IT Legislation


Nominet cracks down on nefarious domain names

News 3 Apr, 2014 Jane McCallion

Web addresses encouraging sexual offences and criminal activity to be screened out

European Parliament votes in favour of EU-wide data protection reform

News 12 Mar, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Long-awaited reforms to European data protection legislation move one step closer.

US telecom regulator will write new 'open internet' rules

News 20 Feb, 2014 Reuters

FCC hopes for third time lucky with new net neutrality guidelines.

US Congressman aims to cut water supply to NSA datacentre

News 12 Feb, 2014 Jane McCallion

Lawmaker floats plan to cut water supply to controversial facility.


Google finally reaches settlement in European antitrust case

News 6 Feb, 2014 Rene Millman Caroline Donnelly

Google reaches conclusion in long-running antitrust case.

Qualcomm could face record antitrust fines in China

News 29 Jan, 2014 Reuters

Chip maker may receive penalty in excess of £500 million.

Bitcoin entrepreneur charged with money laundering

News 28 Jan, 2014 Reuters

US prosecuters file charges over alleged Silk Road involvement.

Data theft

Staysure hack leaves customers’ finances vulnerable

News 6 Jan, 2014 Jane McCallion

Insurance company blasted over unencrypted credit card details and customer notification procedures.

Google Sign

Google: Government removal requests spike again

News 20 Dec, 2013 Tom Brewster

Tech giant concerned about 68 per cent jump in government requests to take down content.

Home Office bids to revive Snooper's Charter despite Snowden revelations

News 13 Nov, 2013 Kurt Wallace

Counter-terrorism head says police still need more power to access people’s data

Germany plans European IT boost after US spy scandal

News 14 Aug, 2013 Reuters

Merkel set out plans to help European tech companies capitalise on US spy row

FBI allegedly used browser vulnerability to target child abuse ring

News 5 Aug, 2013 Jane McCallion

American intelligence agency operation reportedly leads to Irish extradition.

ICO raps Manchester-based energy firm over nuisance calls

News 8 Jul, 2013 Caroline Donnelly

Tameside Energy Services ordered to cough up £45,000 for making "unwanted" marketing calls.

European Commission

PRISM: European Commission hits back at US surveillance

News 21 Jun, 2013 Jane McCallion

MEPs call for safeguards on data transferred outside the EU.

Stop sign

Internet Watch Foundation welcomes ISP anti-child porn funding

News 19 Jun, 2013 Caroline Donnelly

BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media have pledged £1m in additional funding to help clamp down on child pornography.

Website blocking

ISPs to rollout default porn blocks by 2014, reveals MP

News 17 Jun, 2013 Caroline Donnelly

Internet service providers will need to provide switched-on parental filters as standard.

online censorship

Google reiterates "zero-tolerance" stance to child pornography in search results

News 31 May, 2013 Caroline Donnelly

Internet giant reinforces commitment to blocking child abuse content from search results.

Google and Facebook reject ‘Snooper’s Charter’

News 31 May, 2013 Jane McCallion

Internet giants tell Home Secretary Theresa May what they make of the Communications Data Bill.

Google Sign

EU to demand more antitrust concessions from Google

News 28 May, 2013 Rene Millman

Almunia "almost 100 per cent" certain to ask search giant to improve settlement offer