Mt. Gox allows users to check bitcoin balance


Website updated for customers to verify wallets.

video key

New video platform has YouTube and Vimeo in its sights


Wonder wants to be 'Whole Foods' of online video. – the tip of the iceberg

Analysis & Insight

Moving off XP a bigger problem than Millennium Bug.


Pwn2Own competition finds exploits in major browsers


Firefox most common target of participants in this year's competition.

Windows cash machine

Banks to pay Microsoft millions to keep cash machines running Windows XP


April deadline looms large but 95 per cent of all ATMs still run the ancient OS.

data leaks

BT under investigation for ‘exposing user credentials’


ICO investigating data practices during email migration.


Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet review


A great piece of hardware limited by the Windows RT operating system.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs told execs not to pursue Apple TV


It's a terrible business and the margins suck, according to Jobs.

Cyber Security Challenge winner wants to "do some good in the world"


Will Shackleton beat 41 other competitors to win the two-day cyber attack challenge


NATO websites hit in cyber attack


Hacking linked to Crimea unrest.

GoDaddy eyes potential IPO


Web company could go public this year.

Croydon Tech City: A start-up saviour or another flop?

Analysis & Insight

Tom Brewster doesn't seem too impressed with the latest tech innovations to come out of London...

Step 2: Keep your drivers and patches up-to-date

Web app security patches: Closing the risk window

Analysis & Insight

Web application vendors are taking, on average, 11 days to provide critical fixes.

Windows apps tailored for your business


In addition to the thousands of apps ready to download from the Windows Store, businesses can create apps that serve the

Smartphone gamers help out with cancer research fight


Citizen scientists help cut time taken on cancer research from six months to one.

Gates: Snowden "no hero"


Some government surveillance is best kept secret says Microsoft founder.

Microsoft HQ sign

Free OneNote for Mac release rumours surface


Desktop app could be released in spring 2014.


Cancer scare hoax email hits thousands


Sick message could plant virus on computer instead

Office 365 logo

Office 365 Personal plan launched by Microsoft


Microsoft’s Personal Office 365 plan will be available on an annual or monthly subscription

Toshiba and SanDisk sue over alleged industrial espionage


Tech partners claim rival SK Hynix stole product information.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO phoned Obama to complain about spying


Zuckerberg claims companies expect to be fighting criminals "not our own government".

Boris Johnson wants to make London world’s tech capital


Nine tech business leaders appointed as London Tech Ambassadors.

Funds raised by Ofcom 4G spectrum auction deemed acceptable by NAO


Watchdog's report concludes 4G auction was fair and competitive, but the jury's still out on its efficiency.

The worldwide web at 25: business' window on the world

Analysis & Insight

What are businesses making of an invention many CIOs dismissed as a gimmick?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee Reddit AMA: Top 10 answers


Inventor of the World Wide Web answers questions on the 25th anniversary.

Samsung Galaxy backdoor discovered by developer


Vulnerability allows for remote read/write capabilities.

UK tops Ofcom's European broadband leaderboard


Ofcom’s European Broadband Scorecard study shows the UK leads the way.

Computer spy

Agent.BTZ spyware hit Europe hard after US military attack


Kaspersky Lab claims 400,000 Russian and European computers have been infected.

NSA 'hijacked' botnets, according to Snowden leak


Criminal networks used to install software on PCs.

European Parliament votes in favour of EU-wide data protection reform


Long-awaited reforms to European data protection legislation move one step closer.

Smart pedestrian crossing initiative gathers momentum in London


London Mayor Boris Johnson has welcomed the smart technology programme, which aims to ease congestion and increase road

Education and skills blackboard

CBI calls for tuition fee cuts for STEM subjects


Business lobby outlines proposals to get more people to pursue STEM careers.


The worldwide web is 25: 10 ways the internet revolutionised our lives


The web has changed everything from the way we shop to how we communicate.

Berners-Lee calls for Bill of Rights for the web


World Wide Web founder wants human rights to be applied.

3D printing used to rebuild man’s face


Motorbike crash victim receives pioneering treatment to fix facial damage.

Wordpress sites used to perform DDoS attacks


162,000 legitimate Wordpress sites performed the attacks using pingbacks and trackbacks.

WWW helpers

The web at 25: Where next?

Analysis & Insight

As the world wide web celebrates its birthday, Simon takes stock of what's happened so far, and the big tests ahead


Twitter crashes for second time in nine days


Social network service Twitter blames software glitch for second crash in nine days.

US watchdog considers bitcoin regulation


Derivatives regulator looks at whether electronic currencies such as bitcoin need to be regulated.


The rich list: Who are the wealthiest people in IT?

Analysis & Insight

It's all about the money as we run down the top 10 richest people in tech.