Online piracy

Piracy warnings to be emailed to perpetrators


Those who repeatedly download pirated material will receive up to four warnings advising them of the law

iOS 8 will include Ask to Buy feature, Apple confirms


Google has said it will stop calling apps with in-app purchases free, while Apple will add an Ask to Buy feature to iOS

BBM for Windows Phone beta app now available


BlackBerry details new features for BBM, now available in beta form on Windows Phone


Three to offer free Wi-Fi to customers on the London Underground


Joins other mobile operators on Virgin Media-backed network on the tube

Dropbox logo

Is Dropbox fit for business?

Analysis & Insight

It's brought cloud storage to the masses, but is Dropbox a lifesaver or a threat?

Facebook keyboard

Facebook to let users buy goods via ads & page posts


Social networking giant trials the inclusion of a "Buy" button on adverts and company page posts in the US


Lenovo ThinkServer TD340 review


Lenovo’s ThinkServer TD340 tower server packs in the storage and beats Dell in the value stakes

BlackBerry 10.3: Release date & features


BlackBerry 10.3 will debut on the 4.5in Passport handset. Here's everything we know so far

Microsoft to ditch Android from Nokia X phones


Android experiment over as Microsoft gets behind Windows Phone

Apple and IBM: a new alliance

Analysis & Insight

Apple and IBM have joined forces to create new business apps for mobile devices

Electric car

UK government leads green car strategy


New central government car and van fleets will be powered by electricity

Internet search

Google and Microsoft to discuss Right to be Forgotten


The two tech companies have been invited alongside Yahoo to converse with EU privacy officials

BT launches One Phone service for mobile


BT One Phone has been launched for small and medium business use on employees’ mobiles

Is Stella the solar powered car of the future?

Analysis & Insight

With a range of 700km, solar power looks suitable enough to power next-gen cars

Microsoft job cuts: 18,000 workers will be gone by June 2015


Nokia staff to make up the brunt of those axed

Apple & IBM enterprise partnership hits BlackBerry hard


BlackBerry's share price crashes after IBM & Apple announce plans to develop business focused apps for iPad use

Jibo the social robot gets $300k funding in 24 hours


MIT professor wants Jibo the robot to be part of your family

BlackBerry 10.3 release to feature Siri-like voice assistant


BlackBerry 10.3 OS to offer users access to voice-activated assistant


Google: Fake names are fine on Google+


Google will now let you use a fictional name on your Google+ profile


Sensor-based car seats can detect driver fatigue


Nottingham Trent University researchers have developed technology to wake drivers up if they fall asleep


NXP to bring P2P Wi-Fi to cars in 2016


IEEE 802.11p will have a range of 1 mile

BT email service outage fixed after several days


BT fixes fault after users left with no email service for several days

FBI warns driverless cars could be used as "lethal weapons"


US crime-fighting agency flags driverless car safety concerns

Why the FUD around APT does more harm than good

Analysis & Insight

Davey Winder calls on the security industry to stop using scare tactics, and start using education, in the fight against

Google right to be forgotten blocked search results listed online


A website listing search results blocked by the Google right to be forgotten ruling has been set up to keep track of rem

New iPhones & iPads powered by fuel cells could run for "weeks"


Apple has reportedly purchased fuel cell patents that could pave way for iPhones & iPads that can go weeks without c

Emergency Data Retention Bill passed through parliament


The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers (DRIP) Bill was approved via a majority of 436 to 49

The Bing logo

Bing's search now includes academic research


Scholarly articles will also be featured in Microsoft's Cortana Personal Assistant


GCHQ snooping tribunal hearing starts today


Spooks under scrutiny by regulators after demands for hearings by privacy groups


Nokia Lumia 930 review


Windows Phone 8.1 finally lands on a flagship handset

Google smart contact lens design licensed by Novartis


Google have partnered with Swiss pharmaceutical firm Novartis to develop smart contact lenses to be used by diabetes suf

Galaxy Note 4 & Galaxy S5 Prime could feature retina scanner


The Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 Prime may become the first Samsung devices to include a retina scanner

Big data

KPMG & Imperial College embark on big data science push


University and professional services firm want the UK to be at the forefront of big data technologies

Microsoft challenges Google with Project Adam artificial intelligence


Microsoft developed AI can tell its Alsatian from its Shih Tzu.


Microsoft job cuts rumoured for later this week


Sources tell Bloomberg Microsoft could be prepping for largest round of job cuts in its history

Microsoft confesses to 14% global device market share


Firm to tackle Chromebooks with $199 HP Stream laptop

iOS 7 adoption rate grows to 90 per cent for July


The adoption rate for iOS 7 hits 90 per cent and is still rising ahead of the imminent release of iOS 8


iPad Air review


The thinnest, lightest and most beautiful iPad to-date. The iPad Air offers excellent performance and battery life

Government funding

ICO demands funding reform to help it cope with deluge of data protection cases


Information Commissioner's Office claims current funding model could affect the amount of work it can do

Microsoft: New wearable could help people with visual impairment


The alice-band-like device Microsoft is testing has been compared to Google Glass