EU backs Ofcom's broadband market deregulation

News 15 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

The EU endorses Ofcom proposals which will remove broadband regulation in much of the country, but analysts warn that the market still needs careful monitoring.

MWC 2008: Services key to making money from mobility

News 15 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Upgrading technology is important, but the monetisation of services is how operators will profit in the future, mobile leaders have said.

Oracle and SAP ordered into TomorrowNow mediation

News 15 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Oracle lawsuit against SAP support subsidiary moves into next phase, with judge deciding mediation is next best step.

MWC 2008: Photos from the show

News 15 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Ever wonder what happens at the largest mobile show in the world, the Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM) in Barcelona? Here's a few photos to give you a taste.

SCO gets $100m private equity bailout offer

News 15 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

The embattled Unix vendor whose litigation has led it almost into bankruptcy has been thrown a lifeline from a private equity firm and its partners.

BAA and Emirates trial RFID tagging luggage

News 15 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

Pilot project at Heathrow's Terminal 3 will involve 300,000 bags travelling between London, Hong Kong and Dubai being labelled with electronic radio tags to improve baggage handling efficiency an

Toshiba facing defeat on HD DVD

News 15 Feb, 2008 Benny Har-Even

As more US retailers go Blu-ray exclusive, HD DVD looks to be going through its final death throes.

Week in review: Yahoo spurns Microsoft, looks to Murdoch

News 15 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Yahoo keeps its options open, Apple cleans up after Leopard and small businesses face web competition.

MWC 2008: Photos from the show

Tutorials 15 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Those lucky enough to attend this year's Mobile World Congress will need no reminding of the stands full of shiny handsets, people full of cool ideas, or the crowds...

NetSuite posts sharp rise in earnings and users

News 15 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

With its first quarter and full-year results as a public company, the software-as-a-service vendor reports vastly improving financials and confirms plans for overseas expansion.

NHS laptop with patient records stolen

News 15 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Dudley Group of Hospitals insists a stolen laptop with over five thousand clinical records was adequately protected to avoid data breach problems.

Lack of influence for IT in the boardroom revealed

News 15 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

A survey reveals how IT management feel marginalised when business decisions are taken, in turn affecting day to day efficiency and a clear forward thinking strategy.

Michel Robert

The Midweek Interview: Michel Robert part two

News 15 Feb, 2008 Maggie Holland

Michel Robert, managing director, Claranet UK, details how the company differentiates itself in a competitive market through quality of service.

Southampton Uni embarks on DEPLOY IT project

News 14 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

University joins ambitious technology project to analyse and strengthen computer systems in response to increasingly dangerous threats.

Yahoo's takeover timeline

News 14 Feb, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

From the departure of a chief executive to the possible acquisition of a social networking giant, we chart a turbulent year for Yahoo.

Vista service pack fails to address compatibility

News 14 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Results of testing across core enterprise applications finds Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has no effect on improving compatibility with legacy apps.

MWC 2008: Emerging markets to lead mobile world

News 14 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Industry leaders have said that the developing markets will lead growth and innovation in the mobile world.

Palm Centro hits UK shores

News 14 Feb, 2008 Benny Har-Even

Latest Palm handset now available to pre-order via UK online store.

IT world lacks staff with skills, say execs

News 14 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

A global survey from non-profit body finds problems relating to IT staff resources and delivery have risen in the last 12 months.

Google Mail Security

Analysis & Insight 14 Feb, 2008 Ewan Spence

Just how secure is a Gmail account? And what lengths does one have to go to in order to regain access to an account if it is hacked?

Kaspersky warns of Valentine's day spam

News 14 Feb, 2008 Benny Har-Even

It's 14 February, so that can only mean one thing - yes, 'spam is in the air'.

New business storage from IBM

News 14 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

IBM outlines its upcoming releases in its storage profile, promising cost savings and consolidation.

MWC 2008: Nokia unveils Remade as leaders push for green

News 14 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Leaders in the mobile industry have called on their counterparts to make the sector as environmentally-friendly as possible, as Nokia displays a protype for a phone made from recycled materials.

HMRC in £60 million Airwave deal

News 14 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

HM Revenue and Customs has signed on to get safety communications system for its criminal and detection teams.

Outsourcing failing on strategic objectives

News 14 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

A new report has found outsourcing is delivering on cost reduction, but not on strategic change or process improvement.

Outsourcing creates boom in Indian IT jobs

News 14 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

The social and economic fabric of India is being transformed by the growth of IT, thanks to western offshoring.

MWC 2008: LG to jump on Android bandwagon

News 14 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

Korean phone maker is the latest high-profile name to commit to a device running Google's smartphone software platform.

MWC 2008: Billion mobile phones sold each year

News 13 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

More mobile phones are being bought than ever around the world, but mobile operators need to look more into the IT and consumer electronic market as growth slows in Europe.

Half of IT workers looking for new jobs

News 13 Feb, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

A new survey reveals how many IT professionals are looking for new jobs, but exactly why they're so unhappy at work is hard to discern.

MWC 2008: Vodafone's lessons learned from last year

News 13 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Arun Sarin, the head of the world's biggest mobile phone company, told attendees of the Mobile World Congress what he thinks operators and others in the industry must do to please customers.

Carbon neutral storage saves tons of emissions

News 13 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

3PAR has claimed emissions savings of 12,000 tons by switching to thin provisioning and buying offsets as part of its green initiative.

Ann Summers tracking increases delivery efficiency

News 13 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

GPRS tracking technology is helping the lingerie retailer improve customer service and increase operational efficiency in time for one of its busiest trading periods, Valentine's Day.

Hotelier aids compliance with internet monitoring

News 13 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

The Tifco Hotel group has deployed new security access management software to improve its control over staff use of the internet.

MWC 2008: GSMA head talks mobile

News 13 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Rob Conway tells attendees of the world's largest mobile industry gathering what his organisation wants from its members over the next year.

Valentine's heralds another 'Super Patch Tuesday'

News 13 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Addressing 17 vulnerabilities, Microsoft's largest security update for seven months is likely to keep administrators busy through Valentine's Day.

Skills shortage worsens, says NCC

News 13 Feb, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

But it may be good news for IT professionals, as a survey shows skilled IT professionals are in high demand and can expect increases in salaries in upcoming years.

MWC 2008: Mobile website population booming

News 13 Feb, 2008 Maggie Holland

The number of mobile websites has shot up by six times the figure reported by dotMobi in November.

MacBook Air sales below expectations?

News 13 Feb, 2008 Benny Har-Even

While the world's thinnest laptop has garnered a lot of attention, the interest hasn't translated into high sales, according to a new report.

MWC 2008: Microsoft aims for mobile middle ground

News 13 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Video: The Windows Mobile software maker believes smartphones should be designed to be used for business and personal use - as that's what people are using them for.