iOS 7 download release date arrives

iOS 7 is now available on supported devices, as of 18 September, but some users have experienced problems downloading it.

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 7, is now available to download, but some users have encountered difficulties when trying to do so.

It's like getting a brand new device, but one that will be instantly familiar to our users.

The consumer electronics giant released its iOS 7 update at 10am Pacific time yesterday, with UK iPhone, iPad and iPod users supposedly able to download it from 6pm GMT.

However, many IT Pro readers complained, come 6pm, that their devices were failing to register that there were any new updates to download, while others seem to get access to it straightaway.

Others took to social networking site Twitter to complain about the amount of time the update took to download and install. 

In some cases, the delays seem to have been caused by undefined errors, which prevented people from downloading the upgrade, wheareas others were caught out by the system requirement for 3GB of free space on the device it is being installed on.

At the moment, the operating system overhaul seems to be getting a mixed response from Twitter users, with many raving about its brand new look and feel, while others seem a bit perplexed by it all.

Need to know

The operating system update is available to iPhone 4 and above users, in addition those running the iPad 2 and later, the iPad mini and fifth generation of the iPod touch.

In addition to more than 200 features, developers can take advantage of over 1,500 iOS 7-friendly APIs. A number of 64-bit apps will also be developed to showcase the OS' unique talents and the power of the soon-to-be launched iPhone 5s, Apple confirmed. 

"It's like getting a brand new device, but one that will be instantly familiar to our users," said Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Apple's software engineering arm. 

"Next month, we'll be shipping our 700 millionth iOS device, and we're excited about what our hundreds of thousands of iOS developers are doing to bring great new features to their apps."

The availability of Apple's next-generation mobile operating systems comes several days ahead of the release of the latest additions to its smartphone family: the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Both devices will be released in the UK on 20 September, the company confirmed.  The former has been dubbed the iPhone 5c, and comes in a choice of colours – including light green, orange, yellow, blue and white – and shares a lot of the same features with Apple’s current flagship device, the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5s, the higher-end device of the two smartphones, has been hailed by Apple as the “most forward thinking phone” it has ever created, and boasts an A7 processor, Touch ID fingerprint scanner, a reworked 8MP camera and is available with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage.

We've previously published our wish list of what we'd like to see in the latest version of the Apple iOS, but did we get it right? Take a look at page two to see our original wish list - we didn't do too badly considering the closely guarded secret that is Apple future releases. Feel free to comment on the story if you disagree - or if you feel underwhelmed by the iOS 7 feature set.

The biggest difference to iOS 7 lies in the user interface. It certainly looks and feels very different to previous generations of the OS. That said, Apple says it has tried to keep things familiar, but users will be the best judge of that when it's widely available.

There's a flatter homescreen, with layers that make icons appear as if they're floating. From the demo showcased at WWDC it doesn't look too hippyish but, again, users will be the real judge as some experts have already warned the changes are likely to divide opinion.

Business users will be happy with the changes to folder app limits, which have now been completely removed. A new Control Centre means commonly used features such as Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness and music play/pause/stop are there with a mere swipe.

There's also a new Notifications Centre, meaning users can see what has happened during any period of inactivity right from the lock screen, such as messages or emails received.

AirDrop makes it easier to share content with other users without having to bump phones together and an enhanced Siri with male and female voices in English, French and German (with other languages to follow) will help add mass appeal. What's more, in-car controls will make for safer driving for many iOS users too.

The mobile version of Safari has also been enhanced and iCloud keychain tweaks will ensure greater security, especially should the worst happen and your iOS-based device fall into the wrong hands.

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Essentially...everything that Android has...but with Apple polish and performance :)

If people are struggling with copy and paste on the iPhone, they have a problem. My keyboard works great. :)

this keyboard concept on the video above is already possible w/a jailbreak tweak and it does exactly what the video demonstrates.

I'd like:-
- To wave my iphone at a locked door, and it unlocks it.
- Play a series of magical "moving eye" images, that causes a lady to unbutton her blouse
- The ability to detect when the likes of Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall are within 50 metres
- If it could add a couple of zeroes on the end of my pay-slip, that would be nice
- And if EVERYONE had an iphone and activated "Where's my Iphone", then when a person goes missing or is kidnapped, we can find them without needing a huge Police operation.... (eat your heart out, Viz magazine)

i have 98 slots left for iphones to upgrade to IOS 7 NOW The Cost to you £6 payable only via Paypal to email address there is a couple of things i need to register your phone with apple to receive the update your email address your phone model and finally your 40 Digit UDID CODE which you can get by downloading the udid app from the app store. i can also supply a fast secure download of the ios 6 software if you require this email me at ...

So the release date is ...... ?

