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Windows 9 "converged OS" vision for Windows Phone, PC & Xbox shared by Microsoft


Microsoft have promised universal apps for Windows Phone, PC and Xbox with the release of Windows 9


Microsoft questions UK Government's ODF adoption pledge


Francis Maude has confirmed government departments will adopt ODF, but Microsoft claims the benefits to UK citizens are

Internet search

Google and Microsoft to discuss Right to be Forgotten


The two tech companies have been invited alongside Yahoo to converse with EU privacy officials

Microsoft to ditch Android from Nokia X phones


Android experiment over as Microsoft gets behind Windows Phone

Microsoft job cuts: 18,000 workers will be gone by June 2015


Nokia staff to make up the brunt of those axed


Microsoft job cuts rumoured for later this week


Sources tell Bloomberg Microsoft could be prepping for largest round of job cuts in its history

Microsoft challenges Google with Project Adam artificial intelligence


Microsoft developed AI can tell its Alsatian from its Shih Tzu.

Microsoft confesses to 14% global device market share


Firm to tackle Chromebooks with $199 HP Stream laptop

Microsoft: New wearable could help people with visual impairment


The alice-band-like device Microsoft is testing has been compared to Google Glass

World Cup 2014: How Microsoft beat Google with match predictions

Analysis & Insight

World Cup shows how far predictive analytics has come

past and future

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella outlines vision for the future of the company


The company will focus on mobile and the cloud, but not necessarily through traditional products and services channels

Surface Pro 3 firmware updates released


Microsoft tablet gets software more tweaks ahead of UK launch


Nokia Lumia 930 review


Windows Phone 8.1 finally lands on a flagship handset

Surface Mini officially axed by Microsoft


Despite reports of its resurrection, the Surface Mini tablet was reportedly axed by Microsoft earlier in 2014

Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's July Patch Tuesday to feature 2 critical fixes


Microsoft has notified users of upcoming security fixes, including two critical-rated vulnerabilities

Surface Pro 3: A Windows hybrid worth buying?


A bigger display, improved kickstand and keyboard. Is it enough to make the Surface Pro 3 a winner?

Microsoft calls halt to cybercrime ring takedown following website outages


Microsoft has obtained a US court order to help smash a malware-peddling cybercrime ring, but web users seem to be suffe

BYOD is about the people, not the technology


Experts gathered to debate the merits of BYOD and agreed that users must be at the heart of any such strategy

Nokia X2 with Android is unveiled


Microsoft continues to use Android as a 'gateway' for its services

Surface Pro 3 scores one star repairability rating


Surface Pro 3 owners will not be able to fix their tablet at home, but will have to return it to the manufacturer to rep