4G road sign

EE 4G network switched on in another 13 large towns


Network operator pushes ahead with goal to have 98% of the UK 4G-ready by end of 2014


Rural broadband: still life on a branch line

Analysis & Insight

The UK now boasts some of the best average broadband speeds in Europe, but this still leaves a large number of businesse

Dropbox logo

Dropbox launches new Pro features including 1TB storage


Dropbox has launched new features for its Pro business users, putting security at the top of its list

Windows XP

Windows XP SP4 unofficial download incoming


The download has been created by a developer who was disgruntled that Microsoft withdrew support for the OS


Israel's tech start-ups "thriving" despite unrest


How are Israel's tech start-ups faring in the face of the ongoing conflict? Rosie Clarke investigates

Windows 9 could have interactive live tiles


Microsoft is planning to include interactive live tiles and a new notification system as part of Windows 9


Gmail app hack: Why it's unlikely to derail your BYOD plans

Analysis & Insight

Davey Winder takes a closer look at last week's news about the 92 per cent success rate of the Gmail app hack

Intel builds tiny 3G modem for the wearable tech market


Intel claims to have created the world's smallest 3G modem, which is the size of a one pence piece

HP recalls "overheating" notebook power cables


Hardware giant issues worldwide recall notice over faulty AC power cables

4 Enterprise VA review


UK-based virtualised server load balancing at good value

iPhone 6 release facing delays after screen blunder


Apple has hit a snag with the production of its iPhone 6 screens, possibly delaying the launch


Twitch gets hit with DDoS attack by the Lizard Squad


Hacking collective claims responsibility for DDoS attack that knocked Amazon's latest purchase offline

South Korean data breach results in 220m records stolen


16 people have been arrested for stealing personal details of half the population

Privacy signs

Secret app hack allows access to personal data


The application, which is supposed to protect your identity, was hacked by security experts

Data breach

Ministry of Justice fined £180k over lost unencrypted hard drives


Ministry of Justice hit by ICO fine after failing to ensure prisoners' data was encrypted


Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme review


A £2,500 machine designed to handle the toughest conditions

iPhone 5 free battery replacement programme to hit UK this week


Apple to replace faulty batteries in a "very small percentage" of iPhone 5 smartphones

Mozilla launches cheap smartphone in India


Mozilla are releasing their first low-cost Firefox smartphone in India, dubbed the Intex Cloud FX

iPhone 6 will not feature reversible USB cables, reports claim


Apple is rumoured to be introducing a redesigned power adapter with the release of the iPhone 6

Amazon snaps up Twitch for $970 million in cash


Twitch turns down Google as it wants to retain independence

Internet Explorer

Microsoft facing Chinese antitrust probe over Media Player & IE distribution


Software giant finds itself at centre of another investigation into its competitive behaviour

Google must add steering wheels and brake pedals to self-driving cars


California's Department of Motor Vehicles says the cars aren't safe in their current form


Sony PlayStation network knocked offline by cyber attack


The Sony PlayStation network was targeted in a DDoS attack

multi-channel retail

Regent Street Beacon Project rolled out to 120 retailers


Regent Street shoppers reaping benefits of personalised smartphone offers and alerts

The internet of things

Mini-wireless sensors to help smartphones monitor household items


European start-up Estimote debuts mini-wireless sensors for the home


London SMBs suffer sluggish broadband speeds


CEBR research suggest the capitals SMBs are failing to get a good return on their comms investments

MacBook Pro 13in vs Surface Pro 3 review: Which is better?


OS X and Windows 8.1 battle it out to see is if the hybrid is better than the laptop

Internet search

Google “right to be forgotten”: Everything you need to know


Google has begun to remove search results under the “right to be forgotten” ruling.


Windows Phone popularity set to outstrip BlackBerry in UK


Microsoft is on course to overtake BlackBerry as third most popular OS in the UK with the Windows Phone

Security weakness uncovered in Android, Windows & iOS by researchers


A team of engineers have identified a serious security weakness in phones across iOS, Android and Windows

Windows logo

Windows 9 developer launch date set for 30 September


The update will include design tweaks and the re-introduction of the Smart Menu


Opera Mini now default browser on budget Windows devices


The browser to be pre-installed on the company's Nokia Series 30+, Series 40 and Asha software platforms

UPS data breach: Customer payment card details compromised


Parcel delivery firm confirms data breach following malware attack on 51 of its 4,500 US stores

App store

Online spending: Taking up the £100bn opportunity

Analysis & Insight

Online retail spending continues to grow rapidly. Businesses that are not prepared will be leaving money on the table

Spam email

ICO raids Welsh claims management firm over nuisance text alerts


Data protection watchdog said raid will help it ascertain whether or not to take enforcement action

HTC One M8 Windows Phone: Further release date information


Despite being announced as a Verizon exclusive, the HTC Windows Phone will hit more carriers including AT&T

Introducing the Cloud Pro app


Download the app on Android or iOS devices to keep up to date with cloud news, reviews, analysis and insight

iPad Air 2 tipped to receive 2GB RAM boost


Apple will be adding to the RAM of its next-generation 9.7-inch iPad, increasing it to 2GB in line with various Android

Hypercat gets £1.6m extra funding for Internet of Things work


Hypercat’s work to develop an open standard for the internet of things is to receive additional funding from the UK Gove