Week in review: Cameras looking through clothes and no techie sex!

News 14 Mar, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

We look at powerful security cameras and the sex lives of tech obsessives. Also this week, HSBC has security certification problems and Orange updates its mobile broadband charges

Google takes a pop at iPhone

News 14 Mar, 2008 Barry Collins

Google fires off opening salvo in battle between iPhone and Google's Android-based devices, claiming that Apple's phone has a "lot of restrictions".

UPDATED - Yahoo gives Microsoft chance to pitch merger vision at meeting

News 14 Mar, 2008 Reuters

The saga continues as Yahoo sits down to listen to Microsoft's vision of a united company at a meeting last Monday.

Government pledges innovation and skills development

News 13 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

The government has set out its strategic policy to increase demand and create new markets for innovation and skills in the UK.

Microsoft acquires another virtualisation vendor

News 13 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

The software giant buys desktop virtualisation firm Kidaro to boost its optimisation offering for its Software Assurance programme.

NHS reaches one million ERS users

News 13 Mar, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

National Health Service (NHS) becomes one of the world's largest implementations of Oracle's human resources management system.

Super Aguri extends wireless for new season

News 13 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

Formula 1 team gains new wireless networking partner with extension of Wi-Fi to more team areas, increasing its ability to communicate directly with its Japanese headquarters.

The 'digital universe' shows explosive growth

News 13 Mar, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

White paper highlights the vast amount of digital information out there, and what it will mean for the business world.

AOL snaps up Bebo for $850 million

News 13 Mar, 2008 Maggie Holland

AOL acquires Bebo to beef up its social networking reach.

North Yorkshire signs key network transformation deal

News 13 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

The local authority has announced a deal to move to a single, core high-speed network in support of shared services IT transformation programme.

Breach makes waves in web application security

News 13 Mar, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Breach Security upgrades its flagship software, as CEO speaks to IT PRO about the growing threat against web applications

Acer launches Blu-ray Gemstone laptops

News 13 Mar, 2008 Stuart Turton

The company has confirmed rumours of Blu-ray powered laptop range.

Will Windows 7 arrive sooner than we thought?

News 13 Mar, 2008 Barry Collins

The Redmond giant gives version of Windows 7 to the US government, perhaps suggesting that Vista's successor may be ready to roll next year.

Budget garners muted response from IT industry

News 12 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

With little or no new legislation concerning the skills development, procurement and use of IT by UK business, Alistair Darling's budget appears to hold little interest for trade and industry bod

Microsoft releases Windows Aero inspired keyboard

News 12 Mar, 2008 Benny Har-Even

Wireless keyboard set sports Vista inspired design cues and ergonomic layout along with rechargeable mouse.

BT launches RingCentral for small businesses

News 12 Mar, 2008 Maggie Holland

Communications giant unveils new virtual phone system.

Card fraud abroad up claims APACS

News 12 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

After two years of consecutive reductions in UK card fraud losses, APACS full-year figures shows fraud in countries yet to implement chip and PIN has pushed fraud levels back up.

IT managers fear remote working data leaks

News 12 Mar, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Businesses are concerned over potential security issues arising from remote working and guest network access, according to report.

Microsoft target Office with Patch Tuesday blitz

News 12 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

The software vendor's monthly round of software updates places hackers' attentions firmly on its productivity suite, including an Excel exploit that's been in the wild for weeks.

AMD announces new CIO

News 12 Mar, 2008 Maggie Holland

Chip maker appoints Dell veteran to its technology infrastructure role.

Report claims UK dumps 12.5 million computers a year

News 12 Mar, 2008 Stuart Turton

12.5 million working computers are dumped in landfills every year, according to new research.

Digital divide between Generation Y and management

News 12 Mar, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Graduates and managers disagree about whether newer methods of communication like webcams and IM are suitable for the workplace.

Berners-Lee puts web science on the IT agenda

News 11 Mar, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

The inventor of the web sheds light on work that combines social and technological research to guide the future use of online environments.

Orange extends mobile broadband tariffs

News 11 Mar, 2008 Maggie Holland

Operator has tweaked its Business Everywhere mobile broadband rates.

News Corp cools interest in Yahoo deal

News 11 Mar, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

The media giant has dropped its interest in doing a deal with the internet company, removing an important obstacle in Microsoft's plans for a potential takeover.

Mozilla launches Firefox 3 Beta 4

News 11 Mar, 2008 Stuart Turton

Firefox Beta 4 is unveiled, but there's still no confirmed release date.

Green IT causing data centre confusion

News 11 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

Organisations are adopting green initiatives but they're unsure how it will impact data centre efficiency and are wary of vendor hype.

O2 expands Xda line with Atmos

News 11 Mar, 2008 Benny Har-Even

HTC's latest handset arrives on O2 in the guise of the Atmos, featuring both a slide out QWERTY keyboard and a numeric keypad.

AstraZeneca outsources clinical data management

News 11 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

In the largest deal of it kind, the lead on the pharmaceutical giant's project to centralise and streamline key research and development process delivery speaks exclusively to IT PRO about its an

UK IT workers facing tough competition from foreign recruits

News 11 Mar, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

IT workers from around the world are in high demand in the UK, new statistics show.

University of Birmingham extends Wi-Fi network

News 11 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

Campus-wide Wi-Fi coverage is scheduled for completion by the end of this year, with the roll out of new access point networking technology to offer students, staff and visitors fully redundant networ

UK businesses aware of Green IT potential

News 10 Mar, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

White paper shows that the majority of UK companies are generally well aware of the green IT agenda compared to the rest of Europe.

BT boss may delay departure

News 10 Mar, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

Ben Verwaayen, the current chief executive of the British telco may wait until 2009 and a better financial climate before stepping down.

Majority of UK say 'businesses not doing enough on security'

News 10 Mar, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Research shows that British users lack the trust that the rest of Europe has over the efforts of businesses to keep their details secure.

Laptop demand to sustain 2008 PC growth

News 10 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

Latest IDC analyst predictions are for another 'buoyant' year for this region's PC market, driven in Western Europe in particular by multiple-device households or laptop refresh cycles.

IT spending defies economic gravity

News 10 Mar, 2008 Maggie Holland

Tech expenditure is tipped to beat inflation, according to the NCC.

Bernard Matthews deploys 'bootiful' data comms

News 10 Mar, 2008 Miya Knights

The turkey farmer brand has cuts data processing costs by up to 25 per cent with a unified electronic trading platform.

OOXML: Standards for accepting standards

In-depth 10 Mar, 2008 Richard Hillesley

After the Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM) of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) failed to resolve the differences around Microsoft's proposed OOXML standard, what happens next?