introduced in May

Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer biography: The salary and career history of Microsoft's former CEO

Analysis & Insight

The lowdown on Steve Ballmer's salary, net worth, education and career history

Password login page

Data breach at online travel firm nets £150k fine from ICO


Think W3 Ltd has been ordered to cough up after more than 1.5 million credit card details were stolen by hackers

Smart shoes to help visually impaired get around debuted by Indian start-up


A new smart shoe created by an Indian start-up could be the next big thing in wearable technology

Dropbox logo

Dropbox tries to solve the "Dropbox Problem"

Analysis & Insight

Dropbox has moved to address business concerns about its data privacy practices, but has it done enough to win over IT p

Cyber crime

Three UK men arrested over eBay-owned Stubhub cyber fraud


Seven arrests have been made in the UK, US, Russia & Spain in wake of Stubhub cyber fraud case

Surface Mini officially axed by Microsoft


Despite reports of its resurrection, the Surface Mini tablet was reportedly axed by Microsoft earlier in 2014


Just one in seven households use porn filters


Ofcom report finds fewer people are using filters than previously hoped

Broadband speed

BT's diverts fibre optic broadband to Isles of Scilly


The month-long project will see the remote island get higher-speed connections within six months

Apple denies NSA data-grabbing backdoors exist in iOS


Claims made by forensic data scientist at hacking conference about iOS access flaws denied by Apple

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Windows 9 "converged OS" vision for Windows Phone, PC & Xbox shared by Microsoft


Microsoft have promised universal apps for Windows Phone, PC and Xbox with the release of Windows 9

iOS 8 & OS X Yosemite to get separate release dates


Apple plans to release iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite separately, despite increased integration between the two operating syste

Project Zero: Show Google's bug-hunting scheme some love

Analysis & Insight

Google's efforts to address the problems of zero-day vulnerabilities should be applauded, claims Davey Winder


Microsoft questions UK Government's ODF adoption pledge


Francis Maude has confirmed government departments will adopt ODF, but Microsoft claims the benefits to UK citizens are

Google Sign

Google slammed by Italian government over data protection


Italy has given Google 18 months to change its policies on data privacy

Education and skills blackboard

UK Government must invest £20m by 2020 to address tech skills crisis


Digital Skills for Tomorrow’s World report exposes the true shortfall in digital skills


Toshiba Satellite P50T review


Featuring a gorgeous 4K display, Toshiba prioritises image quality over battery life

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook biography: The salary and career history of Apple's CEO

Analysis & Insight

The lowdown on Tim Cook's salary, net worth, education and career history

EE store

EE fixes spam Orange "Magic Numbers" text message glitch


EE in firing line over deluge of spam messages sent to customers

Rural telecoms

Vodafone UK offers rural areas 3G coverage boost


Vodafone is offering 100 rural communities the chance to bag 3G mobile coverage through new scheme


Home Office £350m immigration IT system scrapped


National Audit Office report reveals details of ditched £347 million immigration caseload IT system

iPhone 6: Suppliers receive initial order for 80m units


Apple issues largest initial order of iPhones as it expects large screens to be popular