I think the keyboard is fine. Cramming it with too much features just spoils the experience for me

If you can not even bother to WRITE correctly :-
And how write editor Marin Perez was!
how can you expect us to take the content seriously.

Apple's "polish and performance"? As long as it's not the same "polish and performance" that they put into Apple Maps, in which case they'll be RUBBISH!

not yet "everything Android has", like Widgets, the quick links in notifications, Quick Apps, stay-awake via an app, or in-built to the OS... I think you've not seen Android since 2.2, because that's basically what Apple have done - they've caught up to where everyone else was 5 years ago :-P

banned by Apple in 5, 4, 3, 2...

"The biggest difference to iOS 7 lies in the user interface"
you can tell that the user interface is different by the pictures that you've put at the top, which are of the current iOS :-P

Hi Graham - I can be bothered to write properly and pride myself (as does the rest of the team) on not making silly mistakes like that. However, following a full day at work and then working late into the evening to cover the keynote, followed by writing several news stories and then updating this article (which was originally a 'what we would like to see' piece) when everyone else had gone home/to bed means things do sometimes slip through the net. Apologies for that but thank you for flagging. Now corrected.
Maggie, editor

Hi Phila - you're quite right! Whoops and thank you for flagging.
This article was originally a 'what we would like to see' piece written in advance of the announcement and subsequent availability of new pics. I've now updated the image.
Maggie, editor

Hi Maggie,

Thank you for the reply.

I am old enough to get irritated by the lack of grammar/spelling these days. I like to think that at least journalists can lead the way.

Sorry if I was too crotchety


No offence taken Graham. You are right to point these things out. That way we at least have the opportunity to put things right.

Feedback is always welcome!


2 days before the iphone 5s is released

Pair of Faggots

andriod hangs! it isn not as smooth as ios, run multiple apps in andriod it will hang the mobile OS, but not with Apple IOS!

wait until iOS7 before making a statement like that - iOS6 is NOT multi-tasking, it's multi-freezing, only media plays in background
Android is FULLY Multi-tasking (as are BB5+, WM6+/WP7+, and others), and THAT is why iOS is "smoother"

I fully expect iOS7.0 to be nowhere near as smooth as previous iOS versions, and from the previews (yes, I'm an iOS developer), it's certainly not 100% smooth at all, it stutters when you have a big app in the background, let alone several

so, hold onto that thought, and in 3 months, when iOS7 is public, see if you can make exactly the same statement

oh, and Android 4.2 running on one of the new hardware phones (S4, One or Xperia Z) and it doesn't "hang" at all, it fact it's smooth as butter (because of Project Butter), but if you're looking for low-spec hardware, low functionality OS and expensive accessories, then please, buy Apple, because it's like comparing a Lotus to a Lexus - the Lexus is expensive for an "average" car, while the Lotus is cheaper but DAMN good to drive, faster & a LOT more fun :-P

I Think You didn't reach the level to use APPLE stay with your TOY.

Sorry, can you say that again in English please? You see, in English we use this amazing thing call PUNCTUATION, it might make the jumble of words you use actually make sense, but then again, you're an iPhan, so you probably can't understand simple concepts like that :-P

Many of us who purchased the original I Pad and I Pod get cheated. We have to stay on IOS5 without any updates. What a racket Apple has.

I have apple 5 but its not showing any update. plz help hw can I update??

Android lag stopped in 4.0, have you try and android with the same amount of RAM as the iphone, same GPU? Have you try android 4.3?

Love my ipad and the ios ecosistem, but hate those people only acting like fanboys.

Just another nonsense update from Apple. Looks and feels same as iOS 6. Nothing new here. Don't waste time upgrading.

You have your f*****g mouth full of reason man.

Not when your first language is not English.

The keyboard is the main reason why I do not have an iPhone.

It took a while (even in Android) but there is nothing like your own typing being "correctly" corrected and predicted in your own language.

You can't espect a "200x" VMW just transform into a self driving car with an update, hardware change. I prefer to have a reallt smooth ios 5 than a failed ios 7.

My update isn't available yet. Does anyone know what time the update becomes available??

Well it runs (android) 10 times faster on my s4 than what ios used to run on my iphone 5.

Surely you meant "And how RIGHT editor Marin Perez was!"

Yeah right android multitask thats why without anyone knowing it somebody stealing information from your phone...what matters is the user experience not this bunch of multitasking that only few people understand.

Oh, no it's not - I have an iPad Mini - I just checked - there are no OS updates as of this minute.

Rumor from another site is that the update will be available in about 97 minutes (10am Pacific time).

why can't i download the new iOS on my iPhone 5??

im waiting .... still waiting

And, while we're at it... why won't my record player play these CD's? That seems like a racket too!
Or why won't my old Black and White TV play this new BlueRay stuff?
It's all a conspiracy I tell you!

