MacBook Pro 15in v Dell XPS 15 head-to-head review

Reviews 12 Aug, 2014


The 15in MacBook and XPS 15 are fantastic laptops. They’ve got ample power, stunning screens, exceptional physical design and great ergonomics.

The devices battled it out to a draw in the areas of design and keyboard/trackpad functionality.

Dell’s XPS 15 won three categories - display, connectivity and upgradeability. Not to be outperformed the MacBook won when it came to performance, software, and battery life.

So which machine is best for business?

The downside of the MacBook is the high price and lack of serviceability so it’s best suited to small businesses, sole traders or firms with BYOD policies.

The XPS is available in cheaper configurations, is more customisable and upgradable so is better suited to large deployments.

But if we had to pick one of these machines we’d opt for the MacBook.

NB: This articles was originally published on 11 March 2014 and was updated to reflect changes in pricing.