Microsoft buys Revolution Analytics for big data boost


The combined solutions will allow companies to use the power of R and data science

Windows 10: What we know about Project Spartan


Next generation web browser supports native PDFs and annotations

Windows 10: Start menus, and Microsoft's holographic vision

Analysis & Insight

For most users, it will be a new browser – and the return of the start menu in Windows 10 – which are most welcome

Minecraft wasn't hacked, but users may have been hit by malware


Despite email addresses and passwords being leaked, the company said it was not attacked by hackers

Microsoft patents location-aware sound & display smartphone settings


The so-called Inconspicuous Mode will adapt settings according to where you are and what you're doing

Google risks Microsoft's wrath with new Windows 8.1 bug disclosure


Google goes public once more with details about Windows security flaw. How will Microsoft respond?

Windows 10 won't boost Microsoft's tablet sales until 2016


Microsoft won’t see benefits of Windows 10 on tablets until 2016, experts say

The UK Cloud Awards 2015: Enter today


The second UK Cloud Awards will take place in March 2015. Entry deadline is nearing...

Microsoft blasts Google over Windows 8.1 bug report


Redmond claims Google was wrong to publicly disclose flaw as it was days away from being fixed

Storm warning

Why Microsoft needs to realise forewarned means forearmed on security

Analysis & Insight

Davey Winder explains why Microsoft is mad to halt its Patch Tuesday Advanced Notification alerts for all users

Android logo

Office for Android confirmed download release date arrives


ARM-based Android tablet users can now download and use the Office application suite

Surface Pro 4 launch date rumours hint at autumn 2015 release


Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 tablet could be available in a variety of sizes

Security computer

Office for iPad, Azure, and you: how Microsoft will secure your stuff

Analysis & Insight

Steve Cassidy shares the secrets he discovered on a recent visit to Microsoft HQ in Redmond...

Google Sign

Google exposes Windows 8.1 security flaw


The search giant has uncovered a security hole in Windows 8.1 Microsoft reportedly failed to patch within its 90-day dea

Microsoft web services crash following "bad code" update


Microsoft confirms downtime was its fault, not hackers

iPad Air 2 vs Surface Pro 3: Tablet or hybrid?


iOS takes on Windows 8 to see which is the best portable device

Internet browser

Microsoft's browser ballot ends after five years


An agreement forcing Microsoft to give users a choice of browser has ended

Dark Web: GCHQ & NCA tag team on trapping online paedophiles


UK government joins forces with tech giants & law enforcers for massive online child abuse clampdown


Microsoft sells Nook Media stake back to Barnes & Noble


Microsoft’s stake in Barnes & Noble’s Nook is no more, after device sales dropped 63 per cent

Text messaging

Skype co-founder unveils Wire messaging app


The app is available on iOS, Android and OS X, going head-to-head with iMessage and WhatsApp