* Sarcasm intended.

Any ideas when the iso7 download will be available?

Allen, you are * funny!
"Nothing new here."
You are right. Some people need to stay in the past and never dream of advancing in any way, shape or form because we always need more McDonald's workers.

PS: I wrote this first on a pad of paper and then had my assistant type it in as I felt there wasn't anything new in these iOS things either!

Go, Allen!

* Sarcasm intended.

WOW! Phila is on fire!!!

Not yet.

looks and feels the same? You must be a Moron!

You are a moron. I have been using iOS 7 for months. Other than a few minor changes here and there, I don't see any difference. Only difference I see is that now you have to swipe from left to right on list items. Is this they are claiming a greatest achievement?

Not out yet. It'll come out today, don't know when though :)

No-one can yet. It's not out yet. It will be out some time today. Just keep checking

There are hype eating people like you who would praise anything for no reason. Even if Apple pack fresh shiat of its CEO and present to morons like you, you will find that amusing.

It certainly looks different, but there aren't many changes in the way it works. That's what Allen means. I like iOS 7 but you have to admit there's not a great deal of change. That's not terrible, I think it's fine as it is (just an opinion).

Phila i think u havent used an apple phone

apparently 6pm UK time was when it could be downloaded, its now nearly 6.45pm and it says 'your version of the iPhone software is the current version', where's my update!?

IOS 7 was due to launch at 1000hrs PDT which equates to 1800hrs GMT.
It is now 1850hrs and still no sign of it!
Any ideas anyone?

I don't understand the war between iPhone and Android users. Use what you like and what works for you. You don't like Android? Cool. You don't like iPhones? Awesome. Just use the phone you like and stop carrying a flag for one or the other. I have had an Android, I currently own an iPhone 5. I like my phone but that's not to say I disliked the Android. Can't we find something better to argue about than what phone we carry?

There is no product like apple 5....

how much battery percent do you have to have to update it?

erm, did you bother to READ my comment? I'm an iOS developer, so if you think I haven't used an iPhone, you're a freaking moron!
then again, you're an iPhone "fan", so that goes hand in hand...

you clearly know nothing about why information gets "stolen" from the phone, especially considering until an iOS6 upgrade the full contact list was available to ALL app developers without having to ask the user, but you wouldn't remember that, would you? or maybe you didn't even know about it!
the biggest reason that malware gets added to Android phones is because users download from other sites, which is their choice - if you stick to Google Play, then you're protected, but keep on ignoring all of the information and keep your head up Apple's behind :-P

That was the whole point of my comment - dingbat

What an impressively spurious comparison, was it intended as such and an attempt at sarcasm? It's just so hard to tell, perhaps if you added a little * it would clarify your moronic ramblings.

Not really that spurious. It should be obvious to any reasonably tech-savvy person that as computer chips get more advanced, features that were previously unable to work on a weaker chip can work on a stronger one. Thus an iOS can add functions that were unavailable before. The price for this is, one needs to upgrade your phone, i.e., get one with a better chip. The alternative is, Apple could just keep the technology level the same for years and years. I'm sure that would keep them in business.

Seriously! Calm down you moaning weirdo so what if it 'won't be good' I DONT CARE! Yeah sure your an iOS developer but that doesn't matter does it so shut your mouth, stop moaning and stop commenting on this!

Oh and btw i don't know what android like because I never had one made by them but it probably good but guess what? I like Apple because I have a iPhone but I don't boast about having an iPhone or like you boasting about being an iOS developer

oh yes, a random idiot on the Internet who has his head so far up Apple's behind that he wouldn't dare look at another phone tells me to stop posting, because that's what happens

now, stop being an idiot, people do what they want - I suggest you open your eyes to alternatives, before Tim Cook takes all of your money, because that's all that he wants - PROFIT!

Steve Jobs was all about the user experience, Tim Cook is all about the money he can con from the user

now, stop being a cry baby, and stop commenting on this! :-P
see, it doesn't work, does it?

Says then loser in here!

Sorry, any chance you can translate that to English?


Welcome to a month ago, when I commented - your comment was jibberish, so I asked for it in English, and your response was say that you don't understand "Dumbo language", which is what you must have typed in, and then go on a shouting rant

Have you lost your temper over a discussion on the Internet? If so, I suggest you get a bit of a life, because you obviously don't have one if something like this irritates you so much :-)

Oh i havent lost my temper BTW says the person who starts many arguments and HAS a bad temper oh and i HAVE a life you DONT have one do you?

you didn't lose your temper? and yet you spent 90% of your previous message "shouting"? or are you that simple that you didn't realise that FULL CAPS in text means that you're shouting...
then again, you consider writing complete jibberish and saying that other people can't speak English is the same thing as "having a life", right :-P

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