Students want school tech

News 21 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

The vast majority of UK students believe knowledge about technology is necessary to landing a decent job - good thing so many of them have their own computers, then.

Screwfix supports store growth with e-recruitment

News 21 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

The building and DIY retailer's use of online recruitment software is paying dividends that will help in its ambitious store expansion programme.

Is PHP ready for enterprise?

Analysis & Insight 21 Feb, 2008 Barney Hanlon

Zend's recent successes and partnerships with Microsoft, Rackspace and others may be signalling that open source programming language PHP is ready to take on Java in the enterprise market.

Open XML debate a 'riot', says analyst

News 21 Feb, 2008 Barry Collins

Ovum's David Mitchell has said the Open XML battle features "decent orderly protestors and nutters".

A1 Housing mobilises for efficiency

News 21 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

New mobile technologies will enable maintenance teams to complete more jobs per day and deliver a more effective service to the Nottinghamshire association's tenants.

Top port firm cuts IT, boosts speed

News 21 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Inchcape Shipping Services has used Cisco to help centralise its services, helping to cut its IT footprint by 85 per cent and boost its networks by 50 per cent.

North Lincolnshire mobilises health workers

News 20 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Five-year deal to supply community nurses with mobile technology follows a pilot that demonstrated savings of more then £400 per week per clinician.

UK firm develops 'exploding dye pack' laptop

News 20 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

A British company has developed a potential answer to preventing high-profile laptop data losses, using mobile phone signals and a built-in 'self destruct' function.

Government's business leader warns on flexible working

News 20 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

The business secretary John Hutton has said further legislation on the right to flexible working could cause trouble for companies.

Microsoft goes public with second XP Service Pack test

News 20 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Release candidate 2 of XP Service Pack 3 is now available for public download following a successful private beta test, suggesting a final release is close at hand.

HP bucks trend with strong first quarter results

News 20 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

With profits up 38 per cent, the vendor has bucked the tech downturn trend and raised its forecast for the year ahead.

Apple X-cites with SAN upgrade

News 20 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

New upgrade released as Apple provides more options for SAN users and administrators.

A1 Lofts rebuilds back office computing

News 20 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

IT deployment sees the construction firm switch to open source CRM and content management, as well as overhaul email and customer management.

Swinton overhauls insurance by phone

News 20 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

High street insurance chain invests over £2 million in IP telephony to improve call handling and internal communications across 450 sites.

Sun switches chip production to TSMC

News 20 Feb, 2008 Benny Har-Even

TSMC taking over from TI thanks to its 45nm technology.

HSDPA added to Laptop Guardian

News 20 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

Alcatel Lucent's remote security and management device comes to the UK and Europe with support for GSM and 3G mobile networks, as well as high speed cellular data services.

Alcatel Lucent targets the 'Dynamic Enterprise'

News 20 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

Post merger, the communications technology maker outlines a strategy for the enterprise that is big on wireless connectivity, security, authentication and integration of systems.

Prosecutors' turn for data scandal

News 20 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

The Crown Prosecution Service has admitted it mislaid a disc with the details of 2,000 criminals for over a year.

Microsoft offers free software to students

News 20 Feb, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

Software giveaway hopes to encourage next generation of developers and programmers to use Microsoft technology.

Specsavers in £4.5 million Vanco network deal

News 20 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Opticians group signs up for five-year agreement with virtual network operator to manage its global WAN.

Google tipped as UK's biggest ad channel

News 20 Feb, 2008 Matthew Sparkes

The search giant has overtaken TV channels such as ITV and Channel 4 to become the largest advertising channel in the UK, according to an analyst.

Rackspace's Zend deal boosts comms firm's response

News 19 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Online response times are up 350 per cent for markettiers4dc after it rolled out the Zend Platform via Rackspace.

Hull College moves to e-invoicing

News 19 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

New document management and imaging technology will automate the approvals process for one of the UK's largest colleges and extend electronic capabilities to other records.

First Direct upgrades banking security with VeriSign

News 19 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

First Direct quietly rolls out a more secure form of validation through its website, but only Internet Explorer users will be able to see the full benefits.

National Computing Centre sells off CIO Connect

News 19 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

IT manager forum CIO Connect goes independent after being bought out by a management team led by its own chief executive.

Science Museum unveils internet 'Listening Post'

News 19 Feb, 2008 Maggie Holland

The museum has teamed up with the London Art Fund to showcase a unique exhibit that lets people eavesdrop on the world wide web.

New tool claims to allay Facebook concerns

News 19 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

New WorkBook application launched today in the UK secures access to social networking productivity tools like Facebook for use at work.

Use Photoshop CS3 for business graphics

Tutorials 19 Feb, 2008 Simon Bisson

Getting the right image for your business is becoming more and more important. Brands need to work across multiple media - from print to the web to mobile, and beyond.

Recession fears don't scare IT workers

News 19 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Just one in 10 IT contractors are concerned about finding work faced with the predicted economic downturn looming, a new survey has found.

Data Domain goes remote

News 19 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Deduplication storage firm extends its focus from data centres to remote office backup with new product announcement.

Symantec upgrades security for Windows Server 2008

News 19 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Windows data protection and disaster recovery software for small and large businesses released in time for big Microsoft launch.

Internet pub quiz relies on server virtualisation

News 19 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

National Quiz handles demand for its internet-based games with a hosted VMware platform for flexibility and scalability.

BPM end-users look for social tools

News 19 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

The BPM market is growing fast, but users demand more interaction while businesses are still reluctant to take BPM enterprise wide.

Stratus extends fault tolerant support to VMware

News 19 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

ftServer claims only hardware platform for continuously available virtualisation as first line of defence for mission-critical application infrastructures.

BBC strikes iTunes deal with Apple

News 19 Feb, 2008 Stuart Turton

BBC shows and some of its back catalogue now available through iTunes.

Toshiba confirms death of HD DVD

News 19 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

The format war ends with victory for Blu-ray, as the primary backer of the HD DVD format issues a statement to investors confirming that it is dropping the technology.

BT hits back at claims of mobile trouble

News 18 Feb, 2008 Elizabeth Wolfe

The monopoly telco has played down national newspaper claims that its mobile phone division is struggling amid falling consumer sales and product flops.

The HD DVD vs Blu-Ray format war timeline

News 18 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

With the next-generation DVD format war as good as won, IT PRO looks back at the stories that have shaped this market battle for supremacy.

IT managers work too hard

News 18 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

The vast majority of IT managers are working overtime, despite it hurting their productivity, morale and skills development, according to new research.

Elonex to announce £99 Eee PC rival

News 18 Feb, 2008 Matthew Sparkes

UK computer company to launch sub-£100 notebook for the education sector, going head-to-head with Asus' Linux-based Eee.