Internet browser

Microsoft's browser ballot ends after five years


An agreement forcing Microsoft to give users a choice of browser has ended

Dark Web: GCHQ & NCA tag team on trapping online paedophiles


UK government joins forces with tech giants & law enforcers for massive online child abuse clampdown


Microsoft sells Nook Media stake back to Barnes & Noble


Microsoft’s stake in Barnes & Noble’s Nook is no more, after device sales dropped 63 per cent

Text messaging

Skype co-founder unveils Wire messaging app


The app is available on iOS, Android and OS X, going head-to-head with iMessage and WhatsApp

Microsoft buys Acompli to extend mobile Office features


Collaboration will be moved to the front of the feature queue for business productivity suite

Microsoft 'hit with $140 million Chinese tax fine'


Firm accused of tax evasion by Beijing

Surface Pro 3 update targets Wi-Fi problems


Microsoft’s next update for the Surface Pro 3 will address ongoing connectivity issues

Nokia unveils 7.9-inch N1 Android tablet


Nokia has announced its 7.9-inch Android tablet, the N1, following claims that the device was dead

Microsoft widens the appeal of Visual Studio cross platform

Analysis & Insight

Microsoft offers Visual Studio for free as well as announcing other key developments

Microsoft gains on Apple to become second most valuable company


Software giant overtakes oil firm Exxon to take number two spot

Windows Phone & Windows 8 app numbers hit half a million


Microsoft said it has 525,000 listed on the Windows and Windows Phone app stores

Windows Server on ARM will flop like RT, says Intel


ARM chips will add complexity and overhead in the server space, Intel engineer claims

Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET coming to Mac and Linux


The systems will be open-sourced, allowing everyone to access the development tools

Flaw fix

Microsoft rushes to patch critical flaw affecting every Windows PC


Bigger than Heartbleed, vulnerability means users need to download patch now

cutting costs

Office, Xbox and Skype package to retail for $199 - but only in US


The collection of apps isn't available to users outside of the US - yet

Surface 2 edges Microsoft forwards in tablet race


Microsoft has regained ground in terms of tablet web use, and it’s down to the Surface 2

Microsoft unveils Lumia 535 Windows Phone, ditches Nokia label


Low-cost entry-level phone marks new chapter for Lumia brand

Microsoft headset to help blind people navigate new areas


Microsoft has unveiled a headset designed to help the visually impaired find their way around new areas

John Lewis teams up with Microsoft for interactive Christmas toy experience


John Lewis launches ‘Monty’s Magical Toy Machine’ for Christmas with Microsoft Kinect 2 technology

Windows 8.1 market share leaps ahead


Adoption of Windows 8 and 8.1 shot up in October, marking the OS’ biggest leap in market share to date