Microsoft announces £15 phone without data connectivity


Microsoft are set to launch a budget range of phones, despite pledging to phase out existing low-cost models

Google partners with The Sun for children’s ‘Code Camp’


Google and The Sun are working together on a computer programming campaign aimed at teaching children to code

OS X 10.10 Yosemite beta 5 brings design updates and more


Apple has released OS X 10.10 Yosemite beta 5 for developers, bringing some new and updated features

iOS 8 beta 5 integrates Maps info into iPhone’s Recents list


iOS 8 beta 5 will now take information from the Maps app and place it in iPhone’s Recents list

Internet Explorer

Microsoft to cease support for all older versions of IE by 2016


Microsoft gives users and firms two years to get up to date before pulling plug on older versions of IE


Raspberry Pi Model B+ review


The Model B+ squeezes more USB ports and 40 GPIO pins onto the handheld form-factor


Foldable robot constructed from children's toy


The machine has been created by researchers at the Wyss Institute and can operate by itself, without any human intervent

Patch Tuesday

Microsoft August Patch Tuesday update offers nine updates


The fixes address Internet Explorer, Windows, Office, SQL Server, and Sharepoint vulnerabilities

Excel for iPad: Top 10 tips


Juggle your spreadsheets on the iPad with our guide to the Excel app

Windows logo

Windows 9 to drop Charms bar and add virtual desktops


Windows 9 has plans to drop the maligned Charms bar while adding virtual desktops to Threshold

IBM creates SyNapse chip to mimic brain functionality


Low-power chip crams in one million programmable neurons onto a stamp

Software market growth

Windows XP end-of-life is not driving PC market, says Intel


Chipmaker also touts ROI and productivity benefits of a a two-year refresh cycle


Arcserve UDP review


Arcserve's UDP is its biggest release ever and takes backup to the next level


Yahoo set to implement end-to-end mail encryption


Sets 2015 date for enhanced security of all its users’ communications

Edward Snowden awarded three-year Russian permit


The former US intelligence contractor is working in an IT-related job, although he has a modest living

Malware on binary

Dell hails rise in malware-housing media files


Hardware giant's security researcher warns use of "digital steganography" is set to rise

One millionth superfast broadband connection installed


Culture Secretary Sajid Javid said the nationwide rollout is on track to get superfast broadband to 95% of the UK by 201


Dell sounds alarm over network-hijacking cryptocurrency thefts


Researchers from Dell SecureWorks share details of a recent run of cryptocurrency thefts


Ex-BBC CTO John Linwood "unfairly dismissed", tribunal rules


Employment tribunal finds in Linwood's favour, after he was sacked over failed DMI project

Google Glass-alike tech for cars introduced by Navdy


Startup company Navdy have unveiled a new smart display for cars that’s set to compete with Google Glass

security key on keyboard

UK tech skills gap could increase risk of cyber attacks


Industry heads across the UK have warned that a lack of skills in cyber security could leave businesses more vulnerable


Surface Pro 3 review: A Windows hybrid worth buying?


A great 12in display, flexible kickstand and decent keyboard make this a tempting 2-in-1

Internet search

Google to demote HTTPS-less websites in search results


Google has set out plans to award websites with HTTPS deployed higher search rankings

Pinterest introduces private messaging for users


Pinterest has finally introduced a private messaging feature for users to communicate with each other

Facebook hires former BlackBerry exec for app


Facebook has brought in former BlackBerry executive Andrew Bocking to work on the app

Microsoft HQ sign

Microsoft tips off US police to man storing child abuse images in OneDrive


Software giant's role in arrest of man accused of sharing child abuse images confirmed

Vodafone completes 4G voice call tests


Vodafone is the first UK network to test voice over LTE and said it was a sucess

Click here for malware

FBI uncovers paedophiles using malware


The US investigation agency infiltrated child abuse websites and installed malware on users' computers

Easing off the tablets

Analysis & Insight

Analyst research suggests tablet sales are flattening, but the decline in notebook sales may be halting too

Data breach

CryptoLocker victims offered free file decryption service


FireEye has teamed up with Fox-IT to unlock CryptoLocker victims' files for free

online censorship

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales blasts “right to be forgotten” ruling


The founder of Wikipedia has commented further on the recent removal of links from Google under the “right to be forgott

PayPal's authentication is no challenge for one hacker


The white hat hacker said he could bypass the two-step security measures used to protect customer accounts

4G: Everything you need to know

Analysis & Insight

With 4G being rapidly rolled out across the UK, we take a look at the potential benefits and problems that come with it

Wikipedia logo

Wikipedia has rejected all requests to remove/alter content since 2012


Wikipedia has released its first ever transparency report, revealing details of requests received since 2012

4G mast

O2 launches £10/month 4G contract for the public sector


Third sector organisations will also be able to take advantage of mobile operator's new £10 a month 4G deal

How Paddy Power gambled against its customers' security

Analysis & Insight

Davey Winder lets rip over Paddy Power's decision to tell customers about a data breach that happened four years ag

Data breach

Russian cyber gang steal 1.2 billion usernames & passwords


Security researchers claim haul could constitute the world's largest data breach

iPhone 6 launch date pencilled in for 9 September


Apple expected to unveil two big-screen iPhones

legal hammer

Facebook under scrutiny for privacy policy


Class action lawsuit has been signed by 17,000 people

Dell working on mood-reading software


Dell is developing software capable of identifying the current mood of the user