Google unveils new SaaS security applications

News 5 Feb, 2008 Maggie Holland

Company tries to ensure the smallest and the biggest organisations benefit from the same levels of security with new products.

Vista service pack set for imminent release

News 5 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

Microsoft confirms the long-awaited update for its latest desktop operating system has been passed to PC makers, signalling a public release soon.

HSBC invests in new London data centre

News 5 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

London-based, custom data centre facility will serve as cornerstone to banking giant's European IT infrastructure.

Your views on the news: Bill Gates' UK swan song

News 4 Feb, 2008 Maggie Holland

Readers say whether they rate or hate when it comes to Microsoft's chairman.

O2 launches professional services arm

News 4 Feb, 2008 Maggie Holland

The mobile giant is building on its heritage in the communications space by creating a dedicated professional services team for enterprise customers.

Microsoft software pirates sent to jail

News 4 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

A blow against piracy around the world as the law finally catches up with software-copying crime syndicate.

West Bromwich re-writes financial BI

News 4 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

The mutual building society has embarked on a project to introduce Cognos business intelligence to improve its decision-making processes and ability to compete in the financial services market.

Online 'wiki' business directory launches in the UK

News 4 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Brownbook offers businesses the opportunity to promote by reputation rather than by spending money.

Security testing closes the backdoor

News 4 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Updated internet-based application testing service launches in UK with new capability to test for backdoor vulnerabilities.

UK mobile phone users stuck in 2003 time warp

News 4 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Despite a perceived improvement in the services on offer, very few users are adopting and using new functionality due to a lack of awareness, an analyst has said.

Egypt forecasting internet problems for another 10 days

News 4 Feb, 2008 Reuters

Damage to undersea cables last week continues to disrupt data traffic in parts of the Middle East and Asia.

Lenovo turns to Ericsson for integrated 3G

News 4 Feb, 2008 Reuters Chris Green IT Pro

Swedish telecoms maker and Chinese PC company collaborate to integrate mobile broadband modems in laptops.

Demand for tougher data breach legislation

Analysis & Insight 4 Feb, 2008 Ash Dosanjh

Lost laptops and missing discs could mean legal trouble, as the media spotlight on data breaches gives weight to calls for tougher legislation - but is encouraging best practice a wiser move?

Doctors wary on NHS database security

News 4 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

More than nine in 10 doctors polled by the British Medical Association have said they doubt the government's ability to keep patient data safe.

Google blasts Microsoft's bid for Yahoo

News 4 Feb, 2008 Stuart Turton

Google is far from happy with Microsoft's bid for Yahoo, claiming the proposed deal is much "more than simply a financial transaction."

Microsoft's Yahoo bid faces challenges, say analysts

News 1 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Analysts have a chilly response over Microsoft's $44 billion bid for Yahoo, saying even if it passes antitrust laws, the merger will be complex and risky.

Gartner: Apple to double computer market share

News 1 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Analyst firm's predictions for 2008 show that Apple, mobile working and the environment may have a big impact on IT in the near future.

Public Sector Roundup: Cash for education IT

News 1 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

Eduserv has announced £300,000 in research projects, Aberdeen trials Cisco telehealth and a local government group has called for better use of e-petitions.

BT acquires e-commerce firm

News 1 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Expedite to take on Fresca in a deal designed to complete the BT retail technology division's multichannel proposition.

National Trust Spices up catering systems

News 1 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

The British heritage organisation has bought a new hospitality management system to manage its 150 public restaurants.

Internet video forcing carrier network rethink

News 1 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

Massive growth in services such as YouTube, TV on-demand and high definition content is putting pressure on carriers and ISPs to rethink and restructure their networks to cope, networking vendor'

Allied Telesis revamps Gigabit switches

News 1 Feb, 2008 Chris Green

Updated range of established stackable Layer 2 Gigabit enterprise products unveiled as carrier networking vendors target the enterprise and mid-tier business market.

Google earnings grow, but fall short of expectations

News 1 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

Fourth quarter results show strong growth, just short of expectations, as internet giant has designs on growing international market share.

Updated: Microsoft bids $44.6 billion for Yahoo

News 1 Feb, 2008 Nicole Kobie

The software giant has offered $31 per share for the web firm, saying such a tie-up would create a billion dollars in synergies.

Vodafone posts strong end of 2007 results

News 1 Feb, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Results top growth forecast as robust Q3 figures show that Christmas was kind to the mobile phone giant.

Fortune 500 alliance targets web 2.0 security

News 1 Feb, 2008 Miya Knights

In measure of its growing popularity in the business world, web 2.0 development has been boosted by the launch of a new large enterprise forum.

Tax extension after website fails

News 31 Jan, 2008 Stuart Turton

HMRC has extended its deadline for self assessments after its website crashed earlier today.

VMware adds virtual desktop manager

News 31 Jan, 2008 Nicole Kobie

The virtualisation firm has added a new manager to its virtual desktop solution, saying such a move shows it is serious about the desktop.

Mobile banking on the rise

News 31 Jan, 2008 Miya Knights

Analysts predict that increasing levels of transactions conducted via mobile will lead to a 'gold rush' for the financial service industry.

Availability overtakes security as IT concern

News 31 Jan, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

Businesses are looking at the bigger picture when it comes to IT risk, although security is still a big issue.

Where next for LinkedIn?

Analysis & Insight 31 Jan, 2008 Simon Brew

Considered the social networking platform for enterprise professionals and grown-ups, LinkedIn is facing increasing speculation about its value, future direction and ownership....

Miss Bill Gates' UK swan song?

News 31 Jan, 2008 Maggie Holland

Did you miss the software giant's chairman in his last official UK outing? Wonder what you would have heard had you been there? Check out all that went on here.

An Audience with Bill Gates

Analysis & Insight 31 Jan, 2008 Maggie Holland

Hear what Microsoft's chairman Bill Gates had to say during his last official visit to the UK before he 'retires' later this year.

Too many cooks spoil the broth in IT strategy

News 31 Jan, 2008 Asavin Wattanajantra

CIOs are losing their influence because too many people think they themselves are qualified in taking responsibility for IT.

Pay jumps for financial IT contractors

News 31 Jan, 2008 Nicole Kobie

The credit crunch doesn't look likely to hurt financial contractors, as recent research by Atsco has shown pay is at its highest level in two years.

Littlewoods targets online performance

News 31 Jan, 2008 Miya Knights

The latest in a long-term programme of work to modernise its IT infrastructure sees the UK's leading home shopping retailer targeting website performance with new monitoring systems.

Happy Birthday Vista: One year old today

News 30 Jan, 2008 Maggie Holland

A year ago today Microsoft sounded the fanfare for the consumer - and some say official - launch of Windows Vista.

Gates crystal ball gazes the future of tech

News 30 Jan, 2008 Maggie Holland

Last UK speech in current role is used to demonstrate Microsoft Surface on eve of CRM 4.0 launch.

Google unveils faster, cleverer mobile search

News 30 Jan, 2008 Maggie Holland

The search giant has taken the wraps of its latest mobile search innovation.