Young tech companies top list of UK brands

News 26 Feb, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

Google and Microsoft dominate list of Britain's most highly regarded business brand names, showing increased importance of technology to the public.

Nokia debuts transforming phones

News 26 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

A partnership between Cambridge University and Nokia bears fruit, with the concept design of a 'bendy' mobile phone using nanotechnology principles.

Lenovo unveils X300 ultra portable laptop

News 26 Feb, 2008 Benny Har-Even

PC maker hails the X300 as the world's thinnest, "no compromise" laptop, a pointed swipe at rival Apple's MacBook Air.

National Grid to fight smart metering fine

News 26 Feb, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

The UK energy distribution network operator has vowed to fight back against the £41.6 million issued by Ofgem over alleged anticompetitive metering contracts.

Apple overhauls MacBook and MacBook Pro models

News 26 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

New laptops receive memory and Penryn-based processor improvements, while the high-end MacBook Pro gets the Multi-Touch trackpad from the MacBook Air.

HP brings virtual array to mid-sized market

News 26 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

HP StorageWorks 4400 Enterprise Virtual Array will cost a fifth less than other high-level SAN boxes, the company claims.

Google joins undersea cable project

News 26 Feb, 2008 Reuters

The search engine specialist is teaming up with telecoms operators in the US and Japan to build an underwater data link to sustain growing internet traffic between the two continents.

VMware to target desktops and hardware integration

News 26 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Revamp of desktop products and an increased focus on integrating virtualisation at the hardware level seen as key to the future plans for the virtual computing giant.

Retailers focus on data and mobility

News 26 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

European retailers must capitalise on electronic data in their back-end systems and convenience in customer-facing channels to capitalise on future technology developments.

Taylor Wimpey outsources IT delivery

News 26 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Construction giant is looking to achieve 20 per cent in cost savings by handing IT services delivery over in a £30-million deal.

VMware unveils four new tools in Europe

News 26 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

The virtualisation vendor's first annual European user conference has played host to the launch of four new virtual machine management products.

New ways to phish as criminals look for new blood

News 25 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

New research indicates that phishers never give up - they just move on to weaker targets, and VoIP users look like the next victims.

Fujitsu announces 500GB 2.5in hard disk

News 25 Feb, 2008 Benny Har-Even

The drive maker is the third manufacturer to announce a half terabyte drive for notebooks and other portable devices.

Internet Explorer 8 goes into private beta

News 25 Feb, 2008 Simon Aughton

Just over a year after the seventh version of Microsoft's web browser hit the streets, the next version has gone ito closed testing.

Microsoft tries to reassure staff over Yahoo bid

News 25 Feb, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

As talks of a potential acquisition of Yahoo continue, one executive at the Windows maker publishes a message to employees of both companies concerned about their fate following a successful takeover.

AstraZeneca inks £25 million network deal with BT

News 25 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

BT builds on existing relationship with pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca with big money contract to become the latter's global network partner.

Ubuntu: Bridging the technology gap

Analysis & Insight 25 Feb, 2008 Richard Hillesley

In our second interview with Mark Shuttleworth, the man behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, we discuss issues of interoperability and the learning curve associated with switching to Linux.

Will HMRC breach cost £625 million?

News 25 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Analysis: With a study showing the average cost of a data breach is £47 per record compromised, high profile public sector data losses, such as the recent CD loss at Revenue and Customs, will likely c

Adobe launches cross-platform AIR

News 25 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

Sitting alongside the likes of Java, Adobe's new application environment allows developers to create tools that will work across Windows, Mac and soon Linux systems.

Government launches next-gen broadband review

News 25 Feb, 2008 Maggie Holland

Given that high-speed, next-gen broadband is critical to our future economic success, the government has launched a review to investigate potential barriers.

Data breaches cost £47 per record

News 25 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

New research lays out the cost of a data breach in the UK, and finds most such incidents are caused by lost laptops or other devices.

Ofcom sells off more spectrum

News 25 Feb, 2008 Maggie Holland

BT, Orange and T-Mobile have all won radio spectrum suitable for wireless internet in the regulator's auction.

Cash machines at risk from hacker attacks

News 25 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Research claims that ATMs are susceptible to hackers because of their PC based operating systems and inadequate firewall protection.

LinkedIn goes mobile

News 25 Feb, 2008 Stephen Pritchard

Business social networking comes to the BlackBerry set.

M-commerce barriers starting to fall down

News 22 Feb, 2008 Maggie Holland

Analyst advises retailers to ensure they fully understand how consumers will use their mobiles to shop as tech barriers fall, but consumer challenges remain.

Malware grows as cyber criminal threat evolves

News 22 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Report shows that the malware code is becoming more intelligent and dangerous as it goes international, crossing language and cultural borders.

Children's database can never be fully secure

News 22 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

The government has agreed to accept the recommendations of a Deloitte report which has called into question the security aspects of the ContactPoint database.

Facebook, Bebo and MySpace on the slide

News 22 Feb, 2008 Barry Collins

Three of the world's leading social networking sites have received a painful lesson in reality, as they experience sharp drops in users.

Security expert reveals RFID credit card hack

News 22 Feb, 2008 Benny Har-Even

Expert takes to the stage at conference to demonstrate security flaws in RFID credit card technology.

Yorkshire hospital gives kids web, TV and VoIP for free

News 22 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Recent pilot offers children staying in Sheffield Children's Hospital free calls phone calls, satellite and freeview and internet access using custom 'bedhead' system.

Disk encryption easily defeated, research shows

News 22 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Princeton university has shown that common laptop disk encryption products for Microsoft, Apple Mac and Linux operating systems can be easily overcome.

Phishing attack targets HMRC data loss victims

News 22 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

A new phishing attack appears to be taking advantage of people's desire to be compensated after their records were lost last year.

Balloons to raise wireless service

News 22 Feb, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

Weather balloons could bring wireless service to regions not accessible by traditional means.

Skipton Financial lose unencrypted laptop

News 22 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

The finance sector loses an unencrypted laptop once again, but this time the company involved escapes with a slap on the wrist and a warning not to do it again.

Rightmove analyses website improvements

News 22 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

The largest online UK property website is using customer experience management software to enhance the visitor experience and increase agent leads.

End-users given a raw deal on software licences

News 21 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Major software providers accused of imposing unfair licences on computer users as well as confusing them with lengthy legal jargon.

Microsoft pledges to be more open

News 21 Feb, 2008 Barry Collins

The software giant has promised to be more open and share information about its top products in a move toward greater interoperability.

Public Sector Roundup: Tech cuts crime, waits and fat

News 21 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

North Yorkshire Police save £9.7 million with new software, an NHS trust cuts waiting times with real-time reporting, and text messages are being trialed in the fight against obesity.